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A War Between France Or England And The United States, Impossible

A War Between France Or England And The United States, Impossible image
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From Boston Post, Oot. 2. V li-ii, nitli 'Stíimatiiin ' uis(ltehes, ■;io,. r.üi.;ei';ii leu-, lsoi; flic: iuij i't'ports iiutl iigu'niijua imsr.i iisiruct ohigiif fitutp, It l nit WO'.icltTllil tiltil lic j '.!! i: lilind lihoiiiU !)■■! COllflïMld llV !.t. Hl I .■: li 1 V , uo u.ei'6 ' ' ■ '■" iia oí' 'K" a.N, uud siiouM n'ca-i iiü.lly luriiuil asidu trom'!) c ;. ;.- .1: meacll'ast coirtuintilnt ion 1 f lliu yT;iiu! ivul lij ;!i 1 i o i-uls. X.!'.v iho tij.ij grint irnli" il -run F. meo ïiiit] Eiigliind, juï.t mu , m ! . [;IVW11 IIL'vtl "i llli-aiUillll's. 'J tllri ).-i udttiitUHl 11 liolh uowiitiius l' :.ll ihu .iiii.n: i u s. (ii'cai Liiitttin nlone, aocniiii; lo Uit" 'i"iiH', luiti icipuitud S 1.00,1. 00,000 woita 1 uereiiis iu ihe la&t i'. (jht innoih. WJjHt l'l';.Mi-.O luis pill'cIlüKi'C] :-.l)''()ilil we kuuw i:o. cxiu tiy, hul ihu km al reudy boulit so tiiuch thnt in Puria in 6 pur i-cnt. , whilu t is ojjly 3 pw wr.t., in liullaini ctnd (ierriiuny, I utid bir 4 in liolgium, her nost FlalKiü lilis liot liad so bad a ' harvest tcVr twcnty yen. At la-t iucuunt the Btííik oí Graneé dad borlowd jlvt ihiiuons ot dollars uï individiíuld - n [.n'Ocesding without b prsead ut, and it wan raporttd tbiit a loan of !■ lYiilüoimHterling wrbio beobtuinedl oí t!iu B'uiik of Knii'land. Of the Engtish importa during tho last liight inoiill'.s, tho United State have furoinhed 8GJ por coDt. of wtieut, and 61 per cent. ot ftrnrj aml l'roin iliu Ruru-s givan, it is evident that th uoflüniiut dl Eut'ope iu gunerul has uil it can du to tukü c;ui! ot itaölf, ifl respéot '. brand, Atilio name time, it ia 11 wol! a certíiined fct t'nnt lor the yeur to e-ome, :il all BVunti", Bllírnpfl will take uil ihu browdirtuÖa we can spare at ;i iood pricc. At thirt moinoilt tbelo a:o in Neu' York trom to thiity five largo vessela loudiiig wïth graiii ior TCiiropc, wliilo the weokly figures of exporta, ::nd the knowií oonduion oí the grain inarke s and gratn BuppJie abroad, l'uüy sust;. in tis m oar {runt1 ral pnsttion. Mi.runvcr, Europa will take uil vvo can spare, ;ind even then u-til, hace rio wnsidvrahle surplus to cnrry ituo next yeur. In all probability, therofore, we are Bttro ot i larga íureign (U-mand lor grain for two years to OOilll'. And if o ftop seiïding grain abroad where is England to get tlio 3(iA per cent. if wheut and Cl per cent. of flonr, reoeived tlii- jrear irom lle i United títa'.cs, and required in 18b2, ! and pevhaps in 1803? Grain is airead y quite hiííh in Enrope. Where would il etíind il the American eupply of three millions ot' bnhelri pèr week were to be cnt oft, oreven J'tIurc were any reatunabie fiar of sucfl a disaster. Vo do not qaéstioo that Uruat Britiiin, onder ccrluin uircurnstances, coiiM bu druwn into war, com or no corn ; buít, as a n lingü.sh Minister once mid lo un Ainerioan Ambussador, "the United States (tan do almost anything with Engliiud." (Sreat Britain t.eeds onr bread more than nhe needs our cotton. Losing our eotton, and loi-ingf o;r tirade, she ?hu&t have. bread ntverlhelesn; and Frunce must havo it even mote tlian Great Britain. American aSrtira have nlreadv injured both couülriea severely, and the worst, perhnps, has not vet been espeiienoed. But wr.r vvmild tmt help tlitm, either col ton r tntde, and tknj hnoic il ; war wouid djiMe lite priee f bnad to thtir work people, nlieady neeily and diduontenled. Our p"sition is, llierelore, that war witli England and Franco is ailDOHt im; ossililo, utless it he d.cchind htj ihc. Uüttd Stutet, vbatt;vor muy be tíie lei-üngs of (he Eur pean governinents or nevvspaper.-;.


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