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H.w,.,. Hir.t, Va., 7 Doe. 2d, 1801. Deaii Bhotiiku : - December, cold and'drcnry, is upon ns. ThuBiniü vaiJed from sight, the wiiul b!oTM ;i perfect guie overthe bilí, and liisües around our tent. Tbe sound of Iho as is heard al] over óur eaearopment, r,s the boya are tryingtn make their qu artera as comfortable m possiblo, wliich will ñót be very wnrm ut tiio best. Many of tfiu boys ar purchnsing smal I sheet ron tovos, andf putting them up in their tents, which i m proveí tlio atmosphere eomewhal Büt tlie question arises in my mind, what will they do with tbeanr ntovos a c:isu tiial we should move ? It will br irapossíble for them to take them alongé aa we have not teams enough to carry" what tliings we had before. Batf what is tlie use ol apeculating on tm event not likely to happen very soon,When I wrote to you last I told you that I tiiought we might move sood. I have DO changod my opinión, and will gay that the probability is we will lay liuro all winter; that the army of the Potornac has gone into winter qunrters ; and that the winter is to ba spent in inactivity by the whola army tb ie nido oí the river. I hope I raay be mi.staken, and perhtips I am. Yestcrday tbis bricrade went througb its monthly inspection. Arm?, knap. Back?, havorsacks, tents, everything were examined. This regiment stoodl well. Thursday, Dec. 5th; The last two days have been as fina vvoalher i is. I ever saw. The coltí winds have stopped blowing, the'ttltti has come out, and it mukes mo thiBÜf of Spring. This eveninc we buried ofouir Company. Although a number havedied out of the regiment he ifrtHe-firstt one we have lost. To-morrow I arn goingto1 Wahiogtoti. J. P. 15 The oíBoers oí: the Nèw Ebgland Society aro completing arrange' meots for their fourth anniversary. A the 22d occurs year on Sïmday,. the Supper will take place on Monday evening, the 23d inst: The usual annual address is to bedispensed with. The Supper will takö place at Hangsterfur's Hálí. %y3r Senator Andkew Jíohnsos, of Tennessee, has'arrived'' at Washington, had an interview wïtli Gen. McClellan and strongly urged the immediate sending of aid to the Uoionista of TennesaeO. - Hon. Emkrson Etheribgb, clerkof the House, has newe from Tennessoe that Unionists aru being impressed into the rebel servicié, and that larga numbers are fleoing in consequence to Kentucky. We hope that the speedy idvance of Gen 15 u el I's división will will give the denired protection to the gallant East Tennesseeaos. jL3I Blair has issued his proclumatioo convening the Legislatura in extra session on tho 2d day of JanE ary.


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