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John Mckinney

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1 he tria] of Joiix MoKinkey, late State Tréasarer of (bis State, on chargo of embezzling tlie funds oí the Stilte, look placo at Lansiog last week, before Juiige Lawkhncj:, coniruencing on Tnesday and olosing Thursday D'ght. 'i he prosecution was cond by Attorney General ÜpfcoN, S. D. IJiuxuuam, Prosécuting Attorncy oi Ingham vJoimty, nnd John W. Lonoyear; and the defense by Mr. Ciiafma, of Lansing, and O. M. Bahxes, ot jMason. Tho defenee was obstinate and cot a stone was left unturned ; but the jury after an absentie of only ten minutes returned a verdict of guilty. We havo never doubted this resuit should i trial ever take place. It could not have resul ted otherwise. - It is our opinión that McKi.nnky is not tho on!y guilty party, and that somo who operated wiih liim ought to be proeeeded ogainst and broughi to ju.-ilieo. l i MM l li S3S"Lato advices f rom Iliohmond say that Col. Wili.cox is among the number dësignatèd as hostngesand to be executed f the piratea now on trial at New York and Philadelphia are hung. Since the capture of ilason aud Slidoll tbe rebels will do well to beware how they treat our officers. ii - ii JL25T" I' 's talked iu official quarters that Cotigress, at the coming sessiou, will providc for postpouiug tho collection of 20,000,000 direct tas ordercd at the extra session. Iu vlu'.v of this it is surïuised that Gov. Blaiii will not eall an extra session of our Legislature, and will appoiut a United States Senator.


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