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Depreciation Of Slave Property

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We sce it stated that the average cash value of male slavos at present in South Carolina, ns robirn by tho auctjon salos Sec, ia $815- fefmale 8400- Tbua it appears, that, for the first time in the bistory of tbat Stilte, or of :iny State, malo slavea are much less valuable thari fenialn Tlio reason no doubt is, thi't men don't like to buv male slave, knowing tho strong probability if not the certainty of their being seized for military service. This BiroDgly indieates the condition of thinge there. The average 'val o o of male and female sluves in South Carolina Bitherto hiis been a thorièapd dollars. So tiio depreciation upoa tho húndr.ed and eiïhty-five tbocsaad Slavea of the Siate, allowíng tho nuniber oí' niales and females lo be cqual, is aboüt two hundred and sixty-four inillionsof dollars. What a monstrons loss for a singlo State, espe'cially a State no rícher than South Carolina. She has BuBered fearfuily from ',liU war, and, ií it come not to a sptedy, close her hüflforipga will be tenfold wbat they have vet been. Torribh' was hér erirae, and terrible has Ix'fn, and more terrible 11 be, hor pnnishment. f If the depreciation in tho value 01 slaves has nlready been o great in South Carolina, remóte from the SCeEO of war, what has it probably been in Virginia f.n Tennesste? Louisvillc Journal. gp Ground rents- tbè effects cf n earthquake.


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