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New York, Nov. r. Tlio TIeraJd's dvpatch, Washicgton, I . says : " Tho War Department, received n dispatch late this evening, trom Gen. Rotiencranz, statÍDg tliat Gen i had made ;i:i attdcb upoo him, Ij vi t hu had reptilsed him with great losa. " Gen Ltosencranz further slates that one offioer, with a pretty largo torce, had gt in vhe i'ear of fvloyd, and his outii'u coi i : [ ! ,i 1 1 1 1 would be Buiroutvded and ciipluruü. ' Cinciunati, Niy. 5. Thia afternoon's Times has aome particular.-! of lbo lato light ut (iauley Bridge. The engagertreaí as not u genet al b:iUle, hut rat her a warm skirii)ifh, in which tho uneiny was repulso) with great los. The uotioo oommenced by tlio rebele, who opened bváo batteriea on our lioes, nearGauley Bridge, but Uiougii tho ñring oontioued uil dav, ■ itile or rm damage was dono, not ono man being killed. Late in tho day (mr artiUery was biought to beur, and the rebel fire vas soon niloncod. A train was fired upön about tlie samo lime soiiio miles np the river, and three men WOUüded but none killed. On Friday, nigbt Benbam'á brigade moved down tho river to Gfttiley Bridge, iincl was terriud acrofs on a Hat boat twhioh iha rebe'H hád previoucly sunk. lío nrovud aloDgthe base of tho upop whioh tlio rebel batterisa hud been phkitted, intending to go down as far as Loup Oreek, three or four milea bolow wbere tl ere was á gap io the iDÓuntain and a roád leadiog to tho rear óf where the rebels are eneumped.


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