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1861. 1861. FALL & WINTER GOODS mv r.WFiviM: at HftVrJTQ (.. pny CSWfonmsrly nll kimla r Oooils purclimti-il in IsVw Yoili wa ni'cin ,rily oliligcd to rustrid out .-■.] t. sysiini lire. Coiisniuinlly we sliulloflk:1 uur Fall Goods for Cash, at u vi-ry smal) advanco on the cost C. 11 M1LLEX A CO. Ann Arlior Sopt. 24. 1HGU 8l!)m3 SCHOFF & MILLKR i ri;.ti;.!.oxi[.v.-N)mi -tiu-ii ■ uii f tand, No. 2, Franklin Bleek, wi'.l) thomo&t crïp:f i1 ASSOrtlCMtt of Books and Statiohery, PERFÜMERIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, ROLLERS, CORDS, TASSELS, GIJrCORNICKS, CüRTAINS, riOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offured in this Market ! :ud tl.ey wouM suggest tothose in pursuit cfanythingin SANTA CL A US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! by piirchasing ftom Íhls stock, as oacli purchafer gttn an ftdditional present of Jcweïry, &c., Uanging in valué trom 50 cts. to $50. 4T" Thpytrust that t heit long (p?riínce in selocting gOOdS f it Iliis nvirkol, aii'l strii't itii-uln n to the wjuit.s oí OiiütoaúrS) may eatitra Ibom to u litfial sluirc o. Ptttrbnago. Aun ArboT,D. 5. I8C0. ITTtf InsuranceAgency ! C. H. MILLEÜÍ Í3 TIIF CíF-XT for the folloviDg firt elAsa oomptafali Hiuil'. IHSURAHCH COMPAV, uf New York City,- Capital anrl Surplu, $1,500,000. CITY FIHE IVSrilAXCE COMPANY, of Baruffrf."-Capil and Surploii, $100,000. CONTINENTAL ISi;r;-"t COMPAVV, of Knr York Cltjr.- Capltil nd Surjilm, 100,000. Tliroe-fiuf-rters of the notí proiltd in thi Compauy 15 (iividtsd annmilly muong its poltolr huiUrs. mii.i.en. Aun Arbor, December 13, 1860. tim778 NEW YORK LIEE INSURANCE COMP'NY. Aecumulated Jan, 1860, $1,707,133,24 MORRIS FRANKLIN, President, J C. KENDALL, Vwe President, PLINY FREEMAN, Actuary $100,000 DEPOSITED irtth Uta Comptroller of the Sfatta of New York. Diviüeuds average 40 per ecut. annunlly. A. St ÍQET S - Oah Ín Blijkj 31,355.49 tnvested ia securïtfep . Creáted -unflor the lawsof the Stilte of Noiv York and of thf U. S. , 258,870,7!) i:,:,l Estáte and Futuros, Nos. US and 111 Broadway 1.52,450 04 Boo'ls and MortpgesdrawniR7 ppr et. interest 5S3.99S.M ■ -eived for 40 per cent. of premiums on lije j.olnrii's. bearing interest, (76,315.8o Quarterlv and .-mi-iinnital premiums, h:o Bub.sonuantto Jamiwy 1, 1860 -n,S50.38 fotarett accrued np to Jan. 1 . 1860, S0.4s8.ij RentaaooruedoptoJan.l.lMO, l'ÏÏKS Premluma on pulicies n liands of Agents, J6,44..ia $1,767,133.24 Drs Wki.13 and LïWÏfr, Medical Examine. 743;f J. (1I.I!K1;T SMITH, Agent Conway Fire Insurance Co., Of CoDway, Mass. Capital paiel up, - $150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 269,963 12 Liabilities. - - - 16,440 03 D. C. Itogers, Jas. S Wbitney, Secretary. President. DIRECTORS. J 8 WinTNEY, L. 3ODMAN, W. ELLIOTT, S HOW LAND D O. McOlI.VNAY.E.D. MORGAN WAIT BKMEKT, JOSIAH ALUS. A.H.BUM.EN W.U. D1CKINSON, W.T. CLAPP, D.C.EOOEKíJ. Anu Arbor Dr. E. WEI.I-9, L. JAMES. L. DOnOE, KNOCHJ-AMES. OAPT. C.S. OOODRICH J, W. KN1GI1T, AKent. Ann Arbor, Michigan. THE PEORÍA MARINE & FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, O F PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capital, - - - SóOO.000 one of Uu HKAVIIÏT. SAFB3I and BESÏ Insurance Co's in the U.S. InraiM in roasonabto temw, w al iráyi pay ptomptly. Thcre a no better Fire lnsuranc Compauy, Mo ney Wanted, VV h o wl 11 LeudMoneyi IAM ltKQIICSTEn BY SKVERAL PERSONS to obtain monoy for them at ïen Per Cent Interest, (OrMore.) For anv one willintf to lond, I can at once invest on bood iiiHMioumbeied ahundant RKAL ESTÁTE security any numii of money and sec that the title aud security are ai.i. R1OVT. UW ïlie bovrower paylng all expenses, Incluaingre""ÁÜÁrbor, Cict. 7.18S9. 7Í5Ú General Land Agency PEKSONS wantlngfarm,or resldenceM n ornad? Ann Arbor, cao by cniltDg on me selectfroma list ofovor 1OO Farms For Sale! Ofvarioufsizeítrom :í,tc 130U acreee ach (aoroe at goodasanyinthiB Connty.) Morethan SU l)velillL HdllSRS n'.hlalty.from two Iiundred to fourthouBan cdoi■11 !.. -i. 11.1I ovar 2Olr KUILDING MITS! AmonRthefarnn aretho Bishcpiíiirm , 1300aorcs, the Potter farm, i n ííiccn Oak, t tie I'lacetnrmSfrí i 4i) aerea, the Klnndon and Jenks farms, i 11 WoWtcr; thn Stubs, Mieliael Claacy, Newton Hcegan, and l'allab! farma, in Ann Arbor ; J.Kir.t'alny'4 farm, iniittslio[d'the Uatch and Hick t'arms in Lodi;the PatrickClayufarm in Freedom; W. 8. Davikon, B. G. Baker a and Buck's farros InSylvan. Mastoi these and many others can be dlvldedto auit pUr0b8er' E.WM0.1GA1V. AnuArboJ. Jan lt . 1856 6.1 I tf.MOEGAN, Agent lor Mutual I.ifetnsurancoCompany, New York. Aecumulated Aasets, .... $5,350,000. i ni I.ifc IiiuranceCompany in the U. S. KnlokërDOckttr I.ifo Insurance Company, New York, a tirst class snftQo. - terms reasouable. Bombold) f'ire Insurance Comnany, New York. Capital, with alarbe Htirplus, fc'200.000. Peoría Marine tí Vive Insurance Co., Teoría 111. - 1. No. 1 Klre Insurance C'o'fl. 7O7tf Capital, - - $600,000; New Remedies for SPEUMATORRHffiA HOWARD ASSOCIATIOV, PHILADELPHIA. A Be nevolertt Insli'-Htioti tstablhhf.d by speritil enAotemtut ar the relief of llu Síck and Distresttced, ajjllcted with Frnitnt and Chronic Distase, and ttpeaally for the Cure of Dtseasf ofthe Sexual Organs, MKUICAI. ADVICE given gratis, by thc Actiug Sur. geon . VAI.l'AHI.E REPORTS on P])erma(orrl)oca, an'l othir UBuar the Sexual Oraaiis, and dj th HiiW lílíM EDIE8 cmploreí in the Qupeaiiary,sei íamlad U-tfr envoloiios, fiee of charge. Two or UirM htampH for msiageaooaptable. AddfeM.Dr.J rfKll.I.IN HOUGHION', IlDward Association, Ni) 1 S, Njnth St,, 1'hil.v delphla, Pa, ly5A.yer's Cherry Pectoral, ARRNOW OTENIXG, DIRECT TiïOM PUJHJSHKRS AND manufacturero, a New and Complete stock of LAW & MKDICAL IJüOKS, School Books, Miscellancmie Books, Mank Boois, rfsn STJVTÏOKTKH.Y! WiM ItlVl VTIniüOW !:ipiT, Drawing and Mntlipmatical UW. rumíate, Mtmio. l.ibrii!'i'j,KnvLlu[H's, Inks and CY.ids. GOLD And all otlier kinds of Pens and Penáis ', Wiuduw Curntco, l$hadcfl and Fixturr, POCKET CUTLEKY! A ml tivorythinf? perttuning to 1 he trinlc, nnl more to ■whielithcy wuulü i ï ■ v i t ' the attenttdn of the country. ïn enndnef incr our bophiosftj we nhalldn f.11 can ]f i l.i n i-,-;! ) id.i; ii" vciisouablü man, wotiüin or cliihl flnfl auj fuvilt. We posscsfi focüities which will entibie us to supjjly out stomers ;il the Lowest Possible Figures. we pniposvtofieHfor itKAOY Y expecta proflt on out goods, but Cash Saios will Admit of Low FIGURES. V have angagedthc errico? al JAMES V. SPAI.DIN'C, hereforearc prepare ïo fumiNh Vis ing, 'Wedding and all other Caris tonlen to order, wUh neaness and dispalch, by mail or otkertoise. The ULMF1BS Rook Ht)KK,"' s mnnnetl by n (7ool 'crew,' n Ihrv will alwavs 1' fouml on Uie "quarter Oi'ck," roaily ;unl rilling lu nttenj to all with ptoMurO,who wül Tavür thciu with a culi. líemember the "Empiro Book Store." JAMES R. WEBSTEK & Co. A:ii, Arbor, Muy, 1800. 7J(l ANTOHËK A fö AKRIVAL AT THE &L& 0LD AND RLLIÁBLE L'C tí CLOTHIWt EMPOaiUMü SfcsST S PHCENIX BLOCIC, MAIN STREET. basiuai roturno.l trom tb EftriU'rn Otias, irtth a Urgt itü-l d&ttr&ble stock uf F ALL AMD WINTER 0ODB! wVicb he is now offtring ai nusually Among bis Assortment mny bp found BROADCLOTIIS, OASS1MERES, DOESKINS, & VESTiXGS. of ui! ílescríptiona, espfcijilly for FALL AND WINTEE WEAR ! trhicb s ciitting anij making to order, in thelatestani beat styles, togetbec with a superior assortment ot' READY MADE CLOTI1ING! CBUNES CAKPÊT BAGS, UIÍBBHJAS, aud Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, witli numcrous other Hrtxles usually found i'-i slnüla: agtabilalunenta. As ANEMP0B1ÜM OFFASHIOJN, the subücriber flatters himsclf, that hislonc,' experioncf anl genera. BuGceAfttvUl enable him t give the BatiSmbtlon toall who may Irust hlmiD the way ui manufaeturing gariDenta tv urdir. 769tt W.M. WAGNER. H for the Mmmoth Cabinet Ware ituoms. MAETDT & THCMPSON, TT AVE JOSI OPENED IN' THEIR neu and Elegant War e-R o o iu & BAST SIDEOF 1IA1K STREET, A complete BtOCk of EOSEWOOD, MAIIOGAISIY SLT3 OV PAULOR FURNITURE IKCLUJDINQ Sofas, Tete-a-Tetefi, UahogaDj Bono-Wood, Black Wal nut, Pliun iw Marblc 'romped O1 KOT HIS T,aitlO5 BOSEWOOn, MAHOGANT, BLACK WAI.NCT. FANCY AND COTTAGE CTTAIRP, Ac., In., ie, S:c: jzl. mi sm a 9 Elegant JIIUHÜKS, TiljRKAUS.SKCRETAKIKÍ, Completo BKD-ÜÜU51 iíCTS, INCLUDING LAÏEÖT STYLES, -0Yxwitb. 3VE. TTDRESSES Of the best quality an'l Diffarent Material ki Fact they Have Kverylliing with which to FASLOB, ' BOUDO1R, tilTTINO BO U, Olí K1XCHEM, AN-D OUR CITIS1EKS NE EU NO löngor go to Pfttroit or ;lsowlnre tn flnci a large a.HSortnuiit. Ihiu FURITITURE musut be Bold and will bo solí nt VERY LOW TRICES! I.i't evpry man and hl wife or going to be wlfc COMK AND SEK. TheyilUo havo il 1IEA ESE CA RE IA Gli, Anil are alway reaily lo uticnd to the uurial of ths deaJiii the City and adjohsing country. Ware-Koomeat sWo of MainSiroet, butwet'n WaMiinstoiuiud Liberty O. M. UARTIK. (m73rt CJ.U. TflOMPSOK Hangsterfer's JJlock. DEA S$c CO-, INVITRitttenti'Hi tu thcir uew utock comprising :iil kinds of Crockery, Glasswaro, Lamps, Gas Fixtures andoUBe-forQÍ8hInggoodí,aU of which they are offer ing At the Lowest Possille Eates. French China Tea seta frwn 5 0C to 20 00 Fnmch China sets frora 26 'Ui to Tü 00 Stone china T.v sut fmm 3 50 t" 6 00 Stone china dinner set (rom 8 50 ti 20 00 tilass Kerosene Iimps complete from 37 yz to 6'2l Harble Kerosene Lampa complete froni 80 to 10 uo Fluid Ijiuips frora 18 to li-'.U JtS Laimps of all kinds altcred and ronttlred. Summer Hill Nursery. THE0D0RE R. DuBOIS, PEOPÏUETOROFTHBeUiOCBÏlHILL NUBSERANN Arbor, Micli., is now rcady t recolveordcmfor Valland Spring (Setting Iüh prdan fot Proli and Onuunental Trees, Vinos, Bbrb bljéto., will beflüodf rom the bestEasternNorserien, :u hiiporsonaJ itUation irili b given to the aelcctiou 4nd4Uiogfeli6Bme. Hftyiqg been regularla educatel ín tli.' iirirv Uumtk'ss. ln Ís confitlent th:il with prompt and close aUentlon, and strict bonest; and Iniegrity, bé y be abie to rfTe fiatisfjiclioa to very 0H oonnalng tUoironlcrs tü li in. AllfafiHflni nrFru.l jrowoPfl will do wel! togivc hinia ealt beforo ordoi ntr t!n-"u.;!i uilu-r pirtn-s. tic (roaldxeftr ta man;, eitfzensof the Öty and Coantj wlio purcliftscu uiliiin tli pasl Spring for the jn;ilü.v of Imgê broughi "ii by htm, ai vellaa foi tlie good order in which thrwen receired anddehtered 804m3 GJIEAT BARGA] NS Af' i . Maynard, Stebbïns & Wilsön's. TV. IIAVi: kQÁXS REPIJWlfiHED OUR STORE WrKH ï Uu iuuit sildij;.i Stuck uf O O 13 IE Ihat WAS ever oflbrad in :my oïig otttablIttHnnont ir th ÊtaUf, all o! whloh w Bfer fui O@K1 OEi [p 15 O IS) (UJ O 1 is ]uv as OU) bo fon ml in the Union We want ürloney ! ui-I will m.ike Grcal Sacrificcs on Anytliinn we4have to obtafn it, not pxceptfag OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNTS We corli;'.ny inviíí1 ALL CASH CÜSTOMERS to cali nnñ examine oflUC (íooils aud Prlces. We alfit invite our Prompt Paying Customers tocóme and bny tlieir snppiles for tlic'Winíer. Totlinsc Bavbftal onts Uiut art' airaid lo caH, we &&y to thsfia, takt courage ■tlinutlonger waitirgfor higbor priccfcome In, oW Boores, and then it iaeb pricos iis will nuke up all Iosrcs It is hardl; DQjBCOttary to ouumenticouc Goods,for We have Everything! A hirge ñSb-ortmcnt of CARPETING, CRObKERY DET GOOUS, MEDIINES, GEOEPJES, TAINTS, OILS, FIAT3, CAPS, BOOTS, SI1OES YANKEE NOTIONS &c, &c,, &e. OA1UIL A5D Og! (yjS (715tf) MAYNARD, STf-BBINS k WIIO O . BLISS Still in the Fidd ! ■W'ITII A LAEGE STOCK of GÜODS ir. nty linö direct f rom New York, Boston, and the ) Tfè anuíacturers! I have jut roeelved a large antï wc!l sclootedasiortmcut CLOCKS, WATCHES, SILVER & PLATED WATIE, Musical Instruments, Table and Pocket Cutlery GOLD PENS, And a great variety of Yankee Not ons, etc. I would cali particular attention to mj large stock of of Gold, Bilver, Steel, and Plated, with PEE SCOPIC GL ASS A superior art tele, "au J a great variety of articleü in the '"cEEEAr for C-AJSia:havsDg )i(Tolt walchestoflo wifeb glosaos, can hv -,.;■, -riin ui mla tod ha iuy stoch is large anil complete, I" B, Paxticttlrr atte&ttos poXtttffthe EEPAIEING of a!l liiij'ls of i''me WKtch6tSU0fa as Making & Setting New Jewels, PINTONS, STAFFS and CYLINDEUS, also CLOCKS, AND JEWELEY, Neatly Iïenaired and warranted. C. BLISS. Angitft 28. 1860. '6811 3STEÏ"W" GOODS. WLES & KNIGHT Aio now receivingtheir SECD.NP Spring and Slimmer STOCK OF GOODS In couspquencc of thO Circat Pressure in the we luwe been enablcd to purchnse many kind of Goods at our own prices. We can sell most kinds of DRESS GOUDS for LES5 TIIA.N WAS r AID FOR THE SAME KIND OF GOODS in New York S I X WEEKS S1NCE! Wc invite the attention of all to aninspejtion of our Btock. WINES & KNIGHT. liaj 10, 1861. UNPARALLEL.CD SUCCESS S-ECOND AEIUVAL - o;"- cSö STXVErVUIEÏ?. Car C d JO? S9 -AT THE- ZJaiTiicr Storci A. P. MILLS, PROPRIETOH. Gcods kffflghí iriráer pnnic prics. „■rf .?9W i prices thnt willmake hard iimcs come again no more ! Facts ibr the Peoplc -OKW ACKTENA "W _.VND- ADJOINING COUiNTIES ! And Unir DUmerpU8 questions iinswered. Why ís Evenhody trading at the "BANNER Sl'ORE? ' - Èecfiusc A. P. V18LLS, the Froprietor ot tliat Establishment hns usl retornad frora the Easteru Citieswith the Zjargest, Handsomest, C7icaj)est, and Most Attr active ütoclc of S FAPLE AND EAKG.Y DRY COODS! cvor bioiijht to thispart of the Stato. Why is Eceryhody phased with his Stock? Tïpr.iusr1 hisstylu a0 more b&autlful, quality bitter, and prices low6F tban at any other store in the county. Why has He altcays Snmcthing Neto and Cheap to Show? Dccauaeh.-) hasa frion:l ennnecti'd with one of the lar■-■ Dry Gooflg Honspflin New York, who is continunly " BÖBBIÏiQ ROUND" for ebcsp bargainsand the lates they appoar f rom time t time amï in tl. is wa$ k4opa bim sappiied with ityten, nivi cusloiniMs c;uialw;ijs ftnd somethingKt-esh, IEW CIÍE.YP and DESIRABLE Why does 'ne sell so much Cheaper than the rest? Becanra lie has a boyar in the city all tho time totake . i ige of tho cuitinuiil change of tli market, ;ni'1 in way buya liis gpoda much cho;nior Uian others can, and thee ho marks tlicmdown to the Why does ie sell Xiüdies and Childtcns' Shoesso much chp.aper ihan was ever lieard oby the oldest Shoemafters? Because he buys hi.s stock in tne land of .ihocmnkcrs, of the niani(fiicïiin:rs, fiiliy 2ó per cent cLcnper thiia the New Yorl; Jobbers sell tln-m, and much bet ter vork Ihaa thevgonerally keep. Ibis courso enables hitii to setl a bettt-r Gaitcr for 35 Cents. tliau othenselïatAO oootit.and :i better FOXKD G ATTEP atöOceuts, than othors eli at 75 eoata. Has he any Kats and Caps? Ws,I r;lionl'l t!iin!c han st&ckfl "f thfin, cnough To BÓpply the i-t;itr, at prices lower than was ever bcardol roiiii'i these pjirts. Why is Ma Tea so much betUT for the pnce pay than you gei at other places? BecAUse he takes great care in aelecting itf and givcshiff costomois beoofltof u real good 75 cent TEA FOK 50 CENTS, It is a way if haf fiot Whcre should you go to git your CLOTHS ar.i have them Cut or Made? To the HAXNF.R STORE, where the I'eoplo's Baunor e unt'iirk-] Tor the Peoplo:sgood. South .side bf Public Su uure, a fewiloors wpstofCook't Hotel. A. P. MILLS. lona 18, 18(51. PATENTED November lst, 1859 r THE MEASURES I HV j. A, the diütanco -■laBïïSS round tho Neck. Xm1 B to B tho Yoko. 7 ,':M 1 around the Body IJ m ■ #t ■ Ö J EtEthe Patented Improved French Yoke SHIRTS. PATENTED ÏTOV". Ist, 1859 A New Style of S'.irt, warranted to Fit By wBdlng the above moasnrea ier mail we eau pua antoe a peifcct fitcTour new style of "Shirt, a ml return by expresa to any part of the United States, at $12, $15, llS, S2-1, icc, 00., per dozen. No order l'or.varded furlt'ss than haifa-do d Shirts. Also , Importera and Dealen :i MKX'S FURNI8HING ÜOODS. flijv, Wholtisale trade itupplied on the fláual terms. BALLOU BROTHERS, 806tf 40J Broadwa, New York. LOOMIS & TRIPF, Succe.isors to Chapín & LoomÍ8,fintlCbapin, Tripp A Loorais THE abo ve firm of Looinis & Tripp having purchasw the on Interest of the formpi oompaolu wil! oontinm tjle businesfl ai the old Btapa, vhere they wil! bè ready, on theshortost noticc, to fill all orders iu tht line of Castings and Machinery, tn tbe most workmanlike mannsr, anrt n as libera tonus u any other sli]i uthe Slatc.Ainong the vari 0U8 articlesiñaiiufactured by us, we would enumérate ' STEAMENGINES: uf all kinds; Mili Gttarlag and I'ixturrs, wroufrhtand cant; alltlio various castinís for making and repalrlng HorsePowers &Thresbing Machines such aB are at present, or have fonnfrly bWD in use in thifl part of the Ètate, aa wo'.l aj ;ill the various kimls ut casting and inauiiinc work callel for by farmerd and mechanias inthia seetiott of the oountry. of all the vartoUB patteriUi ap in siosand prices. wil) bo lii-,t i-iiti-itaiiUy on hund, got the most modern and i proTed Btjlea. Thanliful for fermer patronage othe.old BmiB,n troüld soltolt iv coñtlnuance from oldfríonds,anS atria] bv all wtohloa foranytbJng inour line of busuem. LOOMIS & TRIPF. AnnArbor,May 18th, 1859. BWtf A. DE FORE8T, Aiways alieadhi Low Prices ÜAVIXO REMO VED MV'sroiïK to tho Eat sirle o Man BtTet, one door north of Guiterman's. I am Qow rece! ving New Goodii, compriaing all kinds of Grooerteë, Fniiis. Extracto, Glasaware, Lamps, Looking Olassos, Tabh-Cuticiy, PilTor-plated Öood] so.) LÜW E 11 'A H A IS E V K R ! French China TeaStta, tfom 81 50 tn IS 00 FrëncH thlna DinneiSets. from 20 CO to 30 00 Stono China Tea Setu, from :! 00 to 450 Btone Chioa DInner SqU, from 6 50 tolfiSO Beautii'ul i;i i it Goblets, 200 prdogan class Kerosena Lampa from 37 t GQ M;ubl Broaano L&mps trom T5too Ou KUn.l i.:iiiirli 16 to 50 Earosana oil, goodqaaJiiy, SUc pergallon All other Goo'la nt Cocrespondlng prices. Lampsof all kiul altercdand ii-palreil. PepplesStore, T'J'Jtf A.DbFOJIEST. 200 Cords Wood Wanted! PBOF0BAL9 for UoliTCrlng Goed, 3ounl HARD WOOD, L a part teuoned anda pari green, 't thediBe.'cnt Bohool Soasea In tbaCttf ui Ann Arbur, In quantltle u-nul lü to 100 Cordfli flre nolicitod lv tho Scl ' Board. r. V. H01MHN, )(Vm vm. c., p'mAnn Arbor8cpt. 25, LC81. 820v3 ' SEWIWG IVIACHIWE FOR SALE. IKR S.VI.K CIIKAI' a ïu-w (ir t elaaa FamilyS 1 Machine Warranted no batte! la maiket. Temía e. n. roxn. Ann Arbor. Jnly Kth , 18At, Ayer's Sarsaparilla. GREAT.GREATE3 GREATE3T BAIÍGA.INS EVER OFFEREÜ JlL)i85a pPI1 'il Y& iftiim. '' '' i Hf" II AU-. -O In tbisCity, u-e now being oíTcred íi t tlia CIIEAP, CLOCK, WATCÏÏ, & To-ïVfolry Sto:2OrpffE Snbfcriber wouMih; io tbeoitizeneol Ann Ar1 lnr. in particnlitr, find the rosi of Wnhtenaw Oninlt in tronera!, thal hnbnsjuat ÏMI'OU l'Kl) f)l ttECTLÏ trom EUHOFK.s Tremandous Stock of WatcheB! Ah ofwhlehhfl bind' hlmKlfto teil ';;;:■: thag can be boughl wen ot' New York Olty. Open Fnce Cyliudcr Wntchcs trom 86 to S?f. do do Lever do do H to 21 Tlnnling Case Ho do Ho 14 to :j., h ' do Cyllndcr do do 9 to 26 Col.l Wateriea frn 20 to UU I ave uldo tnc (tt LEUR AT El) AMÉRïCAN WAT CHES, which I wlll sen ter 83-. Kvary Vvatch warranted io porto rm well, or tbo mumiy rctunded. Clcoka, JewWry, Pinted War. Fnncy Qoodt Gold Pens, Mus'ca] Instruments and ïit.riogfi, (iutïcry, fee., and in fact a varW-ry of e?eryh.Djs Uéjua.l; fe'pt '&y Jcw elfïrs can Ij e hcuehtforthe ndt Dim tj daye nt vi:r O W N PlUCES! Persona buyfng ftuythibg Rt tliis wcli known rstab. liattme nt con r'!y apon gettlóg guods exneiiy hs representad, orthnmoni-y refunde,. Callearly and ec cure the beei bargaiüs ever oil'tnxd in ihii (.'ity. One word in regard to Repairing : We aro prrpíird to mnVe itny ropstri ohIkío or common WuichVs, even tO OUklDgO tGt the cotirO watcfa, if nocessiiry. Repalrfng of Clocba "d .ii".rr!ry aa nöufil. AIbo thf manufecinrlng oí RINGS, BROOCHö or ftuything dna'rod, fron? California Gold on shortnotwe. Enirrftvire in all iu branches cxeented witbneat i nees atiddispatcb. J WATTS. ' Anu Arbor, Jan. 28th!859. 7Hw IIORACE WATERS, AGENT 3 3 3 Ilroadway, New York PuUliftlu-r ofMuslc juk'! 3Iuslc Gonks AND DKAI.KR T?i Pianos, Melodoona, Aloxanclre Organa Drgan Accordeons, Martin 'e celebrated nndother Guitars, Violins, Tenor Viols, Violincellos, Accordeons, Flutinas, Flutes, Fifes, Triang]es,'Clariiiietts, Tuning Forks.Piiics andllammers, VioMnBeWB, bestltalian Strings, Baas Instruments for Bands, Piano Stools, and covers, and' all kinds of Musical Instruments. JS 11 o O 't 3VE ii S i c, fro:ii all the publtshors ;a Uie U. í. , Botinï's Huntin's, and Modern School, andall k;nN of [nstrnction Books rór""the ;ilov.' mstnunents; Church Music Books; Music cli-anlly bouud; Alusic paper, aui) all kinds of Music MercbüU '.'■''. Att he Lowcst P rices. New Pianos, At SlT'i, $'200, S295, S-.'iO. nn. l -ijl t 5.S0O. BJötïd Han 1 Pianoi frmn S'5 up to $160; ew U lodooiM, $45,' V0O, 75, $100, and uü lo $200; Second Hand Heli IY in $30 to $80; Üexanáre Organs, with Qve stops, $1CO, nlne stops, $185 and $225; thirteen stops, $250, S27Ö anï $300; f teen stops, $32Q-&nd S:í7-"j; A liberal dj tu Glergymeo, ('luirclu-s, Sabbato Sehoolif Seminaries and Teachers. Tho Trade supplied at the usual budc dlsCOODtfl TcxUxuontalsot the Iloracc Vatcra Planos cutí Mclottcons Jobn Hewett, of CJarthago, New ITork, who bas had ono of the Horace Watera Kanos, irrites as fodows; - "A friend of mine wisb&aine lo a pía iiiT. She ükes the one you aold me in líect-mb-' My piano ií becoming popular in this place, and I I can Introduce one two more; they will be more popolar tbaJO any othör mnkc" "Wc bave two of Waters' Pianns in se in our!?emi. nary, oné of which luis bron aererehr tested for three years. and we can íestify to their good qnaltty and durabilitv."- Wood fiOregory, Mount Carrotl, JU. ui'l, Water-;, Y.. - DEAR SlR' Ilaviit oaed OOeof yoitr Piano Fortes for two ycar.s past. I hare fotmd Et a rerj superior Instrument. Atóireo GkaY, Principal Brooklyn Heigkts Sevainary. "The Piano I recoived from yoa continues to riresnt[afaction. 1 regard it as one ofthe beal Instriubents in the plací1.1' ÍAXSB m ClAKKB, Charleston, Va. "The Melodeon has Bafely arrlvod. ï feel obliged to you fory our Ubar&l dUoount." Rev. J. II. McCORJUCb, YarqttesvilleS, C. "The piano yras duly reeetred. Itciimo In excellent oondlUon, and is veiy much admired by mj; nuinerout famUjr. Accept my Öianka for your promptuoaa."- i, WArrmham, Bradtoed Co. Pa. "Your piano pleascs us veil. 11 U in our county.",- TBOííaS A, I.atiiam. CampbeUtont Ga. 'Wt: are vcry muoii obliged to you for haring sent SBCh a fine instrument for S'250."- Ukank, Hki.d k Co.. fíiffnto Democrat. 'Tho Horneo Watera Piano are known asamnng the vc-rv best We aro enabled to sppak of these Instrunentfl Itfa cosüdenoe, froio personal tnowledge of their excellent tone and durable quality."- N. Y. Evangelist. 'lrecan upeak of the merita of the Boraee Vaten pf aaos from personal knowledge, as bding the very Bnest muallty."- Christian ihttíHgt car. "The Horneo Wateca pianoa are oniltof thebos an-1 most thoroughly seasoned material. lia-ve no doubt that buyera oan do as wcMjperhaps botter, it tbistban at any otherbouse in the Union." - Advocate ayid Journal. waters' pumos and miílmloons challenge comparison i with thft,ftnest made nnywhere in the country." - Home Jon mal (Horaee Waters' Plano Fortes are of full, rich and even kone,and powwful- N. Y. Musical Reden. "Our frlends will ftnd at Mr. Waters' stoi-e the rery ,, ,. tortment of ttusie and of Pianos to be fonnd En the United Stateand we orge tmx southero and western frienda to give bJn a cali whenerer they goto New York." - Gr'aham's Magatint. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sab'bathSchool Bell, ÏOO.OOO issued lu ten Months. The nnpri'ceilontod sale of tliií book lias indiiccd the pubüshor to ad ome 30 now tunesand hymns to II idthoul AXtra ohare, exoept on tho clieap cflitiun- Amoog themany beautifnl lunt's n(l hvinns added m;y be'founl: - "I onght to love my motlier;" "0 I'U be t goodohlld, indeed Iwül." These and eight othsra from uieBell.were ungat tüe.Sunday School Anniversary ol' the M. 1Í. Churcli al tbe Academ af Mi-ie, with ?rcat applause Tho Bell coi.tnins iit-;iriy CuiMinn-s aml h.vmn, anil is oue of tho best collectiuns ever iuued. l'rice 13c; 110 perlinndred, posta 4c Elegantly bonnd, fiuboHsei gilt, c, Í20 pet 100 It hm b;cu introduced iut.t ni;tny of the Public Schools. The .e. is publidied itt sniftll numbera-enttüed Aanirttrury and Sonday School Uuaie Bookt, Noa. 1,-, 3, & J, in order tu acciuiiniiniate the million; prico Í2 & $3 por bundred ■ ö will Boonbe lasaed - comiuencement of inothcr book. AIbo. Revival Masic liooks, Xo, 1 í: í, price $1 fc $2 per 100, postage lc. More tha.i 300,000 :opips ofthe abore books have been israed thejpasl i,iivn raonths, and the ileman'l is ropirtly inercasing. PttblWiedl!, uoRACK-.V.MKRS.Asent, 33U Broadway, N. ï. KTow alusio, Publised by Korace Waters lío. 3 33 Broadway, New York. Vocal "Kind Wordscan neverdie;" "The Angels told nfe so;" "Wilds of the West;" "Tlioughts of Ood;" ■GtTa-meback my ifoatttain I ;' "Day Dreams;'1 'IVmi.1v Cook Bobuii" "I'" wlti thee stUl;"Petname;" There''sno darilni? like mine;" --Saiali Jane Lo;""Ev. ?r uf thee;" "I'tn leavingthoe in Sorrow;" "Birdof Deanty;" "Home of out blrth;" "(irave of Rosabcl,'1 and Wakt', lady. v:ike,,' prtM 2Ö0 MOh. 1 [ñtBOIONTAIi - ' 'Pajftoe Garden, or Sinsinj; Tiinl l'olka.' 40c; "Swinging Schottische;" "Mirabel Schottisch;" 'Thomas Bakor's Sohottlaoll:" "Piooolominl l'olka, 35 oenta each. The abovepieoehaveba,nfal i'lirnctteo "Weimer Polkaj" "Arabian Wai cry March, the verilant; "Vamovia Doniella Maiurka; "Kea-l; inx Pelia-" "Crinoline Walt?.," awl "Iüncera Qua arillo," 26o each. "The Empireof KriMr Quadrffle;" a ,„. dance, and "The llibcrnian (JuaiTnlle," 36ceaoh. Many of tliose piceos i played by Baker 's oelebrated jrehest ra with graat Jlailed free. A largo lot of Koreifjn Miinic at half p,rioo, Iianos!, Melodcons and Organs. Tlie llorare Waters l'innos and Melodeons, for ilcpth. [juriiy 6T tone and Aarabilitr, are nnsarpaiued. Prloea . ■ : v io'.v áeoond Band Pianos and Meiodoons from $25 to 1160 Music and Musicül ïartnwtiOM of all kimls,atlhe lowest prieos. HORACK WATERS, Agent, N... 838 Broadway, N.Y. ThTlMOMAIil; - "The Hornee Wators Pianos are known Qsamong bhevevj best.1 - Evanqdist. "We can speak of theit merite fron personal knowledge."- Chrislian Inultigcnur. "Nothingat the l'air ,li-pl:iyed greatet oxcollence -"- Churchman. Waters' Planos nn.l Ueloueons challenge eomparlson with the 1'mint laadeaiawrivrein the country."- llame Journal. '19tf Irvinc's "Works - National Edition rHÏS Fine Edition of tbe ffork# of winx-mN Ir vixq (looluding the Ufo oí WaUingU d willbepubbhed for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY In Montlily Volumes, Price $1.50 Payablo on Del i very. Bèautlfully Prlnted on heaTy laperflne paper, of tht very best qpaUty, and sabstftntiaUy bouod Ui heATj bevellcd boird. ETEacli Volume illustrated with Vignettei on Steel and Wood. Tfl KnicUorVorkor's New York, Sketch Book, Cloth. Columims, :i mN. Brftoftbrtdge Hall, Astorta, Tales of u Tra veler, Crayon Mlacellaoy, Capt. BonnovDIo, Ollrer Ooi tsmlth, UahoniGt. vola, (rcna-la, Alhan)bri , '.iirrr Roost, I.ife of Waahlngton, 5 toIb. Snlmuondl , Tliis edinon Tlll be loW ■ictüwpklt to Bubxnibevi ni'l will be ffroatly superior to any eviT bofore i.ssuc!,- rei v hanasomo sel "f these univentalty popular ork. s tlni.y placod irlthln Iho m ans f nll, c r. PUTNAlf, Aift.', Publiaher, lij fasaati Street, New Vork ËAYER'S OATHARTIO JL Jl_LíXjo. Are yon stek, f--!.;.-, and compiarnlríg? Are yon uur i ordi i". wlth yotir systera deand yonr feëlinga uncoinfortable? These gymp ton is are often the prelude to serious illness. Sumo lit of i-i creeplng opOD yoUi mu) should be averted by a v. -j, q thnely use of tho riglit remLXZr(% [BH oily. TaUo Ayer's J'ilis, and rKVvVHM f" rïi'iniBP out the disordercd hujCuÑvoAH unas - pmify tho bluud, juiJ i ,ï(& tí 1' ' t!líl Huida niovo on "JW. fti ucu-il ín health agail). ggöij.j . muíate the fnnctlons v l(l f-'y Hg c'le Iltll)' int1-1 vigorous acxBBBB5L55rÉ tivity, puiit'y the hystcm froni' ibe obstructions which makt) disease. A COld netties soinc.vhi'ro ín tlio body, and ol : ■trnctfl its natural Cunctlons. These, f uot relie ved', renet u pon themselves and tlio snrtonndlng organn, pro dwing gtner:il OKgravatiou, suffer ing, and d Wli He In tbia icondïtlon, oppressed by tho derangements, take Aycr's l'ills. and seo huw directly they restore tho natural actlon of tho Byateniiand wlth it tho buoyant 1 feoling of healtli agatn. What Es tvw and bo apporont in tliis trivial and conamon complaüit, is atoo trun in nany of tho deep-wated umi d;tiiroLis ïho sanio purgativo effect oxpels tiiein. Oaosed by similar olMtructions and demngemeuts of tho natural [unctions 1 1" tho body, they are rapldly, and mnny of them snrely, cured by tbosiime mean. None who tcnow the rlrtaes of these l'ills, will noglect to employ them wheu suffer! ug froni . the disorders tlny ent'o. Statements froui loadlng plijitlclans In somo of tho principal dtios, auil firom uiher well kuuwu public persons. Jft-om a Forwm-'ïuig Maclutnt qfSL Louis, Dtb. 4, 185G. Br. Aitu: Your l'ills are the paragun of all tliat Ís groat in medicino. They have cured myliiLlo daaghter of ulcerous sores upon her luunl-t and ft tlnit lmd provctl Incurable for yearsa Her nother luis hcon lon; griov ously nfilicteil with lílotche and pimples on hor skin and in her bsir. Afker onr chfld was cured, sho also trioil your 1'illM, and thcy huvo cured hor. ASA MORGIUDGE. A a Fnmtly Pliyslc Frnm Dr. E. '. (MHwrighl, Aew Orhyms. Your Pilla aro tho prlnoe of ptirgoH. Their oxcelícut ■ qualitíes sur pass any caüiartio we possees. They are mild, but verV eertaln nnd eÈfeotnal in thelr ootlon on the liowels, whicn makas them Invaluabls to iu in thu doily treatmeot uf dfsoase. IIcu(lnclic,Sl( ItUimlnclic,Foul Slomncli. 2-Vomi Dr. Edtoard Boyd, HaUimore. Tiv.KV.Wwo. A v Kit : I cannofc answer you wkai comphnnts I'bave curcl wlth your L'ills better tïian to say all that we evrr irctt witfi a purgotive medicine I plan graat depoui donce on au olïechml enthartic in mv ufttly QOtttost wlth diflonso, nnd bfttíevlng na I do that yonr Pilis ftfford us tho Ctcst vo havo, I ofoourn vnluo tbem hlguly. PiTTsmmo, Pa., Rfayl, 1855. Br. .T. C. Atkr. Blr; T have been repeatedly cured of the worst fuaáaefiñ auy body eau havo by a dosu or two íf yonr I'ills. It seenu to arlse from a foul stomacb, vrhich they cleanRe at onio. Youra with giüiit leiect, 3ÍO. W. PEBBLH, Clerk cf Sleamer Clarion. Bllious Oís orders - Llvcr Complaints. Froni Dr. Thtodore. Beff, nfMw York City. Not only are yonr Ptfls odmlrably odapUd to ihelr pur poso as an aperient, but I ftöH thelr beneftolftl eOectsupon tho Ltververy marked Indeed. Tln-y have In my praotico pro veil moro elíectual for tho euro of bilious cmiplaints tlian any ono remedy I can uionttou. 1 sincerely rejoico thut wa have at lougtb n porgattve whlch is wop thy iho couiideiicu oí' tho profewton aad the people. Dt.PAltTMENT OF TIIB iNTEItlOR, ) Washington, 1. C.f 7th Feb., 1850. ƒ Siiï : I havo used yonr i'ills in my gftUOFA) and hoSpttftl practico ever slnoe you made theuiandcanuot hesitate to say they are the bi-wt cathurtto we employ. Their regulatlng acUon ou the livor is tjuick and ducklcd, consequently they aro an adríitrabta remedy for derangementfl of that inpui. Indeedj 1 bare seldonl founS acate of bilious iliseuse oo óbstluaM that it did uot rendily yield to them. jf'rateruaHy youra, AíNZO BALL, M. D., rty$iciun oj the Marine BotpitaL Dyseiitevy, Dl&rrUoea, Relax, Worms. I'rotn Ds: J. Q. Green, of Chicago. Your Pillrt havo liad a long trial in my prootlce and I hpld them in estc-L-m as onc tji' tho bftst-operJeuts I have eyec fouifd. SMielt Rlterattve effect upon the llver nmkes tlK'iu au excellent remedy, when glven in snall doses for bilious dyscnUnj and tiiurrha'ti. Tbelr SUgac-coatIg makea Itiém v ry aceepbdto aud cotivcuifut fjr the usj of wonien and clnKhcii. ïysïojsïn, TiiipurUy of lic BI o o tl. Ji-oï)i cv. J. K times, Pudor of Advent ChurcU, iit$lin. Dn. An:n: I hnvotised yoar Pilis wltb extraordlnary success in my fainily and among those I am cajled to visit in distress To regúlate tfie organs of digestión and purlfy tho blood, (hey are the vory best remedy I have ever known, and. I eau confidcntly reconnnend them to my friends. ïours, J. V. HIMES. "Wausaw, Wyomlng Co., N. Y., Oct. 24, 186Í Dkar Sir : T am tising youv CatbarUo l'illi In my pracÜce, aml Ihid tlioio an excellent pnrativc to cldati&o the BffStem and vuril'y the ftmidaiut !' (he. blnmi. ' JOHN G.MEACUAM,!!.!). Congtlpntioii, C'osiïY'eiirs, SiipprrSMiont H!n iiiiialii'i. CrOlltf .curalgia, tropy, Paralysls, Fitüf, etc. From Dr. J. i. Vaughn, iíontrtaí, Cunada. Too nitich can not be lid of your Pilis for the cure of Costtvt-ncss. If others of our fiaternity havo l'minl thcnx as cfllcacious as I hnre, tbey should joln me in ptoelafanIngitfor the benefltof tho multitudes who suffer from that oomplalnt, whlch] nltlionh bad enough in iuelf, Ís the progenitor of others tlmt iré worse. I bcliuvo eostívtness to origínate In the livor, but your Pilla aftect that orgau and curo the disease. From 3!rs. E. Sluart, Physician and Müholfe, Soston. I find one or two large doses of yonr Pilis, taken it the proper tfme,are excellent promodvee of the natural xr.cretjon when wholly or partlally suppressed, and also very effectual to cle.anse tho ttoinacli and ezpel wornts. They are so niuclt the best physie we have that I recosamend no other to uiy patiouts. From the Rev. Dr. BawketqfÜie ildïtoditl Epis. Cïntrch, Püi.aski fJocss, 8avannoli}0a., Jan. 6, ' Hnoïiei Bib: i should ba ungnttefhl ibt Ui yout skill has brooffht me if 1 did not report my case to yon. A cold settled in my limbsaud brotight on excrufiatiiiii tifittiiffjic jtitin.t, wnich ended in chnniic r'o'innasm. NfttwItMfrandlñg I had Uie tuist of physichuu, the diseao grow woreo and worse, until by the adrice of your excellent agent In Balt i mure, Mackenzio, I tried j'our Pilis. 'J heïr etfects were slow, but sure Jïy perseverlng in the uso of them, I am now cutircly well. Senate Chamder. lïatnn Rouge, La., 5 Der. 1R55. Dn. A.TBK: I havo been enÜNlj. curod, byyonr Pilis, of Kheumtttic Qoul-& paiuful dlsease thal bad affllctod mo fbr years. VIXC1CNT 6LIDELL. 4iS" fost of the Pilis in mf.rliet contnin Morciiry, which, ulthuiigh a Taluable remedy in skilful hands, is dangeroua in a public pill, from tho dreadful consé quenoH that ftoqneritly follow its incantions ïi?e. Theëe conlaui no mercury or mineral Sttbstanco wbatever. Price, 25 cents per Box, or 5 Boxes for $1. ?repared by Dr. J. C. AYER & CO-, Lowell, Maïs. lïïaynard, Stebbms & Wilson, FARRAN1, 8HKLEY & CO., Detroit. 809yí .1 H. BURRJLL, Travelllog Agent. il ifl eT Factor yT A. J. SUTHERLAND HASremóïedhtGunShoptotheNew Blockinllu!■ iHlrtct . soiuIkiI '(IirCourtHi i'Uf o.ontnesocond door, whuri lic is prepared lo fiirnisb Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouihes Game Bags, and Evcrj other artitle in bis Line. On the mnat reasonnblc terme.andto tl o all kinds o iR.iazE.jauxn.iiwGr l the shortost notice.and in the best mnnnnr f uil assortm ;nt always kopt on hand, o nd mnde to ordfiir. City Oheap Luinber Sas7i, Doors Blinds, Piaster Paris , Grand River Piaster, Water Zime, Nails of all sizes, Glass, Paint and Putty, &c, &c. D. DeForest, HAV1NG Increaaed his raetlltte tor (tolng business and enUryed his Yard and títück,is prepared the presrnt floaso( with tl"c bpslargesl and cheapestseasonedstocltuverin ihis msrjtt. to satialy the reatonabls expeotations of all. Om motto i nütto bcundersoldfor onsh on dslivcry I will not undertake to f rieUlenthe public bysaying tliat thwill getshavedit U;oy bu y elscwhcre, for we presume that other willsellaelow asthcy can All kinds of Timfoer, Joists, nd Soantling, l'ine, Whitewood , liasswood , Hum Ipok, Planed and Matched Pine, Whitewood AshFlooiing.Planeilindriniah Pin e umi Whitewood :iiin,Foic( Posts, OeUandCedar Posts andl'ickcts ui al! kind. ÍPine f atl), onï UHjitcttioob %. .n Ptnn, Ash hxx W'iitcwood Sblngleii Barn Boards and Barn Floor Plank, Black,nnd ('hirry and thtn eiuft', Wagon and BUGGY AXLES and TONGUES, Iioxmid Body Lambe r.MapIe Log TImber, Uickory, Oak, Ash, Sim, Beech, Of i!l:hlcknec,widtha andlensths.ic. Sc, Piaster Paris, and Piaster ofallkinds. ITails of all sizes, ie, &c. 8AS1T. D001iS,di BLINDS, Tïade by hand to ordei' as low as factor y p rices, on the shortestnoticc by the best of workracn, and Best. Seasoned Luinber. Bills offtil doejriptlon in the nbove building lint furnishedoiitheshorirstoi' nu tice, for We have Mills Cutting Regularly. A fullandft perfect astoríment oftheabovo anc other L'mds uf Building Materials Oonstantly onhandatllu lowestpossiblerates Cali and be Convinoed. A few roïls soulh rom R. R. Depot or. Detroit Street, Ann Arhor, Mich. Il OOFING, N.B.- I am now operating Extensivelj lu the Patent Cement Roofing. Mortgage Sale. jp. ! r.M'I.T JüivMi been miule in the cn-ïition of ■ ■ . . tflS li. fi:ill aiiil wil'4 ■ lian for üertrude' Kletcher. daiedthr ftrst átry ofFebruary, A. I. 1898, and recórdéd in the office of the Register ot Jv.-.l; f Washteaaw. C'ninty. ui Liber }! t '''■■ i ■■- 61 and : : , :- .'. i", i ;.:■.. at two o'eioek -.'. .■■■.; nu ihe twenty mxth dy of August, A. I). 18. mlnial ra tor, wtth the will iiim-xfl, of thoeaKteof tiie said Gertrude Flotch i ' ■ ■ i ■ .ij neroli the faw , kugusi 27th, A ]. 1861 , al '■ ii 'clock A. V... by whlcli Ierau!t the power 0 brIc coiiUicmI n i ■ becaine bpvratira ; and ast buít "v proecciing haring been [nstituted ai Ia to recovor H pfli bl secun ■! by naid Hortgage i1 any pnrt thercol . undthesura offourtwwhundred and wrentj !.. :i. -' ii. nv -■ ín be due therenn, and , lurthti' in tallnu-i'.ts to become ilue thereon Kotice i tberefore horeby giren tht sid Mortnage will be torei.f tbo Mortgage prerqi , to wil : AJÏ ■ ii ; ! ; ; el OF of land known and lccribc! . ■ ■, -. U-wlt - oomraencjng on tli est line oí Maio Street, twentj two feetfiouth of the north-easf ■ ■ ■., ■ : ■ ; Nu. two nnrth of . tl.r. . in the City of Ann Arbor mi'l run ti ■ . r v. ■ ■ parallel wtth the norlblineof aid lt, aikl twenty-two feet therefrom, to the west end of rí1 tfa twooty-two feel, thenci' cast parallel witb Briï' line, and tweuty two fee-t therefrom, t Main s;nit tbence nortb twenty-twofect to the place of bogintiing. or ' nu part ttutreof at public vendue at tUe Court llnu-i-, in Aon Arbor fn said Conxdon theffovontk Gay oí i Kt atr.con. JAME9 KINGSLVT, AdminEstrator with WÜ1 anexwlOf Hui trade FletsatS i . E, V.". Mh;;.vn, Atto ■ Dftted, Ann TWf, Aug 28th, A. D. 1S61. Mórtgago Foroclosnre. DEFAÜLT having been made in flie paymttit iifihf last instnlmont secuted by a mortgagv ozecuted hy .I.i ihs !( . Morrwaiid Üary I'. Iforru (u Rliza Botaford, dated Uie firetday of July, A. D. 1 i7. and recordad in th Kegiftter's office in the county of Wa-.liion.iw, in Libr? No.23of mortgageB, ut pAg6?d pt ibe seooojidaj ol Jimv, .. D. 1857. ét lifiren minuten pat .8 o'cfoek , A. H.. by wlifch defauli the pover r eoataJood in in moilgage again beeami andno snit or proaviog ha-TÍng hvèn Instituted it Ifiv t'1 recove; t!ie last Instalment ofdebt BOCund by sii:.ï oortgage or anv pari thi reof, and the tuin í íour hondred :t:id sixty nd sixty-three centa being now claimcd to b on. Notlee t ereby trivcn, tbat the tgage will be forectosed by ;i sale of the mort. W-wit: All that certain tract or parcel 01 land known and desciibed ;iv follows, to-wit: Ueing part of the uorth-eat quarter of section Xo. twonty -nfee in township No. tu"o south of rango six eatf beginning at a stake etghty rttis north of apoint of íntersectíon of .i lino tbrough thd centre f Iluron strett in i Aun Arbo'r afbresatd, theocernonfiigwut util it strikes the caet of sail section, thence wen! and parallel with sa!d Kae and street untit it strlkee lanfl owned by Mra. Kuiler In April 1845, thence nortlt br said Fuller'a land aboni thirteen roos antil it Klrikee l'age street, thence north by said Pagc street twenty four rods to the north-west corner of oloefc Jo. 2ó o Pajfe k ( nnsby'fl ;i'l'lition totlie villaje qí Ana Atbot thenoeeast by the north line of sa UI "iection to th MÍ corner of sai! sectíon, thence south on tin casi line of sa ld ROCldon abnut lorty rods to tlie place of beginnfn, cont-iiining four acres, or BODifl part thereof, at public vendue al the Court Soube in tlio city of Aim Arbor on the ninth s'.av rf No■eInler next, at noon. KUZA BOTSyORD, Mortgagee. E. W. IfovQAïf Atty. Dated, August 14th, A. D ,1861. 813W Estáte of Marvin CadwelL STATE OF MICHIGAN County of Waehtenaw, ss- At asession of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw . hollen fit the I 'roba te Oflicc, in the City oï Ann Arbor, on Wednea lay, the ninth day ofOetotwr, in the year one thonaand eight tran&red and sixty-one, Present, Thomas Ninde, Juqge of Probate. In h Matter of the EUtO Of Marvin r.i.hv.-ïl, !eceaseil, Amelia Cadweil Admlnii tr.itrix of saic: estate,comes int Conrt and reprenenta that she ia tiow prepared io render her Dual nccoutit as auch Adniinitratjix, and asks that a time aii'l pla?t may be assigiK'i) for the examiningand allowing of such account , and that notice tht reof may : i all ponjonfy intcrentod ín iníd orftate, in auch niiLDner aa said Court shall direct. Thoreup d, Tliat Kridfty,tfie Eighth d ol N'iivi nibcr, next at ten o'dock in the forenooo, be asaigoed lm the hearing of MÏd account, and tliat tlio heirs al lair of nnirt rtoooitsc A, and all otlicr per.ioninn said uta,teare reqatred to appear ata MMkra ui said Court. thon feo be bolden at the l'rolwt' Oflico, iu the City of Ann Arbor, in said Couoty, and show cause, ifany there be, why the said account should not b alione 1. Anlitís furkher Oríered. that said Adminfstratrtx gh e aotleeto the persons lniereted tn aftid estáte, f tbo pendency f said icoounttand the Uearing thereof, by ,i copy of thi order to be publihed in t!i v ArgKs.:. oenspaper prinied'aiid circulatins iu oty of Waahteuaw, tbxee Bucees iy 6 week, vñ to said day of hearing ♦ (Atrue coiy.) THOMAá MNTDE, Judgc of Probite. Clianccry Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, tiik 0cuitCout fob th ('ni'Niv OF Washtknaw, Eliza A Perkins vs. Sebrah Per k:!i- In CUancery; hi pursuanco oí a tlecrelal of tbc Circuit Court of the ■1 v.,v!!i'ii:iw,in Cbancery. made in the above cause od the second day of December, A. D. eighteea huntlredtiDd fifty-nlne, and a further order of tlii Court made on the sixth day of Febroary, A. D eighteen hundred and sixty-jme, iii be&oli, uñdcr the direciion of the Circuit Court Commtssioner for lb.e County of WashBublic auction, at tbe sont or front door of the Court House, i" the city of Aon Arbor, o Saturda '.i ii day. of July , eighteen hundred and sity-oue, at t',v. lve o 'clock, noon, of said day, all Iho&e certain tracta oï psreéU of lind lying and beiag iu tbe toliship of Sa lem, in Cnunty of Washteoaw afovesa, n9l djfM ;i ■ as IoUows,t1z; The weal banTol tbe south-east qoartcr of section ñfteen, and the wé#l half of the north-east oaarter ofsection twenty-two, in township one south, of range scven east, or HO BftO ifa thowoi as ma y bc neceseary t satisiy tl ie itnount lue apon said decree, togeUier with interest and costs. D. S TWTTCBBIX, uri Cnii. for the Ccunty of WashfcenhW! 0. HAWKINB, Soticitor fötCómpTainani and ASálgiiee Ann Arbor Wfay -0, 18Í1. Theabove sale is adjournod uutil the lóth day of Konext] al the same hour and place. 1, July liih, 18iU. D. S. 1WITC1IF.I.L, Circuit Court Cm. Waabtenav Co., Mich ÖTATË OF MICIIKïAX- The Circuit Couit for the enaw, iu Ghaoeenr - Ira Parker, CümplaiDBnt,T8.nrj Dutislangh, Maria C. Bauftl&agb [Ucheoj and James F. Avery, Dercndantti - . BBfore tho Hon. Edwin Lawrencei Circuit Judge at .ctorily appearinji to this Court dcfendanta, Henry B u$lkugh, Maria C. Eaqsid Charlea Kftchen, are nonrestdents nf this 1 aie residentaof the Provinoe of Upper Cant(a: On mutfon of O. Ilawkins, of Counsel for coinpluinaut, it is ordered Afat tbe said ftfendants, Henry Bauilaugh, Maria C Bauslangh, and Charles Ejtchen, causo. a raneo in taifa canse to be énterpd wlthin four raunths f rom the date nf this nrder, aiid that Ín caso of theír appearance, thev emuse tlieir answcr to tho complainaot'8 bilí l be &1M, and a copy tnereof to be eerred -n the oenipïainantB BoMcitor, within twenty daysaftec service of a copy oT aid bUl and notice of and in ilefault tdercüf, that the said bill bei' hy the said definlants Benry liau.slaugh, Maria C. Baulaugh, and Charlea Kitchtn. And iti.sfurthei ordercdi that within twenty days tbe SH comnlainant cause ai noiico of thïa order to bepublishcd in Ihe Michigan Ar gun, a newspaper printed at the City of Ana Arbor, an tlmt thesnid publtcation be contm. uedfq said paper at least once fn eaofa week for U successive weeks, or tliat he cause a copy of this order to be personally aerveduOn bhe said deténda-qt, Hejory Bauslaogh.MariaC, uslaugh, and Charles Kitchen, at least twenty days before the time above préecrtbêd foi their ai'pcariiñce. Ana Ar bon Octobar Hth, 1861, E. I.AWIÏKNCK, Circuit Judgê: Attest, Robert -T. Bjbkv, Begister. HiWhüiS, Solicitor for Complainant. Aan Arbor Marble Works. X_ EBtolaolca.Or TT AS on hand :i Spe sisortineilt of American, and 1TAL1AN MA R B L L whichbeis prepaml to manufacture into in illtheir varictieü.nna in a W0RKMANI.IKE rosnner Haring hád eomntnbla pvperience in the businesi hc llatU-rn himscH that lio will bc ablc to peast uil who may favor mo with tlicir on'ori. His prieel LOW ASTHELOWEST. Ann Arbor. May 20, 18C1. 801t D. L. WOOD & CO., HAVE JIVST OPEXED A LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods For the SPRING & SUMMER Tiade of 186fc Ilftving purchascd tbeir stock at much les than the usual pnces, they ure prepared to. offer GREAT INDUCEMËNTS To Cash & Ready Pay Buyers. Tlinnkful for pnst favors they Tvill be ever ready to show their Goods and by fair and liberal deallïig'hope tQ receive their fullshara of the public patronage. West sidc of. public square, n i Arbo.i April 18G1.


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