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The Way To Stop A Paper

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wish to stop a paper, pay for ït in f uil to the time when you eeaee taking it, a8 an honest man should do. Don't go sneaking to the post master and teil him tosend your paper "refused," but eend for your bill ; deposit the a-mount with tho post-master, and ask him to forward it, or go to the office of publicatión yoursalf,. and pay your honest dues like a man. Some people coraplain, they can't stop a paper that they have once subscribed for, but there is no difficulty in it, if they take the right way. Pay up all you owe, and then if the paper ia continued contrary to orders, you are not Hable for it. Don't undertake to cheat the printer out oí his dues, whether it be ten cents or ten dollars. jL3C " Itis a alíame, husband, that I have to sit here monding your old clothes." " Don't say a word about it, 1 wife, the least said the soouor weuUed,"


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