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LIFIi IJNSUUAlNpE. Tho Connecticut Mutual Life Insuranea Compariy. Accumulated Capital, - 3,500,000. WIT.LINSCRE IJYE3 foi any nmount not cxceedlng .C-'Ko ■ rm ufiafe orfor a term of n the mout favorable : v.; i ,. . , 'i,,:i: Is pureiy matual an3 the policj tt 11 the aurplas oveü t!ia exnct ooul ol inurince It accomiKlates tho [nanrcö in the Hrttleiiieut "f thdr premmni!" ON .'.v ;: POJ [C1K8, if doaired, bj taking n nota fur one half the amount, buring Intsraat at ui pet cfiit, vi' annnM . jJiriJnJs are Dedarcd Annuallyl pnd bloes l1" '■' Bow ntoonni to r:rrv per ei it nu Ihe preKjioiïi, OHrth ana note, and are mereaaing ïhey naay be :el thenote . I ,:,■ ratea of preraiuma reRnlow .-i iinv othel ro RponHitle Conipany and the lnife accumalated fund 'it 10 ia ucurel; investid, aa roaj l) ■ Mea by retel erice to t atutetaaant made accovding to Uw, on file in eoftheCuunty Ann A mr.i i JAMES OIJOliWIN', Prt. CrYR.riim.rS.Pr-i-v. F.irpartii;QlaMaKV to JAMES C. WATÍON, 76gj 1 Jgent :t Aun Albor, Mich. Important National Works, Publisheil by D. API'LKTON & CO., 346 AND 348 BROADWAYKEW TOEX The foBowïng Turku are Rent to Subscribe? ín any pnrt )f ih-j couatry, (apon roceipt of rolail prlce,) by mail r ex nros.-. i ap&id ; THE N;W AJÏERIA1V CYCT.OPÏDTA: A Pi-jmliir Dictipaaij ui" General KnowLedjge, Efliti l Ujr Gho. Kipf.Fv and Cdajujsa. Vasa, aided bj n ru ■ [eet oorpa of rrittr iö all branches ui Bclencas, Art and Litomture. Tbirf work is being pubU&hedin aboiit 15 large oct.u o rol urnas, each ooatalcing 750 i ■ columo Vota. I., II., III., IV. V., VI., VII., VIII., IX. are no# rewty, eacta coutáining uear R600originítl artl clea. An addltioiiftl volume will be publislied once In about throe month-i. Vrlce, in Cluth, _S3; Shecp, $3.60; Half r.ussla, S4.50 eticb. Tlie New American Cclopivdia ís popular tvilliout dcül' üuparöeial, Learned withoul bclog psdafltlc, comprelu'iisiv( but auffioleutly detaüod, iVeofrum persoiuil pique and partj prejudioe, fresh and jet accuraie. It i a complete Btfcïêmeni of all that is known tipos fveryimportu.n1 topic within the scope of human Intelligence. - Every important article lö ft bas been Bpeclallj wntten tot it pages by men who are autborittes upon the topic on wblch twy spéak. They arerequlredto bring the ultjt'ct up to the present moment: U state just how it utaudfl 7tnw. All the stattaticalintbrmatloii I frmnth iiteH r?iurls; tliegeographical acoounta keep pace with the Iftteni oxplorations; historica] mattera iuclude tlie fresbeat juat views; tlie biographical imiices eds ak not imh' of the dead bat also of tho living. It is a libritry of taelf AUR1DGE3IENT OF THE DEBATES OF COXGKESS üoing a.Political History of the Unitad States frotu thfl organiiation vf the firsi Feienil Cön giftBB la 178H to 1866. Ertttedand compilad by Hon. Tuo Hakt BüA'TON.froip tlie Offlciftl Rocorda of Congross. The work will be compïeted in 15 röyal octavo volumes of 7óO pageseatfh, 11 of whieh "are now reudy. An alditional volume wül bc published once lo three months. ' ,.,,;■, : !,;uv Sheep, Half Mor., U; HaM Calf 4.So etleli. A WAY ÓF PKOCÜRTNG THE CYCI.OP JSPIA OR DEBATKS Fono a club ol' fonr, aud rmït tiieprk of fourbooks, and iie cupies will be sent at the romitter's expeanefoi1 carriage' or fot ten aubscriber, leren capíes will b ent iU our expense foi carriage. To Agent. No other work will so liberally rewani the exertions of yjenta. An Agent waNtïD is tuis Cocnty Terms niinlc kr.own on appücation to the Publishors. Ana Albor, March. 1860. BOOftunt -=9, Bev. THOÖ. Wkkiut, agent at Kiune tt Smiths Dook Store, Ypsllanti. BOOTS SHOES MOüHE & LOOMIS Are uow recelving a lur?e assortmtut of Bcots aml Sliocb and :r. xj b b e ir, s i Whlch tliey iiropose tu stil 50 per cent bdow farmer priccs for cash. Men's good Kip Boots, fïom $l,r,0 to $3,00 Men's good TUick Boots, from 2,00 to 3,00 Men's good Calf Boots, from 2,50 to 3,75 Boy's Calf, Kip and Tliick Boots, 88 to 1,78 Ladiet' Gaitci-8, from 44 to 1.25 Ladios' Moroeco Bootecs, from 75 to 1,25 AnU an endiosa rarlety of niall Hlioes froin Fancy Bahnorals to Infimts' Creeping Shoes. We re also Mnnufac-turliig nll Uind of WAERANTED BOOTS & SHOES. Mem Fine Fieneh CHT Beo s Peggcrt and Sewed. So eive us a cali bèfore purcliasinjï elsewhoro, as "-e art1 bounl u.t lo bo andersold. tS KKi'.iiKiNc; DONi ON' SHoEI KOTICL.JHT MUORE & LOOMIS Main St., Ann Albor, Jlich . 820tf CHOICE NEW GOODS Cheap for Cash. BACH PÏERSON Have juet opened a FULL AND COMPLETE STOCK of EALL & WINTER GOODS, embracing Dry Goods, örcceries, nnd EVERYTHI3STO A FAMILY WANTS. They wero Bought for Cash, and WII.L BE SOLD CHE AP FOR CASH. OXjijLi DE3 A. TFL Xj Y . BACH t PIERSON. Arn Albor, Od.., 1LG1. 82OLf ROOMS TO LET. Cl OOP íiiry Roí m i" leí in a quiet part of the Cttr, T rtear tlie UnÏTeralty- For arLiculara inquire al thc Aigug Book Hindei'y. SP ECIAL NOTIC ETO CUST OMERS. A LIj accounts over kix monthfl m'(í be sctttbJ nt once. Cali at the office R.ndpay up. A ux-11 ftelectud stock of New Uotfljí 'lu-;ip fot Cash. BSttf HAYNAni) jSTEBBIXS & WII.SO-V. Oval Picture Frames AXX3IZ8B, STTVXES and PRICES just receivod and for sale chaapat OIIOFF & MILLER'S. 1860.Doc.2a, JSStf WASHIENAW MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE C02IPANY. 'l'HESocrotnrj will be at Cook'l Ratel, In the City i f 1 Ann Ai-bui-, üiiTliuiilay of each woek , untll furtber naiic-, reody ta recervenew membewt. M. KKN:V, íccretnry. Oetster 3U, ÏUi. 8-lu' Ayer's Cathartic Pilis. j he Latent Special Dispaich ! fo the citizcür; cf Aun Arbor cmrt Vicüiity I ! INTENSE EXClTEMENTll Ilundiah watchinp the ptogress vf Da i Jij Events ! ! The Fwleral Anuy again Victorwus! 'The Union must and shall be Preserved !" " There was a man in, our foirn, Jfe wag so wondrous wise," with all his wi?dom, he was r.ot so w.ise ns that ' oiher rwtn," who when he vu:itcd to buy the The cheapext and Vest C L O T H S N C! in. ihits market always jumpedinio G Ü ITEIl MAN' Ü HEAD QÜARTEBS! For there he lcnew lift fllways got his monoy's Wbrtb. Seeing is beüeving and yju thut wisli to soe come ia and believe. ïlioee ihnt can't (,sop can fef.i., nnd as we nhvuya niaks our ouatome ra feel good over good barguins. they are espeeiaHjr mvited to our auxious seat, tliat. they too muy realize how "goot it is for tin in to be with ui," and how rauch pleasurs can be obtaiucd in the enjoyment of SPI.E3TDID BARGAIW3 ! " tr.c uil ye that are wenry nnd heav la den" - with Ronss and we wil] do our bist to relieve vod - givinj; ot in re'urn the fintsi kind of Goods a'. the lowcst figures. Great battles are hourly talving place in tha Clothing line - wlmlc regiments of Jassiineres. Vi'Stinsis. &.C.. are being slaughtfreJ bv Gi-n. SoHDHBIM - to fit the rush of reeruita that ie pouring in fro:n evcry direetion, uil aoxioui lo have tlie.r uaiius eDTolled for u NE AT AND TASTY BUIT ! - íueli as can only be had at the Quarters (f Guiterman & Co. Oneofthc firm, Mr. M Guiterman, having jast returned from Europa witli a larga assorlment of Clotlis, C.'i-simeres and u uice lot of fine Vestings, also a few pieces of fine lieavir for overconts wlii.h we will make up to ori-er in tlie 1 itest Btylc, ve luul confidtnt tb at we eau satisfy all. STTJDENTS Í We ai e happy l,o greet you !ti our City.aftcr spending your vacation with tlic " old folkB1' at hume. Ba assured we wish you a pleasant term, and shall tver bc glad tu ïne.'t you at the Old Heiul-Quarters, IN o, 5. [CT Our former customers, we feol assnred, will cali on us again To you who conie as strangers we H'ould 6ay a few words, vu: wish you to cali and look nt our fir.e Coats, Pants. and Vests. we can do better by you than auy other h use in ihe City, and if you culi una examine our goods.and try their ñts, you will purchase nowhere else. DON 'T FAIL TO OA.LIL13T C3r. Ï3C. $. .DU. IiOüFLAND'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, For the spctMÏy cure of Coughs, CoUs, Influenza, Crovp, Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Pneumonía, Diseascs of the Bow els. arfcing from Cold, ncipxent Coa surnptwm, and for the relief and if ut ailpossible) cure of i'atients in adi:anced staycs of the latier diseasr, ftY lïulsamic Cnr!i;il i mtirely a Vegetable prortucX. tiüO, i-onib.nitig tiiü hcaiing pipertii-8 ol tlie Bal .iiirii, with tlie ïïiviyira.tiug1 qualitíes uf a Untdtal, proilucinea cmbmat n so wtíl adapta l the purres intendL-d, tliat there are bul l tt Cu,Cti of wliich wi:i Dut, ut an eany pen ju, nuccuiou 10 n.s oeaiing anu Life giving propertoe. For tgei' lum tin; treatmeat of pulm'inary dfseoses occup'ed the ffreater portion of the attenlion ol tht scientinc of the meiie;il wörld, but none aoquired iutu iiüiiituciMii liis tieaiiiniiT ;of fcbesa diSéftsetf, ttaan the celfbrate'l Prussian., 1 r. Koofltind, t1h prtenatoi oí the Bataaintc Cordial. HisliJe was deruted to the producti'.u of remedies that wouW staoti au r i valled. Huw well ' o ha ucceofled, the American peopleare able to julgi-: anJ we posiiivel.y as.sert, that nu preparations ili;u liEfe ever Ijc." ti placed bífore thena, bave eoDfdrrod tbesame amount of baettta od aufienng huinnnity, or t'licit'ji bo many c.Jinmondatiuns iroin y 11 classes of' societv, as theiemeüifiB of Dr. Hoofiand, prepared bv Dr, C. M.'.I:it kiun &Co., of Fhiladèlphfa. Tiie Cordial is dasigned for a clasi of diseasos more gcuoral and mora fatal than auj other to which the people oí' this country aie subjeot-tttoe Bpiiuging front a '■slight coldj" Tbat eminent autfióriiy, Pr. BeUtMLjs: "iwiil notsny that ('olas are to our ishab Etauts what the Plague and Ytllvw Fcver ure to those oí otber countries; but I cun avcr confi i Otly Hut tltey usher n áiseae of greater fconipUcitjr aud mortalitj' tban tbee lattefJ' Eii tirdy Vegetable. No Alcoliolic l'reparation. DR. Ii )OFLAND'S CELSBRATEB G2HMAN BÏTTSH3 Prepand by DR C. M. JACK.SOX & OO,, Philadölphla, Pa. vrUl effectually cure LÍVEK COMPLAINT, DYSPEPSIA, JaL'NI'!' 'EtChconic or Nei voua ÜebiUtj . Diseas4of the Kidneys, and alVdiaeasöfl arising froiá a disordarod j,i or or Stomaeh, Such as O'.'iistip.itiut). [nvard Piles, Fjilqpsi or BJood (0 itie Hear', Ao'Olty of tb. e H &maéh, tíüea, lleart Imrn. Pisgust for Kood. FuIncsS or weigbt in the Stom nch.onr ËrucUtïonÖiQking or Flutteriog at the l'it ot' thoStomach, Swimming or the Head, Hurrled uní i Llifflculi B(ftthing fclutUriog at Uw HearJ, C bok ing ur feuffocating senfeatipna wUen in a tying po.ture, Dim n,. nol VisïÓd Dots ói fftba before the éigftt, Ft Ver ai ui Dull Pain in the Head, Defldenoy of Perspiratlon, Ycl lownese of tbeÖWo and Fyen, Pain in the Si Ie, Bucfc Cheit, L'ui'j.-, &c. Suddec Flushesof Heat, Burningln ■ i,, ( instant im.iginii)ü,s of evil, and gvta „. i ■ , .- r-i M..r'.ti. uni rill p"ffitiveh pvcvti.t Yk.ltEiOW FKVrJK, mi.í.loUs FKVKR,feo. fh Proprietop ín oalliDg the at.ention of the public Ui ttis preuapilion, dow so wttb a Eeel Dg (.f tlie utmost :;■■(■ i, lts virtues and ailaptatiun to the dtseasea lor wüitíll il lo R'Con.iiH'uut.'u. Itianonew and nntrted article, bat om that lias atoad thfl test of a tweli e j ears' trial b$fore the Araercan pi np1'-. and its eputatlop nru.1 aaiü aro unrivaUed b nny Biniilaí prepara tioas es tan t, The testhnony U its favor given by thc montpromiin'iit and weü-kiimvn Physlciane and índlYiduals in all parta of the country i itamense, and a car ful perutal oí i he Alraanac, pubLishedannuall} l-v Proprietoro, and tn be had gratis oí ftoyol their Agonvs, canoot out satisfy the most pfceptícal thatth's remedy is raillv deserrlng the grcat oelebrily it hasobtaiaed Kead lUe EvlJenr?. Front J. Newton Brown f). D. , Editor oflhc Etcyclopedia of Rtligions 'Knowledge. Although not diposi'il ín (ivor or rrcommend Patent Medicines in general, tbrough distrut of their ingredicntn a mi efiect] 1 yol know o no sufficientreason why n rr;m may not textil)' to tiio bcn-lit he be lie vee liimself ín have received írora anv simple preparaticn, Id the hope that he may thus eontnbutë to the benefit of others, 1 di this tlie more roadily ín regard to "Hoofland'a Germán Bitteni," preared byDt C. M. Jackson, ot tiiis ciiv. beeauíte I wat pcejudíoed agaiasi thcm for yean, un der the mprennion thai thej were chJeBy an alculiolic 8H) inátebted to myftiftnd Bubert Shoeii 1 1, r, Eq .-'nr the removal of thia prejudíce fay proper n i cncouragement to iry them, vhen nuilerUig from great and luf; contia'ed debtlúy, The un of tltñ'p bottles of these uk ten, at fche benaB f Ihe inr-iiii ycar, nasfoHowfid by erideni relíef, and restonttion tu a dtRre 1 bodih and mental rigor whiea l bad Dot féli forsixmonth before,and hadalmosi depaired of rcirriinin". I thërefaro tha&k Cíodandmy ii end for dir.oüng mato the la of them. .1. KfiW'JCON BRÜWN. Reí 1 wbat tlio eminent Glosa M Dufací urer, .TOIIN" H. WllITALLays of the BALSAMIC CORDIAL. Dk C SÍ. J-ACX9BW- Respoctod FríenU Ilavlng for a long time ben aeqaluied with the vft-tuen of thy Ba'namie Cordial in Cou hu. Cold. Inflammation of the te, I tbui freelj bear test-mony to lts effloacy. cralyvarj I hv mett been wiilnmi it o my family It aíso givpa me"ple&íHiie to rtatV tha) L liaïe mied M witbentire succoam in t ■ treatment of Bowel GomplalnU. 'lio friini tralj, JOIIV K, WHtTALL, Fífth Mo. '7, í-eó, Race Street, abov 4li, ritlla. These medicine are foíáale'by ftll repectablé DHig giin ml dealen Id medeines Iu tbo Cnlíed Stetoa, BntUh Provlnceí, and West iDdiea, at 7.r) cents per bottle - fe lurf nndget tbe prn .inc, with theBfgnatun nf C. M. J m kw n on the raj pej oí acb buttíe; a oíAarj ora cavtitcrffi' Frincffifcl Rlco airl M inufiftnry. 4 18 Arca tu-ct, F'UIiadp'i liia, I. &&S '


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