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Rich Without Money

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Many a man is rich without money. Thousands of men with nothing in the pocket, and thousands without even a pocket, are nch. A man born with a jood sound constitution, a good btornach, a good heart, and good limbs, and a pretty good hcad-piece, is rich. Good bones are better than gold - toug'n tnnscles, than süver; and nérvea Lhat flash fire and oarry energy to every iunction, are better than honsea and lands. It is better than a landed estáte to have the right kind of futher and mother Good breeds and bad breeds exlst among herds and horses. Education may do mueh to check evil tendencies, or to develop good onea ; but ïtisagroat thing to inherit the right proportion of faculties to start with. That man is rich wbo has a good disposition- is naturally kind, patiënt, cheerful, hopeful, who has a flavor of wit and fun in his compositioo. The hardest thing to get along with in this lifu is a man's own self. A cross, sellish fellow - a timid, care-burdoned manthese are all deformed on the inside. Thcir feet do not limp, but their thoughts do.


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