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Mason And Slidell Captured

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, Fortress Monroe, Nov. 15, The United States steamcr, San Jacinto, lias just arrived fróm i lio cóast of África, via the West Indica, wbere stie bas been cruising sik weeks. Old Point was elcctrified by the tidingw thiit the San Jacinto liad on board Messrs. Masón and Slidel], who were going abroa d as Miüisters oí' tho öoutheru Cuul'ucieiacy. Goram ander Wiíkes reportad the newa at beadqhártera in püio;!, and wiil lorward bis dispatohea to-night. Washington, Nov, 16. Captain Taylor, who has airived here with di.spatches, reporta ihatwheö the San Jacinto stopped at Gieöfnegzos, the escHpé oí' Slidell and Mason was ascartained. Proceeding thence to Havana, it was u'n'deretood tbej had laken passage, on thu 7th inst., oo the British mail stöamer Ti'ont, plyiog betvveon Vora Cruz, by way of Havana and St. Thomas, and SouthamptOD - Wbilo tbe San Jacinto was in the narrovrest part of the Babama Ohanöel about twénty-five niiles to tho westV;;ixl, she mei the pocket, and, as usual in suoh aáüb3' firstshötoor'oeè lier bows eüd brought'her ió. To boats were sent to her under eonnna!,''! oi LieateDam Fairfax, whö, board ing tlie pafeket, nrreeted Jlson and Slidell wbu were persoually known to bira. Thty at lirst objected to being reiiiOVtd without the eiiiployinetit of force for that pnrpoe. However, they were sooD alter removed without further tr(jublo and conveyed to tho San Jacinto. Their respective secretarios Eustla and AeFanau, w.ere ulso brougqt on board and- ure now on their way to Yew Yoi-k. The packet had no otlier save her own fl.ig. The remainder of hor passengers, ihcluding thé ladies conoeeted with tho telidell and Mason party, wero not molosted, and were therelbro lelt free to pursue their journèy. Tho oflicial dispatcbee are voluminous, and iocludo Beveral accounts of the capture together with a protest of Mason and Siideü agaiust being taken ii'oni a Brilish ship.


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