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Extraordinary Suit For Damages

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From the St. Louis Dvmocrftt}Nov 2, A petkion has jast been filed in the r 'lire of the Clerk of the Court of (,'unnnon i'leas, by Mes.srs. Decker and Vootheis, a lavv tirm oí this city, praying for tlie reoovery of damages suffetred ÍV'iin Frank iJlair, John MuKeil, Antón Neiderweisser, Joba Cavender, LueieO Eaton, MadUon Miller, and others who ure nanted in tin; petition, and who ipated in the capture oí Camp JacksoD last .Mav. The amount oi' dumagea si. e.! for is 2;) 000. The putition, wbioh the reporters are not fallowed tf copy, staiüs that the petitionara wcro "forcibly taken at Camp Jnckaon liy a body ol armed men ; that tliey were marched through the tilree'.s a dist anee ot three miles, more or les.s, to a place koown as the United Slaics Arsenal; that thev vvere wiüfully, nialiciously and wrongfully i ontid in &aid Arsenal for a loQg period ' of time, to wit: the spaco ol tweotyfour houis; that they ere íorcftd to sleep upon a bare and oaked Hoor while in SLi;i Arsenal, and suttered greatly in tnind and body thereby ; that they were furnisbt d witb luit one rneal during the s hole time, and that oonsisted of coarse f ar e; and that the were greatly damaged iu reputation, in their busine.-s relations, and in other respects, U the amoont of 10,000 each, in con. ! sequence of tbie imprisoanient,' and gal and willful and mali :ious and urongful dotention ufdfësaid." Tiie suits wül be brought be'bre the Oourtuf Common Pleas, whioh meetd, we bolieve, on the lötb flat Mevr. , L.ickland, Cline, jainiaon anxl Nathauiel Cox appuitr a3 attori eys for the p'aintills, u lio aro i eprejinted by their , agent, J. West TbompsOD.


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