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Gen. Sherman's Proclamation

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A portlob of the Republican pres aru oarpïng over the proeliimntion of Gen. Shkkman, i.sued on the occasion of his paoent I anti ing on tho ehores of South Carolina. We gite this proclama tiod n another column. We b'avé given it Be y era! careful rendings, and ■ fea! freo to gay that we c:in not find a singlo word in t whioh justifica Iho captious c'riliïisrris bestoired upon it. Did Qen. S;ikbjian err in speaking of the people of South Carolina as " fellow citizens?" in renrindiog them oi' tbeir former reputation for Loapitality ; in confessing tbat lie had spent "aorae of tho pleaaaotest days of his liio ': among them; in aokbowledging tbtj constitutional ohiigations towardsthem? If so, we hesitato not to say that he erred(?) both on the s'.de oí policy and of RiGirr. Hi.slangi;:igo wan rcot that of bfttred', neithev that of apology, bnt that of conciliation and finnnoss; and if the suceded States are over to bc restored to their allugiaíioe, aro ever to becoino again, and in fact as in namo, States of tho Union, siich lang a age must aöcompany the harsher meana which armiea aro eompnlled to resort to. The orly hope of the future Union is in a large number of loyal citizens in the disloyu] States, and it is to such the conoiliatory langnage of Gen. Siikkman is nddi'eesed while its pathetio rehearaai of the crimes of South Carolina, crimes at whioh "the civilized woild stands appalled," and its so!ernn doclaration that " the obligation of suppi'dssing armed corabinations against the constitutional authoritiee is paratnoutit to all others," and that all " ngbts dependent on the laws of the State must be necessarily B'ubordinate to ihe military exigencias crealed by insurreotion and rebéllion " are calculated to awaken in Iho disloyal a realzing sense of tho position they will ocenpy when the armies of the Union have gained a footholdin Öouth Carolina, and havo crushed out rebéllion in the very nest in which it was hatched. It was a manly proclamaüon, and we hope for moro such.


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