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Prosperity In War

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AVc see by figures in the New York Timrx that fho erur.ings ot sixleen Northernrailroads for 1861 aro 29.643,707; for 1660 they wero bui S2(,242,568, making a gain ofthirtcen er cent. for this year. Du; i g a eertain period of 1801 there wcre 33,214,294 bushels of grain delive.ed at Chicago ; during a correeponding pèriod of 1860 the aniount was 2'4866,088; and in 1859, 9,735,582 bushok; a gain this year over last of 50 por cent. uearly. Duiing a eortnin pcriod of 18GI thero were SI ,304,049 bushêls of grain delivcred ;it ti de -water througli the Erie Canul ; and during o eorrospouding poriod of I86Ö only 22,683,835 bueheU; and duriug i corresponditig period of 1859 only 5,234,388; makiug a gain of 40 per cent ncarly for 1861 over 18G0. The exports of broadstuffb to England and the Continent liavc been equivalent to 54,68239 bushels for 18G1 ; and for 1860, 11,191,799 bushels; and for 1859, 1,644,662 bushels; a gain of exporta of breadstuffa for 1SGI of iiearly 500 per cent. over that of 1860. We iind that the importa of New York alón:, exclusive of specie, since the Ist of July, 1851, were onlj $96,847,208 ; aud during 1860, for a corresponding period they werc $175,292,275 d falling off of uearly 100 per cent. The exporta of New York for the sanie period, exclusive of specie, have been iu 1861, $91,216,351 ; and in 18G0 wore $63,843,917 in value ; au inercase of exporte for 1861 over 1860 of more than 40 per cent. Wc also find that the receipts of gold lrotn Europe and California since Janu ary Ist, 1861, have been $66,739,000, and the exports for the same period only $3,200,000, ieaving os a balance of $63, 478,000 for the first eight months of the year. Henee we sce that for 1861, over 1860, sixteen ot our Northern raüroads have gainod in earnings 18 per cent; that there is a gain of 50 per cent. in tho fimount of gram delivered at Chicago during a corresponding period of the two years ; that there is a gain of 40 per oent. in the aniount of graki delivered at tido water by the Erie Canal during corresponding peiiods of the two years ; that there vrill be a gnin of nearly 500 per cent. in the export of broadstuffs to England and the continent for 1861 over 1S60 ; that the grosa export of New York, exclusivo of specie for corrosponeing periotls ive 40 per cent. in favor of 1861 ; and the excesa of importation of gold over the exporta! ion leaves us a balance of 863,170,000 for the first eight months of the year. In 18G0, the nation was at poace with itself and with all tho world. In 1861 it is agitated by a groat civil war. "Why these indices of prosperity ? It may be said that thev are the surplus results of the prosperity of last year making their appearance in the markets of the world. This war, in ts imincdiate effocts upon produetion and trade, are feit more particularly in the South than in the North. The agricultural producís oL the North will not be perceptiblj diminished by the war, for the supply of lahor will be suffi cieut both for work of war aud that of the farm. The quantity of the inanufactured products of the East will not be HO great in the general directions of trade, but in the manufaeturing of supplies for tho army, thoy will tíud a large uso for their manufaeturing power.


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