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A Vexed Question Settled

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T!ic qucstioü whioh has so long vexcd the telegraph, tlio newspaper correspondente, tlio politicians, and the people, that is tbs statu- of Gea. Fremont Las been sctlled. TIn order supersoding him reaohed him 0:1 Saturday last, and he is suecccded by Gen. IIuxtku. In ! anothsr colninn will bo found the ; graphic rersion of t!io reeeption of tho oitlor aml the transfbr of tlio departïnont. VVe are nnf at all suprised at tli'e eVcnt, in fact ivo havo daily ; pected it i)? the last fortnighi. At prWeiji wc havo önly tliat vo liope Oen. FIo.NTEB will prove liimself worthy the cóiumaid asslgi .A him. ..." TLo tree l'reut intima! oa tbat : Ex I.iuit. Govirnor Biuipv. wróte the leader for tho Buy City P:reas, whioh ve quoted week, declaring for a Senatorial oatidijate " who will not bc in favor of inodifving proclaroations that aro good ciiough without modifyitig," and also that Biuxky is moaut a the nmn. Wcll, if the State must be ropresented by a radical abolitionist, ffhich God furbid, wo prefer 15íjím-.y to Blaik, thinking him mox'C of a man and loss of a demagogue, Wo havü no syinpatliy with Birxey's politics, but haic respect for' Lioi as a man. We hope, howbvcr, to sce a more conservative seleclion madö tflaB cither IJlRSEY BlAII!. IST F. B. Way, latuoi the Detroit Tribuw, has purchiiHed holli tho Bianch Counly I (publican and Democratie Uiáon infices at Cold water, und wc (mppose will uni!o tbein in ono. - Way is a firrt-elaw prJhtor, hna long experionco as a publisber, ond will mafce a good papar He onoe published tho Journal at Uoldwater, and is among friends We wsh him snccoss - -t-XM- ■ f" Jacod M. Howard is not going to run over the Senatorial course without oppositioD. Tho Mt. Glcinens Standard, (Rep.) pronounoea him " wonderfully opinionated and easily prejudieed to a descree wholly unconquernble;" and also charges lliat he has been engaged in tho orusade againet Frcmont. This Senator businoss is líkley to got up ti nico fainily difficulty.


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