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What War Is

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-War is a game " of BCUJnce, not a questiou oí courage. - An army of one hundred thoueand may overthrow to day an army ol one hun dred and fifty thousind. It may kill nnd vound twenty thousand of the fqe and loae but te thousand men itseif ; yet tho one hundred and thirty thousaud of tho enemy, boirif demoralizod and hors du combal, will hardly venture, on the following day to renew tlio eontust with the retnaining ninety tliousand of' the viotor8. All nations are brave, but hiatury is full of instances whore the brave have laid down their arms. The idea that any people cannot be contjucred is not oveu decent nonsensu. The notion that an army without money, leather, or lead ; without a harbor or a hip at sea ; w'uhout i reoogoition or rputable causo, can defy the laws p lifo and strengr.h aml pcnnanontly withatand the mighty precsure of at least equal courage and cotilinually reptaniabing force, ia preposterous, and notiiing else.


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