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Important Arrests

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Gwin, of California; Ex-U. S. Attorney Calhonn Bcnham of the same State, anti also Ex-State Senator IBrent were arrcBtcd on the stcamer Oiizaba, during hor last trip f rom San Francisco to Panama, by order of Gen. Sumncr, who, with about 500 troops, was coming home by the same boat; were brought prisoners lo Washington ; and havo been sent to Fort Warren in Boston harbor. Thero is littleor no doubt of their ideutity with secessum movementa. ii. mm in ■ S3L" The victory of Gen. Nelson', at Pikeville, Ky., does not prove such a "fat take" after all. The latest reporta reduce the nuinbor killed froni 4U0 to 2f, ;unl tiio 2015 prisoners tifill be prisaiiers wheu they aru taken. It waB a decisive victory, howevtr, and is onc link in a chain of cvents that is to sweep the rebels out of Kentucky. J" It is said that Kort Mackinaw is to be fittod for the reception of State prisoners. l'crhaps Mason Dnd Slidell may tako up winter quarters thero. - From r.ow until April it will be a good place for ccol rcücctioD.


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