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An Budiencé, composed lurgeiy 01 student, assembled Saturday evening, in the Congregationul Ohurch, lo listen to Prof. Simons on " Eoglish Humorbt-, with illiwtratioM oí their styles. Thé night was otoriny and unpJeasant, but this alone was not sufficient to : couutior th email attendance ot ladiea end citizena. Nor ia tbere arnoDg them a lacb ofappreciation of the diatinguishbd k-cturers wbo visit Ann Arbor. Theeitizens, we Deliev, are deairons of austaining first class men ; and thoy fnlly understand that to do thia their tte'ndance is requisito. It is also great]y to tho interest of the Association to Becure foll houaee. Advertisetnents are poated, the public are politely invited to attend, and tben, frange and incredible as it in, every gentleman and lady are received with staring, stamping", and insult. It is difrioult to believe that any large part of theyoung men of the University can be guilty of euch indecent conduct, yet all suffer incominon, and gain pot only here, in Ann Arbor, but abroad, the uoenviable leputation of being ill-bred, ill-mannered boors. The University is irre parably injured, the Assoei lion weakened, and those whoae eelf-respect will not allow them to subject themselvtws to insult are deprived of the pleasure oí attendance. Prof. White, '" some ver' appropri. remarks, administered a most cutting and aevere rebuke to those guilty of therudeness; and, we duiibt not, caused tbe blush of shame to redden every manly cheek. He bcgged them most. earneatly, if they had any respect for a house consecrated to sacred uses, for themselves, and the TJniversity, or any return to make to their teachers for benefits received, to refrain frnm aucb detestable boorjahneea, in the future. We trust thai it will not be too much to expectthat his counsel and entreatíes will be regarded. Prof. Siddons was then introduced, He bumorously asked the kind indulgence of the audience, on account ot thesevere cold under wliich he faboréd, and complimented tbe students as being ' rather more orderly" than those of his oïïn instituüon, Colombifi Cullege. He ranked Charles Dickens first and foremost among Englisb Humorista, as Wüll for the healthful influnce of his writings aa for their exquisito style, and their wonderfnl range of knowledge and power. Somu of his workï were followed by important changis i f the laws of Engiand, and are held in great reverence by Englishmen. Most of ihe hour was occupied with readinga frorn hia Christmas Stories, and that inimitable piece of humor in the Pickwick Papers, whéreSam WeHer writea a Valentine and roads it to his paternal. He also read extracta frorn Shakppeare and Hood, and admirably cloaed with a Caudlo Lecture. - Dr. John G. Holland, whose name is becoming "a housebold word," lectured befors the association on Wednesdav evening, on wbich occasion .the M. E. Church was filled to its :Utmost capacity. We have only space to say that his subject, ' Self-Hulp," was adrairably handled, and that both in matter and mnuner the dis'.iuguished lecturer excelled himself. - We would say that during thetour -the audience was gathering the utmost propriety of conduct was observed by all, which leads us to hope that rthe disreputable praciicuti rcferred to in the notice of Prof. Siddons' readinga are hereafter and forever to be num bered as things et the past, tbat a better dav has davvned, and that heDceforth ladies and gentlemen may not hesitate to altend the lectures of the association. Ey The ten cent social of tho Soldiers Aid Society, held at Cook's Hotel on Tuesday evening, was largely attended despite the weather, and a good time was had. The receipts were about $27, which the lady maniigers of the Society will expend for articles which will gladden the hearts of our sick and wounded soldiers. JJ3T" Godey Lady's Booh comes to our table for January, and rerainda U3 that th year is about run out. It comes, too, richly freighted, bringing 60 engravings and lOOpageaof letter press. Tliree of the enfravings, including the colored exiension faihion píate, are on steel, and are 6uperb specimens of the gravor's art. The embroidcry and pattern sheets are numerous, And the accompanying desiriptioni make it, as every guccensive number is eure to be, a welcome guest to the lady's work room. And then, think of eteriea by Virginia F. Town ■msnA, lary W. Janvrin, Alice B. Havrn, Ietta Victoria Víctor, and otlier literary worthies, nnd you will be inclined to make yovtr wife, daughter, Bister, or- or jrien, a present of it for the coming year. How is íoetimeto subscribe. TPRMS, CASH IN ADVANCE. One copy one year, $3. Two copies one ■year, $5. Three eopie one year, $G. Four copies on }'ear, $7. Five copies one ypar, and an extra eopy to the person sending the club, .f 10 Eight copies one yenr, nnd an extra copy to the pereon sending the club. $15. Eleven copies one year, and fin extra copy rto the person sending the club $20. Address L. A, Godey, 323 Cuestnut street, Jhiladelphia. - Godey and the Argus for $3.50. fëp' The friends of the Kev. Mr Cornemcs, of the Baptist church of this city, aro to make him a donation visit, at his rehidence on Fifth etreet, this ven-ing.


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