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Barnum's Last Story

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always ready with a good story. His " latest" is the following, which is told of Elias Ilowe, Jr., who has been very active in fitting out regiments ior the war. Mr. Ilowe has epent thousands of dollars in this wuy, and taken so greatan interest in military affaire that he has but little time to attend to anything else. Ono day, a very worthy Connectiout deacon cailed upon the gcntlemnn with a subscription list. He wantod Mr. Howe to give soraething towards erecting a new church. A new church," replied Ilowe; ah, a nasv church. I don't thiuk I ean give anything, because I am vpeaduig i all my spare money ior the war. Can , think"of nothing else." The deacon looked despondent. Mr. Howe eeemedfirm in bis determination not to give a " red." At last ba asked the deacon what the new church was tr be called. "The Church o! St. Peter, Sir," was tho reply. " Ah, the Church of St. Poter," replied Howe; " Well, as St. Peter was the only fightiog apostlein the lot, I guess I'll haveto give hiin somctliing. B ut I can't do much evon ior St. Peter as ray time and money must bo almost entirely devoted to SaU Pdre." jL3f The most mischiovous linrs ara those who keep sliding on the vere of I truth. '


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