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How The Pacific Telegraph Works

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Fi'otn the .V. V. Journal of Cnmmp;ce. Ihere is a cliüerence oí abmit48L dogrees oí longkude between New ïork city and San Francisco. IC a telegram vero nstantanqously Font over the whole line, t would rcach San Francisco at a time, aocording to tho cloeks of ihat city, about three hours and iifteen minutes before tho dme at whioh it left New York, aceording to the docks heve. Thiis a dispatch sent from this city ut tho b'gh business h"ur of 10J A. M., would arrive at San Francisco beforo tho man to whom it was addressed wás out of bed; wliile a dispatch sfarted from this city at. the edge of the eveuing, would find the saino man up to bis neck in business. Though these astonwhiog things are theorotically possible, ye(, practicafly, it takes an appreciable s ü-e of timo to get a dispatch from Wew York to the Pacific. The weatber is rurely favorable for tho telegrapbic feat if wórking so )ong a distance without repenting ; and, even if it were, the various divisions oí tho line woa'id bo scarcely ever unoccupieil with business which could bo suspended to Iel a dispátoh go straight through. Under the j resem arre Dgem ent) iho New York telegram is copied fouror five times btfwie it reaehes San Francisco, and luis to take its turn with other di-patches at every repetition, Messiiges tnny beserit and answers received in the sane day ; but, if tho wires are crouded with businass, coijimunioatlOD back and fortb will probalily take purt of two days. For all practical purpósès this is almost aa gootl, though not near so amazing, as the instant telegrapbic öash. On specially important occasions, like tho ariivals of European steamers, whe:i the Qtraosphere along tho wholo line is jnst right, the wirea will be worked from New York, and even from Ilalifax, to San Francisco, without interrupiion.


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