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The Casualties At Ball's Bluff

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We have esnmined and compared the varioua liste of the kl!td wounded une! missing at the batile of Bali's J 3 1 1 1 i F, a;') we are inclined to the belief tbat the folfcwing figures w] not vary rauch from the official reporta : JVo. en riqtd. KiíUi' ÏVonwled, MUsing 'allforol 670 18 4J 2Ü7 rmmnv 880 10 i!i 1-0 Mms aemiKlta !6th..t53 .14 63 2-16 MaasochiiseUs 2üt)l..318 8 31 11) Total 1,901 5') lBti 702 The rebels report haring taken but 529 prisonere, and as that is 173 Bhort of our ntlmber reporléd ns missing, it is fairto presume thut nearly all ot the balance "uro kiiled in tho hutlle. Of the prisoners, probablyone hundred at [ciist are wounded. With tbeáe additions tbe list cf casualties will stand as follows : Küled 221 Wimaded ' " ■,'. ,und l ai ng prisonors 100 Prlaoncrs nul h mndeJ l-i Total 8 To the above must be ndded tho killed uncl wounded -f the Third Rhodo Island batiery, the First United States artilléry, and tho United States eavalry, whice will probably swell the number ( to nine hundred and thirty, or nearly iifiy per cent. of the foree engaged'.


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