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The Soldiers' Aid Society

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Wo noticed in our last issue, the organization by the ladiM of this City oí j a Soldiers' Aid Society. The following is a full list of the cfficora elcct : President - 31 rs. E Uwrcnoe. Yicc l'resitlcr.ts-iirs. E. Welles, Mra. A. ■ Felch. Mrs. V. Cbapi. Stcntorj- Mi M. L. Ormsby Treasurcr - MÍM il. rianne Cullon. Exccutive Commitlc. Methodist - Miss. Mary Houghton, Mr. A. Sutheiland Baptist- Miss. Cornclius, Miss. Dodsley Episcopal - Mrs. C.H.Millen. Mrs. Boakcs. Catholic - Mijs. E. Morse, Miss. il. A. OilsHanan. Congreatuinal - Mrs. William 8. Maynard, SIrs. T M Cooley. Germán Methodist- Mri Sclilotterbeck, Mvs. Berbiam. Germán Lutheran. - Mr?. E. Mann, Mrs. Widenmann. Presbylcrian-'Mrs. E. Jateos, Mías. E. Vail. Any pirson may beoome a n-ernber of this society by paying to the Treasurer 25cta., The Society is actively at work. The raoney paid in by tnembera has been expended in the purchase oí goods, and other goods have been contributed, all of which have been or are being proporly manufactured, and wil! soon be sent forward to relieve ihe wants of our soldiers. jrgg" We are indebted to Charles Watts, Seoretary ot the Cincinnati Type Fouodry and Printing Machine Works, for a new and complete Specmen Book, an examin;.tion of which has disgusted us with our old type and fixtures. We huve during fourteen years had considerable deai with this establisment, and can honestly comraend it to all Printers. jL=g" The October numberof the London Quarterly Review brings the foliowing articlea : Life of Shelley, Life, Entti-prise, ind Peril ia Coal-Mines. The Iimnulability of Nature. Newton ns a Hoientiñe Discoverer. The Gmwth of English Puetry. Plutnrch. EducatiOD of the Poor. Alexis de Toequevüle. Churcli ratea. In this connection we would invite attention to the American publisb er8 advertisments of the Reviews and B'acJcvwud for the coming year, and tspecially to the tyrms as compared with the original editions of which the repriots are exact copies, and also to the premiums offered new subscribers. The new volumes begining with January, the present is a favorable time to subscribe. See advertisment. iy Don't fail to go and see Gen. Tom Tiiumb ïucsday aftornoon and evening. Oorrection. - In the report of the Committee on Apportionmént of State and Couity Tuxes which we pubiished November lat. there appears to be an error of $100 in the County Tax for the towftffhip of Webster. ït should be 81105,49, instead of 1005,49 as was puhlished.


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