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A meeting of the Rogeks Art Associatiox of thie City kri held at the oflice ol ilie Seeretary, on 3turdy, Nor. 2d, 1SG1, at 10 o'clcck, A. 11., the President, Mr. E W. Morgan, in the chair. Mr. C II.Millen, Treasurer of the Asso eintk,fi preseuted li is account, of whieh the ( following is a sunmiary : Read, from Amateur Uoncer ta, ïlsn.nn " " Dr. Duffield's lecture, 20,00 'i Wm. Dow&fcdonation, 2.00 " " Mr Tapp&n'a " 10,00 u " W C.Wheeler's, ;' 10,00 ' stvawlierrv Festival & dunatiuas, -2 ,' ' " lrof. White's lecture, 27.23 w IÁ exhibitian of l'afntings, 38JMÏ " ' " Tk:eti, 74,63 " Prof . Fouglass' lecture, 28,'O Atl.l Intereet to date of Rtntement, Oct. 18, lrom lime of receivin seveinl sljuis, a'. V) per ceat. W2.S9 Tutnlin Trnry, ... - $745,18 Mr. Jiillen alo presentej a letter from Pndolph Rogeiis, statiiig Üiat the st.atue - i(dia - ordered fromhini by the Association, had been paokcd and ahipped, and would lea-re Leghorn by firat vessel for New York. Mr. Bonnett moved tliat the TVeasurer be authorized to pay over to the agent of Ran dolph Rogers, the s"tn of $700 on account of the slatne; and also to procure marine insuranceonthe fnine for an amouat not to ceed $4000 Mo'.iou prevailed, The Association then adjourned. E. B. POND, Seeretary. Tiie above proceedings will give the mem bus of ihe Rogers Art Assocation, and our ;itizens generally, the gratifying infonnation that our City will soon possess one of the Snest ieces of sculpture to be found in the Vcst - a work having no equal in this State, fit has any superior in any of the ArtGalleries of the country. That Rogebs stands toigh as a Seulptor we ueöd only nllude to ihe order given him by the Government for the broi.ze doors of the Capitol at Washing. ton, dow nearly completed, and the order lor ihe Washington Monument at Riehmond, Virginia, on which he has been eeveral years t Tork; and, by the way, for which he is lust now unablu to" realise." And of all the ïtatues of ÜOGEIÍ8, his facrite is Nydia, and the Art Association may congratúlate itself and our City on hoving secured a most perfect eopy of it. But, we may also remind our citizons that ihey will vel be calleJ upon in some way vo aid the Aesociation in paying for Nj-dia. They have done well so f ir but muit get ready to do more. The statue was purchased at $1,700 - sevtral hundred dollars loss lliau Rogeks is now selling copies al - and of this aaionnt $1000 is yet to be r.ised. It can be done, ana every eortributor will get the warlh cf his rooney, ís they havealready got the ful] valué of what they have given, in the lectures, concerts, tabkaus, etc , Dy which it has been nearly all raised And when Nydia is possea-ed and paid for, it may be that she will prove a nucleus around whieh an art collection may be made ■wliich will maka our City justly celebrated. Thinkof this reader, if you área lovsr of the beautiful, and become a member of the Rogers Art Associaiion. - Sec notice of meeting in another column.