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The Mason-slidell Arrest

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Tu stopping tliu fJJn.iïli st'iiuiicr Trent on the high son? áñd taking: thcrelrom Mcssï i Slidt.Ú tl:o robo! comqwMODerH to Euro pe vvho rccently rnn tho blockade oí ' íeston on the littlo ÉÁtsaincf Theodora, Commodore Wilkbs has pei'formed-oné oí' tlio inost heroie and serviceable cfcedeoí the 'cantpaign, cilher.on land or vviüef. greater aiprnl counigQ to board with: i oiit orders a yusel of a neautral powör than to Cght a b.attlej Bervice beeause Musurs, Maíow ami S:.; in rank, mvi ability, ;i!i! in eariy r.nd ' oontinüed {bttii -t tlio ' munt, are t.vo nt't;ho most postilent '■ traitore 'm tho whole Sputh. 'i'ho titw;a . of their arrest and airivii!, wiih théir Secretarios and popcrs, at Fortrefs ' MoDroe, éleStiificd th'ö wholc country ; ' and uhl'u ,'1 ivjoic 1 mr.ny trembled ' lest the Govt'rnrncü!. should bo corapulled tn disavow thé act, apologiaa to tho British CovcniniL'nt, and release the arch-traitors ov bo plunged io!o hotiliUóa. But ap].c;ir;'.::ces indícate that the President and Öabinet wil! stand by Commodore Wii.krs, :md ülaïrh the arrest to be in striut accóYdancewith thu luw of nations. PrecO' deoté ai-e Dumeroue of England hoving done preisely the samo thing, nnd slio has nu posil,!o groand of compla'hl, But, if tb ere 3 a shadow of doubt, we havo got the pnze, and weearnestly hopo that the Go vero ment vrill hold on to il-, and without any miniciiig cï ferms. ■ in -i


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