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The Rebel Commissioners At Havana

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Coi n sponttouce the l'bJlfuleljjbiii ínquiter. New York, ()o. lío. Wo heur a O'id deal íof the návings and dompsol the rebel Commiswionetn iivCubíi, (fróm Golmnbia) whitsk-bas not appenred n print : V.'hcMi Ihe Thcodora nrrived at Cárdenas to put, tliom ishore, they wore niet nt the wharf Uy a lar ge, number of "swceshera," of hoth sesea, who derooimtrated their delight at tfie arnv.A (f the " distinguished straogers " in every w-.iy pui!)le, und n gome waya vvfaii ! r: cited the disgust of the prsrtios. The reaaon they d;d not rocecd to Havana direct was a report tbíit the Niagíiru was crui.Miig olí that harbar, ond vvoulc) beHkely tointeríere witli their e.xcuivion. tlidcll wre tlie uniform of a robe] Gt neral ; Slasun was in plain ckttbes. Both wí-ro very pompous, and tulked loudiy and lurgely f thc mighty ihiiiga that would be done ia Europa whn they could rench there. Wheu they arrived at Havana, the ft-eling (ígainst tliem on the part of the 1 val America Q8 waa very e'.rong - a íeeling whioh was aggravated by the formal pre.sentation oí a fia to the offioers of the Tbeodnra, when, a day or Uvo later, that tllfavored craft m;de her appearanoe in Havana barbor. The GonaoiiesicmeFa 'are madd muoh of bv ' the British Consol, but tho Captain General of Cuba, my informant says, was al! the hilo wry shj of them, and acted as though lie wishud t fa era to " van oíso tho rancho" as rapiclly as possible. In the judgpient of raany intelligent Americans at Havana, the rebel stcarner and her " C'irnmissioners " might have boon easily captuied, f our fU et in ihowe waters had hut exercised ordinspy vigilaQoe. The saine has been said wiih reference to ttio privateer Siunpter. It' the Theodora is not nab! bod, on her return to Charleston, the blockado, they say, might as well be abandi)ned.


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