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SfECIAL KTOTICES' The New York Society. AXXIVERSARY FESTIVAL. The second Anniversary of the New York Society will be cek-brated in the City ol Aira Arbor, on Monday evening, No? 25th, 61 The Annual Business and Social Meeting of the Fociety. will be held at the Franklin House, at 7 o'elock, P. M , nnd at 8 o'cloek, P. M., the munb.-rs with thsir wivea nnd friends wiU dine together nt the same place. After the cloth shnll have been removed, Toasts, Spec-chc3, and goed musie will be in order. New Torkers by birt'u or deseent are invi ted to join the Society and particípate in ihe fesiivities of the occasion. Th members of the New Englaiid Society are especially invited to particípate. Tickets to the Dinner can be obtained at the Book Stores, at the Poat Office, or of eitlier of Committee of Arrangeraents. H. D. BESNETT, ) Committee E. B POND. of J. H. BURLESON, ) Arrangm'U Ann Ai-bor, Nov. 7th, '61. A CAED TO THE SUFFEEiNG. Tbe Iïkv. V'ii.ï.um Coaouovs, while laborfng a.s a Miss onary n.Iaprin, was cureil of Consumption, when ali otluT means liad faiK-i) a recipe oMnined Erom a learned phynicisn r65idiDg in tlie great City of Jcddo. Tliis rcf.ipe han oured great aurabfira wbovere sufferinjt b-om Conaaiaption. Broschitia, Sore Thruat. Congbaano CoMs, nnd llic debility an t nervous depressioo eaXued by tlifsc disoi-dors. Desiroua ol brnoattins oíliers, I wilUend this recipe, irliicb I liavcbrought hatic with re, to all who needit, fiee of charge. Addrfl Hf.v. ffK. COSGROVE. SS-lyl 4C9 Fulton Avenue, Brouklyn, N. Y. O" Why ia it that HOOFLANDS GERMAN BITTERS is perferred to all other remedios tor the cure of diseases of the Nervoua System? Simply because it. never fails to per'ovm all that is saitl of it. Read the ad ■ vertisment in another column. 824w2 PRIZE POETRY. Lt Chic f taina b'oaBi i E deeOi In war, An.l Hínstrels 'uíic their weet quitar, A nobler therae my licart is (üled - In praise ol il uk kick 's matchless jiills. Their cures are found in every land - Aroid Ruwia'i snows - and Mrlc's sauds ; The nnnlnr.ts irorks - the papers fill, Produced by Sbrrick'b matchless Pilis. Dnes dieease afíüct you ? r.orer doubt This cbarraing compound wtll si-ni-ch it out, And UciiHh agaln iwwayntoBi fill, lf yoií íly at once ta HlRBICK'S Pilla. They'rL' s;ifi_' tot t - botb oU niJ young - Theïr pnüM-s on sverj tongue ; I'i.sf';i-t', 'li iarCBdd - nu [ODgÖT liills, Since we are bUssf d wlth BsBKiCK s Pilis. Put np iritb Eaglifth. panislj, Gfrraan and French dlraitiona. Prlce '2h cents ptr box. Snga Coatcd. Sec advertiscment on third page. S04 New Medical Discovery. For tlie sjkm'iIv ani iKírinaiient cure of Gonnorhea, Gleet, Urethal Disc harges Uinvel, Strlctare, and AjfecU'ons of the Kidneyé and L ladder 9 whtcb hai been m cd by upwards of ONE HUNDRED PHYSIC1ANS, in theír private practico, with entire sa ceras, supfrsv llag CUBAS, CoPJJBA, CUpsI US, Ol any compouudhillicr ÜELL'S 8PECIFIO PILLS, 1 1 f ipftedj i ii actlon, ofton effect ing a. enre ín t few days, aml wlifen acuie tt efflsotdd it is peraanect. Tlny air prepared frosi regetab tbal ar harinlewi on the nystem, &nd nel er nanseatt the rrtomach or Jjnpregnati- th brêath ; and teinjt nuirar-coateA, allnaxeoua ta te is avfti4ed. iVo chavge of' diet is nectssary whilsL ushtg thcm ïi'ii" does their aolion interfote wiih buincs.s pin-su ts. Eich boxoontainx six :lozen J'iils. PRICK ONE DOLLAR, and will bescnt by mail poMpW bjf any adyertísed A j nt, on reccii't of the money. Sod by Druggisti in Ann Arlio r . None gftDniufl witlmut my signatura on the wrapper 3. BRTAN, Rochester, N". V., General Agent. IT. k T,. glMOJWÏAU, Dtrd, (Hiatwolfl Agentn f r Michigan, yantf IMPORTANT" FEMALES I THE HEALTH A U UFE OF WOM AIS fccontio ín Ij m pcril If h ' '11' r""" f" ' I or nUrta thwiMl InogntoTiüa to which twothlrdü o( lu r ■ s re ra rreorl i Bubject. , .. , ,,,., , r,-, ; [i ;... epai : frcni tho sjiw foromlawhiohthei mSOS L. a M v:: M. D.,of Kan '' trtentj ycar "-'-l meowwfuKyinanmttena rlprlmtípractice- hnmadiatdy iffthottl pain, ill aiistmbanoen "f lie !' ; Ihoraruing I ;"" suppicslion. 1 lu-v i llke :i cliarm nrwnoTing Um pmw tkat acccmpanj ddlealt or immod rute msrttrMtum, and are the onlv sM'.'.-md roliabls remedyfoi Fludisa, SIck _ Elaadache, PttiusiptHsLoin,B i es,Palpltation , r :,,. Hoart Nervona Tremor, flysterka, Fpasms, Breken Simpan J otiior unplwaantai sjtoet f au uMatoral oondition of the xnl functioni I" ( l,,. worst cnsciof íVimr (ausor WhitM, tm'y tf 'l'o WIVE? and JIATKONS. DH.CHEESEIUN'S PILIS ars oSérsd M Ih "iy sf : anana of renewlnginterrü ■ iatlon.bat. L.A.D1ES MUST BKAR IS MISD Tki-c i's OU i-oiuiinon of tkefemah sys'em ín iMcA í'e Pilis Mot 6c '?■■■ )'■' jroAwHii1 PKCVLIAR RESULT. Thicmdi' "; f, rri 'o rllEGNANCY- ■ in roJ, MISCáBRIAQt. Suchii the irraütibU ] InuiMK} "' ''■ míWiw lo " "'' f'-"C'"is 'o a normal zoidUlm, ihat eren. the rcpymluctne power of nature ainïiot resisl il. ' directions stnüng when, andidien thty should not be usc.d, wilh e:cli Bor.,- '.he Pr ice Oue Dallar each j Box, ntmtaining 50 Pull. AvaluaHe Pa nphlet. to b li:il free of the Agenta. : Pil'.s smi Inj mail proinpüy, by enclosing trice to uuy Agent. SoK"iDisBa-1WS.P,„Fr!etnr. '20 Cedar-St., New Yorlc. For PjiV J MATNAKD STEB'JIXa & WII.SON , ad GUENVII.l.E & iC'U.KR. THE GREAT ENGLISH BEMEIJY. BIB JAMES OLAHK.JCS Cclcbratéd Friuale Pilis. FEOTECTED @?vj L E T T E E f EY EOYAL !'liiob? PATENT Prepared from x pretcription of Sir J. Clarhe, il D„ Physician Exirawdinary te the Quem. Tliis iuviiiiiabie medicine is unfailicg in tbe cure of at! those painful aud dangernuu ditteasei to whicli the fcnaale nn6titut:,on ia ubject lt moderats all excen8 ftnd removes all obatructioni, aud a Bpeedy curo may be rtlied on. TO KAI1R1KW IjADIKS lt is pecuiiarly üaited. It wUl, in t sbort time, brlng od the monthl.v perioii wUh reLu!arity. Each ix.tUe, pripe Ooa Dollar, baars th Goyemment Stamp of Grcat Britain, t prsvBBt couoterfeita. Theu PUI) thould nol be laJren by femalrt daring (l FIRST THREE MONTHS of Pregnaxey,iutkiy art ure to brin.g on fiitcarriairc, bv' al ajf oAw Umi thef ajt taf e. In all cuei of Nerrou? and Spinal Affectious, Pin in ie Back and litabs, Fttigue on slight eiertioD, Palpit ,ion of the Heart, Hyterics. and Whitfs, theo Pilla wiD Q'ect a cure whsn au othor cneaui have Cailed, m! Jthough a powerful reraedy, 4 oot coutain iron, calonwi ictimcny, or anv thing hui-lfui to the coaslitutisn. Í11U direcüoss accompary each paekage. Sole Agnt for the United States ar.ii Canada, JOB 1ÍOSES, (Late I.C. Baldwin Je Oo,1 Ruchciter, N. Y -$1,00 and 6 poatage rtunps encloed to any aa Agens rfl iüKu btO of KU bJ tor Sold bc GRKXV1I.I. & FUI.I.ER Ann A.-bor, and ly iiruggists int'very towa. MOTHBRS READ THIS. Thefóllowragiíán extract !rnm a letter wrltten by thepartorof a Bapti i Cmirch to the "Journal and aeBMnter," Ciucionati, OWo, ma Bpeaks volumes in ol tht orld renovrned medicine- MRs. Wixa. loWs-ovnii.v.i Stküp por ChjldkksTïstbixg: '■We secan adv rtisement yor columns or Min. WiMlow'sSouthingSycup. Now wc never atfl la word n favor of a pati ni medicine beforc m oar Ulc-, but m(ele im i U( !; i J to your readers, thnl thls is nn bumbug- w have ibikd it, ato know iitobkalih CLAIMS. It lj priibably. ouc of tbe most succossful medicines of the day, becauiw it is one of the oest. 4i!'l thosc of your readers who have b;ibies can't do it tKtterthan t'l J nasupply" geadvertis nent in :not lier column Important to Ladies, Dr. JOHN !lu:VY, having for upwaHfl of twèctj vear.s devuted lii ■ tme excluaivelj to the treatmentof Female ÜifSoixltifA ad haying succeeded in thouaanda ti caseí ld restoring tlie allticted to suund healtta, has aow entire copfidence in ollenng publicly bia "&RSA.T AM3R'CAN IÏEMEDY," HABVEY?S CHRONO-THERMAL FEMALE PILLS. Wbict. havt itover yet fuiled (wben tKo dïrecbona have bet-n Htrictly followed.l in removing . -v. m ObstractioR, or Stoppage of Nature, or in ruatui-ing the dyfltem to perfect healtb , when suf feriug fi-nm Spi.val AffüCtio.vs, ['kolapscb Ctebi, thi Wuites, or otber we knese oí tbe Ui reink ÜhQANs. Also in a;l CaStíOf iteBlUTT OR NXBVOUS PaOSTRATIO, HYStkbicr, i'AiriAüis-, bc., &c, wbich are the ForerunniTfl oí more ReríouR disease. Vt Thts Pitts are perfecüy harmltfs on the conetitutiov , aitd be taken by tht most delicate f emálc without causing diatressf&t the Bame ■.iin.' tliry act likií a cu.iRM ly strengthening, inTigoia tlng,aod rest ring the syatem to i heaHhy eoniit'on, and by brmping on tbe monlhly perioil with regularity, no matter from what cause theoDstractioiiB niay arise. Tlü'v shoald, howi eer. not 5e taken d uring the firfel threa ox four ntoitthJi of pregnaney, tbongb safe at any me, as minea rr la t;e would be the rafiult, Each box oontatfii tO Prce One Dol laf, and whon de.sirod will be sent by mail prepaid by any advet tïsdd Agent, on leoeipt of tne nooaey Sold by UruggisViin Ann Albor. J. BRYAX. Hbchester, Ei, Y., Genera! Agnt. H. k L. BIMÜNEAL', Dfltyoit, Wholesale -Aeut fo Michigan. 806tf llurruh fur Ihe ü ri i ü n 1 üeathtö its Ennnies! A.TTËÏÏTXOlSr! iOO ablcbodicd steaJy young men W ANTE D ! FOR Capt LB.Buclioz' CoofLanctírs' MEN O F WASH TENA Wi Most of yon liave known me for the last 17 years, .and uuw in this hoar of our eountry'a n-ed, I confidently appeal to yoarjjatriotism in aiding me to rai:.e a Company of IOO irur1, brave, nd iteaöy y(ung men, w i Hing and ready to ttaná by roo in fíghtíu tbe enemie tïf uur be] ived Upion. TO SUCII MEN 1 p!en"ge my honor and life I ■■■■U treated, and u ver order thera to go where 1 would n '. bc r ■■■'■ to i ad. COMK OU : you brave. pMriotic boys, yo it tljaa baa coiiic, giveme the opportwnity oï proiing the tratb of my words ( and I will enlut you in the most d.ishing iti.l effective corps of thla ór any ollipr country f a Bervieo. ít has never been surpae èd in splendor and sxeeutiOB in thá field. Onr eqtiipment is to be complete and fvrv w a " similar to the I6th Engltsh L&neerv. Our Colono!, Honorable ARTHUR RANKIN. la a genttoraau of lndomitable energy aniexperience in military matters as well as a brave and accomplisbed officer. Hú wisli is to roake bia Regimeni a Blodel ore In every respect, and mine, BOYS OF WASHTÊNAW, is te make Buclioz Company of Lancen stand A No, 1 in tbat Regiment. With SUch men atlï des'ra ithat Ihc pnpmy ?hnuM ?ive us an opportunity to make tli;m feet (Lancers fanhion) of wbatmetal the Waihtenav boya aro nade of. And now mjBfceniis who liavo been waiting forme to got orar my broken leg scrape and get my oommission, I ar.i reai ■ J ou show your vetaome faces and sign yöur name on the Muster ttoll the better your friènd and Captain will hke it, Further mfoi ma tion aa to I'ay, Equipment, &c, I will be most happy to gire at my ReciuiUng Quarters In J. BI. COULiD'S Hat Store, Fraiilln ü loeit, A11 Arlor. i, R BVCIIOZ, Captain in Col. A, Hankln'i Lancers' Caralry '.i 'imont. MICHIGAN SOUTHERN & NORTHERN INDIANA R.ULKOAD. XZÏJ isa"" :.. ■.":■"" 1861. SUMMEK ABBANGEHENT. I8O1. Irains now run on tliis road, Puxdaja exfiepted, as folio ws: Leare Toledo for Chicago II 9 00 A H.,and8P. M., anl vía Air ■ al 9.08 A. M. Lcave Detroit for CbleXtgo at 7,15 A M. and 6.T.0 P. M. Arrivi: I 1 í 11.111 Toledo (mil Jlptrojt al. 7,30 P. M. and 7,00 A. M . and vij AitLiM at 7.30 P. M. Aniveat Detroit from Toledo, a1 6:65 A. M., 6:05 P. M. l.eaví'S Detroit for Toledo at 7 J5 A. M., and 000 P. M. Amvo in Detroit TrumUli caro at C. 05 1'. JI.,andC.55 A. M. Jrrive inTolfilo frenn f'liicaeo 4,20 F'. ÍI. and 4.30 A. SI., and via air line at 4.16 )' M. Leave Jacknon f.,r Toledo at 4.45 A'K. and 1,051'. M. ArrivL' from Toledo al 8.Í6 A. K., and 4; I'. MC0NNECT1O-N8. At TOLTOO- With Cleveland i Toledo Itail Roa.), with Vabaao Valley BU Boad. At Dktkoit - With (iraod Trunk Kailway, with Oreat Western Railwav, a!o, with the Detroit and Milvraakee. EUüroad Ar H(W Auuht i EUlEY l:. E. Crosíisc- WithTrains for I afayetfce, New Albany and LouisrHle. At Chicago - With Chicago ;vml ftoek Nlan.l, Galefia. Mtlfraukee, Chicago, B r] agton :nnl ij'.iim'v - V..rth STest r.,i ï 1 w 1 - - ( i, ir-i ■_-■■ , ui, ui :u:il dt. Loáis, IlUnoie Centra!, an.1 In ;.ll f ah. S traint areran by Cbioa o Hme, uiiicb is 20 minates ilower Hum ., time. &è- Patent Blecping Car accompanj tb Nicht Trains on thisRoutp. Siilslmr' . ■ Patent Ventila tora and Dutere ate ued on all Bumroer Trami fair" Time and fare the same as by my otner Rai! Road Route,. JXO. n. CAMPBELL. Oeno-al Superiateadcat. Ayer's Cfeerry Pectoral,


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