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Gen. Scott Has Retired

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J hu vetcran Gen. Scott has retiren frorrt ilie command of the. artny of tlio United States, retaining uuder the aot oí the late extra session of Uongrcss his title, pay, niid emolumenta. The eorrespondenoe between the Geueral and the President and Secreta ry of War will be found in this sheet. Gen. Scott has already leít Washington for New York, ñora wheiiee it is understood he will inimcdiately sail for Kurope. We need not, in givmg place to this aimounccmcut, venture upan a eul gy of the brnvo old veteran. II is hisiory, his éèrvices, ave familiar to evciy A:norican, and üöw tbat he is compelled liy physieal disabiüty to rtii-o froin active serviee in tliis hour of his couutry's peril, tho prayers of every loy:il citizen will t'.illovv him. We are hot sorry to chroniele this event. We h:ivo full coiilid.eneo ia the pairiotisui of Scorr, but tho infirmities of age rendered il impossible for him to supervise the niovemouts of our annies. - The responsibilitiea which should attath to tho aeting cpmmanderin-chicf were nocessarily divided and frittered away among inferior officers. 'JMie army necded at its he&d a young and vigoróos man, a Geueral who eould take tho field in person, sec for hiuiself, and being seeu ' by his men inspire them with confideuee, and Gen. Scott has aeted wisely, acted pntriotically, in the step he has taken. - May he live long enough to sec the army he lately conimauded victorious, and the country he has served so long and well restorod to peace and unity. - Gen. McClicllax was immodiately proniotcd to the commaud of the army, and hereaftor we shall know where all respousibility rests; that is if politieians do not interfere, and we havo faith that they will not be permitted to interfere. - McClellan is now to be testod, and we a!so have fuith that he will uot be found wanting. We wait the issue with pa tience.


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