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Astounding Discovery In France

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The following sounds very much like thé stories of tho Arabian Nights, or Hinbad the Sailor, but, ns it oomcs from a respectable soa roe, vo give it for what it is worth : It has boon a great mystery to English bankers and to ihe directora of the Bank of Englund, how the bullion 8 tho Bank of France could bo so greaify wiureased within the lat three year., . whiJo thw iustitulion has been constantlyiSCiTtiing goiii'to Englaod, to Aènnany and to America. Not long since the Bank ol France drew some 15,000f. in silver from the Bank of Englaiu], whioh it paid for in gold bars with the Frcnch mint stamp on thein. At its last report it showed a balance of 117,0O0,O0Of. in gold, wliilu the amount one year ago was u rider 80,900,000f. - nearly ono third incroase. - ItU whispered that thi.s nbundunce in gold is tho rcsult of a seientific discovery, whieh the Einperor Napoleon bas secured the monopcly cf. Gold is tttthe present iijoment manufactured nt Paria in a secret mannor. The principal articlos iised are not lead and arsenic, and, though it is not known how extensively the precióos meta) is produced, yet severa] hundred woight of the material are taken to a oertain place on tho first of eoch rnonth. - Everythiüg is condueted with tho utmost secrecy. None of the workmen arö-uM4od to leavo, and Dothing dofinite can be known; but the faet tliiit gold is producod is beyotid pera-.Konture. How lo )g Napoleon III. will bo able to keep tliis wonder! ui secret remainBlo beseen. - Bunker'1 s Reporter. This story 3 certainly fishy - goldfihy, we moan, of course. 3F A ViGORous Dbfinition. - A Western cotemporary defines a l'eaeo Meeting to be " a meeting to enter a ftolemn aud indignant protest against every eflort to savo tho Goveroment (rom boing overthrown." t# Lord North, who dotosted music, waa askcd to ubscribe to the ancient ooooerls, He relused. But your lordship's brother the; bishop of Winchester, subscribe?, urged the applioant. If I were as doaf as he, I would subscribe, too, was the roply. ör Tacitus says: In the early ages nanl%Ye] a üfje of innocence and simplicity. Upon this a critic remarke: When was thi.s pjriod oí i.nnocence! The first woman went astiay. Tho Tery firatman born into the wocld killed the eecond. When did the taneof simplicity bogin.


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