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Business iCurertotti. 1===5aRDsTcARDS!Tc AH D S ! ! ! n rmmt t,2SISg3Tí,5fíI5rASSS htHltk ""'Vr'""! ?V ml. , f rtl ft in the riidHs0. "'"-vil. a - how it i á ne ' , W. N. fTRONG NALL, DülsCKLEE & Co., TTTHOT tBAl F and RETAIL dealers in Dry Gnodn, Cm" WL.KÍ " Clotb, Feather, Paper Hangmg,, "d general of Furntobing l.oud., N'o 74 Woodward Avenue,, - - - . I ETRO1T, Miei, . 3.OraerS solicited and proroptly attenied to-S POJy I RAYMOND'S Pliotograpliic anrt Fine All GALLFRY Nos. 205 aud 207 Jc-ITersn Aveuue, DETROIT rhotngrn,,,,. T.,fe Sizo, '? ïïSïïi'Jï sand. I. O. O. F. XT=SHTE'V I.OIKíK No. 9. f the Independent W .ir" ot .m,! b-0U..,vS m,ct t theirLodg Boom, bTg SüTHERLAND & Sois'. nTHOLESALE AND RETAIL Groen _ CommiMio TWTTCHELL & CLARK. 1 tiobxw ni Counsellor at Úw, GM1 "%LL Kire Insurance agents. Offloe ni CHj 11 .11 H ' i__7_4Kj.S_í D. S. TWITCII-1.I-. J. M. SGÖTtT" i brotypb & PBOtOOHni ARTifTS. in the rooms former!, óctuple,! by r,,r,,l,v ,o_r Ib. _ ol Sp.rr, k Moore I'orfec t satUiaction guarantwd. , . ...WINBS & KtaeHT. rvAT.inSt,.le. Fnoí Dry Goodí, Boot. and ?hoPS, 1 i, fcc, "i Street Ana Arbor. " MARTÏÏT&T HOM PSüN. poRsm-RK Wj,re -Rooms, IValer in alH-mdsof Furniture, r te. New Block. Main BtTMt. DEALER? in Har.lwaro, Stoves. bou fvjnWungfOOd., Tiu Ware fcc. ta. , Nw Block, Main Mreet. A. P. MILIA DmiLSB in Steple Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots anti Shoes nd Keady Made Cluthing, Huron"btreet Ann rbor . BEAKEs & ABEL, ATTORNÏTS& COUNSEI.I.OR.S A.T LiW, aild S..'.ic!tors in Cl.anery. OHice iu City Hall Bluck, over Web-tcr iCo's Boon Store, Ann Vrbor - ' KLÑGSLEY & áOUGAN, 4 TTORXErs, Counsellors, Suücitors, and Notario Pub A. lic, have Books and Plats showing titles of all lanas xthe lounty.andatn-uil toconveyancingand colletting mand, and to paying taxes and school interest in ai.y art of the State, office eastsiie of the bquarc. Ann Ar■♦r.. :- - " JAMES B. COOK, Jrsnci OF thi Pkace. Office near the Deoot , Y psila nt i , Michigan. - Wü. LKW11T, M. 1) , PHTSiaN k Scrobox. Office at his residencc Xovth ide ofHuron street, aod _ house West oí División (treet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, M_TACIT_n and dealer in Boots and Fhoes. Ejchange Block, - doom South of -Uj-nard, stebbins k 'WilHOn's Store, Ann Arbor, Mich. MOORE & LOOMLS. MISOÏACTURBBS and dealer in Bootï and Shoes, "Phcenix Block, Maiu Street, one door North of Washington. M. GUITERMAN & CO-, iIXThoi._m e and Retail dealers and manufacturera of W ReadyMadeClotbing, Importers of Cloth, Cassi■oeres, Ooeskins, &c. No. 5, New Ulock, Ann Arbor. C. B. POIiTER, __. SüRGEO.v Dkntist. Ollice corner of Main _5 _? i'"1 'lurou streets, over P. Bach's store ■TiWHmpfc Ann Arbor, Michigan. ■"TT' April, 1859, Wm. WAGNER, DíALíR in Ready Made ClOthlng Ooth-, Cafisiraeres an. Vesting, Hats,Caps,Trunks,Cari)etBags, Kc. li-Jl it. , Ann Arbor. ' BACH & PIERSON. DIAL-E in Dry Goods, Grocerics, Hardware, Boots A Shoes, c, llain Street, Ann Arbor. MAYNAED, STEBBINS & CO., Dïalers in Dry Goud_, (Jroceries, Drujrs & Medicines (Boots _Shoe, &c.f cóinerof Main aud Ann atreets jst bel= w the Excnange, Ann Arbor. 1 SLAWSON & GEER, 1ockrs, Provisión í: Commissiori Mcrcbains,and dea JT lersin WatkrLimk. L_D P_n_, and Plastes o door East of Cook 's Hotel. C BLISS, Üialkr inClockn, Wat ches, Jewelry. and Fancv Goode, t the sign of the Big Watch, No. i" , Phcenix fflock ' ' J. C. WAÏTl DKAuminClocks, Watches, Jewelry andSilver Ware No 22. N'ew Block, Ann Arbor. T. B. FREEM AN. Barber and Faslii'Miiiblt' lïair Dresaor, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich H;vir Front and ('mis kepi Otlstantly on iand. SCHOFF & M1LLER. Üïalers in Miscellaneous, School, and Blank Booki Bta tionery, Paper Hangings, &c., Main Ütreet Ann Arbor. "MISS JENNIE E. LINES, "pEACHEU OF Piano Forte, Guitar, and Singlng. beinj? JL desirousof emlarging her das-, wil] pceive pn pi] s at it residence of Prof. WINXHKLl-, whicli belng nar ; iie Uniun School, will be rery ctmvenienèfor tuefa raatteniliug there who m.iy w&fa te parsae tbe study ! jfmurticiii coaaectioD witb otherbrancteB. ' TermsilO, half to be p;iid at tbe middle and tbc bal_uce at the close fo i he leí m D. DkFOREST. Wholesale anti Rütail Dealerln Lumbar, Iath, Shing!es, Hash, Doors, Blinda, Water lime, (rand Hiver laster, 'Mitster Paris, ajid Naila of alt sios. A ful! and perf'; m a-igortjnési of tjie above, and all other #4 "ƒ -buïu:g ii.'Hteiiitls coDfttantly on hand at the lowent pOBstblti rutes', on i tetro il Sjtreet, ;i few roda from Jhe Railroad Depot. Also o.'trating exti-usivi-ly ÍQ the Patent Cement Roofing. ïl. O. I1ARVEY. T) ETECTFULLY ofTers bis services to the ciilzen )M of'Ann Arbor as a TeacUeroí Vocal :iui hi-,trumenta f PIANOS TUNEP AND RKPAIREDS REFFV!'Rs._Rev. 51 r. Bldo, Rtv Mr. (Lapui Kt-v. Mr. i'fir:)-! s, apfl Tnif. Frieze', Fot for'iher piirticular.s inquire of Mr. Hirvej ü't Mtk EattmftO'B. Washington St., between I'ivibion aud l'nivtit.i treet. Kilt. W4SIITENAWC0USTV üiBLli SOCIETY. Dotositohy of Bibloa aml TeKtamentH at the Society prices itW. C. V.)orheta'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SüCCESflOEP TO TTTTSTTZ. CHAPINifc Oo - - - OI Bools. AND - COLOREO MÉDIUMS. VVxrw.iiiM.f; 3Pper,o. AJilf ARBOlt M1CH-.


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