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PÍÜNTING % OF ALL KINDS Neatly Executed AT THE ARGÜ3J3FFÍCE. WE ARK PREPARED TO FILL ALL ORDERS IN THE LINE OF P R I N T I N G AT THE MOST ! REASONABLE RATES. We haTe rscently purcliassd a EUGGLES ROTARY CARD PRESS, and have added tlie lnt'êt stylos of Card Type, vliich enables ua to print INVITATION OARDS, WEDDING CARDS, yiSITING CARDS, BUSINESS CARDS, &c. in the neatest, styles, and s cheap as any pther house in the Stat. We are aUo prepared to print POSTERS, IIANDBILLÖ, BLANKS, BILL I1EADS, CIRCULARS, PAMPIILETS, &c BOOK BINDERY ig in charga of FIRST CJ4SS WORKMAN, LEDGERS, RECORDS, JOU RN ALS, UOTEL REGISTERS, and BLANK BOOKS OF ALL KINDS, EULED TO ANY PATTERN And ilanufaotured in st sttik at New York Prlces, Periodicals of all kinds BOUND IN ANY STYLE. Old Books Ee-Bound. All Work warranted to give cntire satisfactioa, E. B. POND, Prop'r. Office and Bindery, cor. Hnin t Hurón Sta. XJJE UEAP. A. DE FOREST, Always ahëadln Low Priccs HAVINíí IiKMOVKI MY STORE to the East side o .[:itn stuwt, one dOQfQÓrti) of (iiiiterman'fi. lam Qow recftWoTfow 6oodí( oompristng all kindtí of i',rt fles, Frulta, Exirsets, 81fl iware, Lam] -. Looking OlasiM, TabU'Cutlery, Silver-plated Gooda, &c.f LOWER 1 HAN EVER ! Frenob China TeaHet, from Í4 50 to 18 00 ■ b ( Mm Dtanev&ttfi from 20 CO to 30 00 lin.i Tea Sets, from 3 00 to 4 5( BtoneChlDa Dimicr Sel, i'rom 6 50 to 1650 Ue&utiful Glaai Oobtota, 2 W prozn dilles Kerosene Lampsftom 81 to fo liaibte (CerOMM I-amps from 75 to 3 0( Plnid fjíinips from lö to 5 ECaosene OU, tioodqunlity, 80c perguïlon All othor (oo'ïs at Corrt'spontlinjr prícos. 8L Lampsof all kiuüüftltercdand lopafrcd. pgoplwötor, 7O9tf A.DiHJKEST. ! ■ - " Mo ney Wanted, O W h o will LendMoney1 TAM EUQUBBVED BY SEVEIÏAL PERSONS tu obtain mooftj for them at Ten Per Cent Interest, (Or More. Ki.rruiyono villing to leinl, I cnn at once invento Lood uni'ncumbereii abumlnnt REAL ESTÁTE steurit ame of ntoney a:id sccthat tUotitle and seourit ' aro all hiauT. Jfcy Tbe borrowerpayingall expenaos, lnclMlinf[ re ' cürJinj?. B. W, MORGAN, I Ano Arbor, Gt. T.18W. Tlftw ARK XO W QTENIXG, DIRECT KKOM PUBUSHKRS AND MiinufHctuvrrs. a New nuil CómplflFto stock 'f IíAW & MEDICAL BüüKS, School Books, Miscdlancous Books, Mank Books, dan Val! n:u VTÍOÚOW I'.ijht, Drawtog and Mathematica] tnstrumabia, : ■ -:■'. Lopes, toka at. ■[ Carde. ylíZ a o7í?' kinds of Pens and Pencils w :i.i .y Cornïce, Sluwles and i-'ixture, POCKET CUTLEKY! ,ad cvery thincr pertaining to tho tradO, nnj moro to wlik-htlicy Wuuld ChttattöntiOD of llic country. jfaconducttngour '■ u -. we Rhalldu all thai eau p ( that no rcasonable man, vroman or chí M sha 11 ntl any fjiult. We possess facUlties whlcb will cnable us to supply ur stomers at tho Lowest Possible Figures. We ptoposo io sellfor READY tav, ata smal] aAvanco. expoct a pro ti t ouour gooils. tmt íash Sales will Admit of Low FIGURES. W hT cn-rns'o! tho nervIciM oi JAMES F. SPAI.DING, lercfoic :!]■'■ ] rO i'"1! to furnish Visiting, Wedding a ml. all other Cards written to order, with neatness and dispatch, by mui' or otherwise. Tltp "EhfibsBook E5T0RR," is manned ly agood 'crew.' tl they will alway.s be roand OD thn "qoartr lceli.!' ■a ly atui willing 1" :i 1 1 _-ml lo ;iil with [tlcasure, ivlio will ivor tht'm with u. C;l11. icmember tho "Empire Book Store." JAMES R. WEÏ58TEB & Co Ana Arlor, 5fny,lS6O. ;Jt, ANTÖ H ËK ML A AR RIVAL AT THE H rOLD AND RLLIABLE ÊcLOTHINt EMPORIUMü Bc-M.Kr O. 3 I3 ÏI CE ÍST I 2S: BLOCK, MAIN STREET. aftjxttt returnod from the Easteni Cilics, witli a larg nd deshable stock ot' F ALL AMD WINTER O O 3O 1 !. kleb he s now offcring :it mmsually mong bis Afltfortment may Ke found ÏEOADCLOTHS, OASSIMERES, DOESKINS, & VESÏIKGS. ' all dcscriptíonn, epeciaUy for F ALL AND WINTER WE AR ! hïch he euttfng and maMng io order, in thelateat and test BtylÁstogether with a inperioi assortment of READT MADE CLOTHING! r.r.NKS QARPEI BAÓ8, UMCRKI.I.AS, and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, ith numemus othor nrt'.cles usuiiüy found in stmllai stablishmcnts. As ANEMPOFIÜM OFFASBIOft, ie lubsortber flattars hlmself , that hls loog oxporicMicc nd geOera. aaccofl,will enabfc hino to give the greatest atisfactidu toall who may Uust himin the way ol uan ly gnnet.t. order. yt6M EI for the Mmmoth Cabinet Ware Booms. MASTÍN & THOMPSON, [TATB JL'ST OPENKD IX THEIRnew and 3 1 e g au t War e-R o o m EAffl SIDEÜF MAIN' STRKKT, atst ixr ARBon A complete stock of K0SEW00D, MAHOQAHT PARLOR ï1 URN TT URE INCLUDIXt; ofas, Tcte-a-Tf'.os, M:iho;c;u:_ Rose-Wood, Elack Wal nut, Plain ::nJ uarble Topped EOSKWüOD, UAH00ANT, BLACK WAI.N'J'T, FANCYAND COTTAGE CHAIES, &C., írc, Ate, kc: jm. -wa sss o 9 Elegant MIKKUKS, BURÏAUSjSECRETAMBS, Complot BED-ROOB SITS, IXCLÜDING LATEST SÏYLES, I8SS " 8 A MATTEBSSES Of the bost cuality an.l Diffeteni Maton! In Fact tlny Have Evsrjthlog with which to lurnish PABLOB, BOUD01R, S1TTING BOOM, O K.1TCHEN, AND OUR CITIZENS NEEÜ NO longer go to IHtroit or elftewhere to finïl u laige assort ment. Thia FXJB3STITURE muani 'jll told and wifl be sol ot V E R Y LOW rKICES! Let evcry min anil htsvrifo or guing to bo wift COMKaNI) suk. Thayalno HE ARS E ÜARRIAGE, An4 are always roady to attend i" ilie bnrial of tlis loaOloUieCi ' [country. Waro-Roi si'lu of Main Ê a Washington and Mborty O. M. MARTIN. (JmTSS C .15. XH0MP80N Summer Hill Nursery. THEODORE E. DuBOIS, T)BOPRIEr0B0FTHÈ8ÜMJlERHlLLNÜR8EKY,AHN J. Albor, H1oh.,ii now tetij to roedva orlerfor Fa 11 and Spring Setting, HU ottsn tot I'i1" ■■'"'■ Ornamental Trees, Vino, 8hralto.liUbea Krom the baal Buten No uní] higperaonal attention wil! be giren to the undèningtheeanw, Uavlog beenregnlarly educateilin tho N'urxT'. basiness.he Ifl oonfident thai with andclow attontimi, and triol ]u:u-.ty and lntegrlty,he will be able to glT natisfactiuu to evcry ono oon&dlng thelrorderi to bïm, Allfarmara or Fruit (rrnwors .will lo well toglre hima cnli béton ordei ■ lle woiiiilrofi'r omanyeitizensol the City and County wli o pnrobMedof him the paat pnng for the quality of treea bronghi mi by liiir., as wello foi tlm go d vhleh they werr-rccoivoil and delirered j v. M O R G A N , Agent iör Mutual riíVInsiiranccConipam', Now York. Aoonmubvted Anota, .... S5,35O,OOO, Uieleadinglife lnsmnce Compaoy in the L", S. Knlokflirbockei '■'''' Insurance Comí any, Now Vork, a first cUss fíe Co. - tl ■ -'le. Bnmboldi liro Insurance Company, N'cw York. Oapltl,wtholrginirplu, - - 8200,000. Pooria Marino S Flr [ïnoranoe Co., rcoriu Hl. hoiv r No. 1 l-'irt'Inniirancc Co'R. 7O7IT Ohpilal, " " 00,000: THE PE01ÍIA MARINE & F1RE INSURANCE 00MPANT, OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capital, - - - S500.00C on of the BEAViraT, 8UR3T and BEST Inanranci Co's. iu the U. tí. I eis uros on roasonable tenus, and ;i .v&y pay promplly . Thertlfl no bottt-r Fire luáurant ConiiMiDT. "üHEATBAÜtiAIJNS AT Maynard, Stcbbins & Wilson's. WE fUVEAGAIN RKPLENÍ8DED OUR STORE W1TB Vf tli most gplcndid Stuek of GOODS, Ihtti "WAS BTW oflforod in finy one establishment n tlic State) üU ui vhicii if6 üllcr for OAK1 l& ÍP 03 O E) QJJ O 1 xb ïow nu cin bti found in Ihe Union We want Moncy ! iud n'ill in;i!;e (sreat Sacrifieea on Anyiliin wejiave to obtain ït, not excepting OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNTS ! Wc corUially inviU ALL CASH CUSTOMERS to cali and examine our GootïB and Prlcos. We als tuviio our Prompt Paying Customers to como and bny their Buppites for the Winior. To UlOH Bashful unes Uiut are utïaUl to cali, we say to tkem, tftk apurare "HÏIjXj TSTo-CLr 7l7ZZLiikl3? without longor waitii.gfor liiglicr price, come in, o!d scores, anil tl:on JKWLJ-W OWEC -WCJSB9 ; rlcWM wiU Bi Uo up nll Ioskcs It is hardl tay to eu amorate uur Uoodu, for We have Every thing ! A lugo assortment. f CARPETING, C'ROtKERY DRY GOOUS, MEDIIKES, ÖEOERIE8, PAINTS, OILS, HAT3, CAPS, BOOTS, SU OES YANKEE NOTTONS. &C, &C,, &.C. O[LIL &WO OIEÍE (UJOS (715tf) MAYNARD, STRBBIXS & W1LS0 SCHOFF & MIL LEK A RESTII.I. ON'HAND at thciruld Stand, A No. 2, Franklin Block, wlih themost complete assortment 6f Books and Stationery, PEBFUMEBIES, PANCT GOODS, WALL aND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, KOLLEES, COEDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNICES, , CÜRTAINS.! HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever oiïbred in tliis Market ! and they wouldsuggest tothoscinpursuitcfaaythingin SANTA CL A US' LINE th:it tlioy can secure 9. Doublé Christmas Present ! br purchaslng Trom tliis slock, ns oach purchaacr gets ;.n id'litiuiKil present of Jewelry, &c. , Ranging invalue trom 50 ets. to $50. Theytrnat tnl (lioirlon? experipnee in solectlng goèdfl foi llii iiiarhot, rinil Htfict atïeniKin to wants i! (VI vs.raay entitle tboni t.) a liberal sliarc nt 1'iitronnge. Aini Arbor.Dve.S. 1860. ' Insurance Agency ï C. H. MILLEN IS TITI" ÏGENT fr Ihe fpllowlng first cl:iss companies: HU.1IIS IKSUHAiNXK COMPASY, of New York City,--Cpital and Surplus, $1,500,000. CITY FIHE IIÏSUKAS'CE COJIPASV, of Bartford.- Capita! and Surplus, $400,000. CONTINENTAL ISSURARCK COMPAKY, of N'uw Vnrli City.- Capital and Surplus, $100,000. Thrce-quiirtcrs of the nctt pr'ifits ra tliis Company i divuled annuiilty anvjng its policy holúY'rií. C H MII.I.ENAnn Ailwr, December 13, 1860. Om"78 NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMP'NY. Accumulated Jan, 1860, $1,767,133,24 MORRIS FRANKLIN, President, J C. KENDALL, Vice President, PLINY FBEEMAN, Actuary $100,000 DEPOSITED wilh tbeComptrolleroftlip State of New York. Dividunili average 10 per cent. annually. ASS33T8. C;,.!, in Rink, 31,055.49 ■ I i u spcuritie.creatcl nndor the lawsof the of N.'iv Vork mul of Uie t. S., 258,870,79 RealEstata and íixtñna, Nos. ir2amlll4 182,480 04 ai Uortoagen dnwlng 1 per ot. lntrot js:,998.39 .1 for 40 per cent. of premiums on lile noticies, bearing interest, 075,315.85 Ouarterlv and Semi-annnftl preminms,due subseguent to Januar; 1, ' 180 20,350.38 Interes! acorné luplo Jan. i , isro, 86.488.71 rnftduptoJan. 1,1860, l,:--.::-! Pramiumson poUotosln bands of Agents, r 26,44R.l $1,767,133.24 rir Wnxaand Lewitt, Ifeillcnl Examinor. 743tf .1. Q1LBERT 8M1TH, Agent Coiiway Ki re Insurance Co., Of Conway, Mass. Capirnl paid up, - $150.000 00 Assets (Oash), - 26Í),96: 1S Liabilities. - - - 16,440 03 D. O. Rofcers. Jas. S Wbitney, Secretar y. Prenident. DIRECTORS. J P.VVrnTNEV. L. RODJtAN, VV EI.T.1OTT, A.4M!OM.ANr.D C. McGÜ.VH A V, K D. MORQAN IV1.IT BRMENT, JOS1AII ULIS. A.H BU' I.KN W.II. nlCKlNSON, W T. CLAPP, D.C.ROGERS. Ann Artor Rpforens: ) Dr. B. WELLS, L. JAMI a I.. IWTX1E, . KNOCHJAMKS. OAPT. r.S. OOODHICU J. W. KNIGHT, AKent. Aon Arbor, Mkhigtn. L'JNI'AUAL.LUjLI'.D SUCCLSS SECOND AltRIVAL _..OK- SPRI3STG Sc STTIsCZMEIt GOOB S -AT THE- Banner Etord A. P. MILLS, PaOPRIETOR. (ïo(!s booght ander panc prices, 4r7 gold at prictê that willmake hard Urnen come again no more ! Facts for the People -OFVCT .A. S Otï T E HST A. "W - NI)- ADJOÏÏNING COUNTIES ! And tlieir mmicrous questiong nnswered. Why it Ewryhoihj trading at the "BANNEIt STORE? ' - Becauie A. P. MILLS, the Proprietor 01 tliat Establishment hns juat i returned from the Knsteru Citieswith the Large&t, Ilaiuhsotnest, üheaped, and Most Altracti-on tStock of STAPLE AND FAN0Y DRY GOODS! ever brought to tlnspart of the State.] Why w Everybody pleased with his Stock? necausc htsstylftfl are moro bcautttul, qualtty beltor,and pricee Lower tfaao at any other store n the county. Why has he altoays Svrndhing New and Chcap to Show? Becauseh-i hasa frfend eonneeted wlth one of the torgeat DryGoods Bousm In NVw York, who is eontinualy ' DOBñFNO ROUND" ror eheap bargainsand tlu lates btyles, as they appear from Mme ta time and in tl. is way keepsnim aupplied with !■■-. and oonBoqurtntl custüiuers cao alv.nys And aometking Frftab , NEW CIIEAP and DESIRABLE Why does he seil so much Cïieaper than the rest? Beciuse he has a buyer in the city til the time totakf atlvjiutagf of the pontipual cliaüge of the raarkeuid in that way buya hia gooda lauch eheaperthan othera can, ftntl thoL he marka thomdbwn to thu riOTVBST FIGUHES Why does he se!l Ladies and Chitdrens' Slioes ao much chfttpfr than was eter Iteard ofby the oldest Shoemakers? ho buys lus stock in tne land of ilmemakers, oí the ïnEinufac'.iirtTs. fullj 26 per O#at chcaper than the New York Jobbers seHthem, and mmkIi bet ter vork thaa they generaliy keep. 'Ihi-s courso enubles hím to sella better Gaiter for 35 Cents. than otheraseU at 50 ceDts,and a botter FOXEI) GAITLP at ÓO cents, than otkers aell at 7ö cents. Has he any Kats and Caps? Yes I shoulil think lie has stacks of thera, enough to rappl; the State, :it prlceslower than was uverhearüoi round tliesc p:ut. Why is Am Tea so much better fnr the pnce pay than you get at other place f BecftjQM ho tatos graat care in selectinfl it, aiul giveshif customers the beueBt of a reai good 75 oént TEA FOR 50 CEiNTS, It is a way -e haegot Where should you go to get ynur CLOTHS ar.d have them Cut or Made? To the BAVNF.R STDUF, vrlicro the I'eoplo's Banner is onfurlodfor the People!8gocd. South sidc of Public Sii'iare, a fewfioors west ofCuok't Hotel. A. P. MILLS. Juni 18, 1861. 78Ctf PATENTES November lst, 1859 - THE ttEASÜRES ïÖL. v (. A tho distance " B B the Yoke. Ü i -..JaJ e C tip - jr BT"" "nB ' '''stauce Y ;';M S around the Hotly I wil mm . S the Arm-pits. SmSI T7 V Cía I I ■ f ' 4 EtoE,the Mi length of the Patcnlfii! Improved French Yokc SHIRTS. PATENÏEDNOV. let, 1859 A New Style of S irt, warranted to Fit By Buiding Bbovfl nn;iMiri's jier in:ül we oanguar nntt'e a perfect iit of our nt-w style Of 8hlrt, nnd rot ui n by exjKflB to uiy part r ihp Uoited States, at $1-, $16, $18, $24, fcc, 8e.,Mf dozen. No order forwardod torless llnin l]nlt'-:i n Shirts. Al, Import and Dealers in MEN'S FÜKNISHDTG GOODS. R. Wholesale tr.-u'.esiipplie'l on thf uiual terms. BiLLOU BROTHERS, 802tf 4UJ llroa.hv.iy, New Tork. Successors to Chapin A Loomis.imJCIidpin, Tripp & Loonm TUI1' love firm of Loomla .V Trlpp having purchaset the intereal of tho former oomptnlea wH continue the business at thoold stands, whcro they wil! b6 ready, oü ths BhortMt noties, to ii 11 all orders n thE line of Castinga and Machinery, ín the most ïrorkmanlika manner, nnd on as libera torras as any other shop En the Stote.Amoñgthe vari ou artlolemanu&ctured by as, wc would enumérate STEAMÈNGÏNKS of all kinds; Mili Ocarín; and Fixtnres, wrougliianu cast; allthe rariouj castinga for making and repalrfng HorsePowers (SThresbliig Machines such as areat preaent, or have fonnerly been tn use in thi part r ilif State, ts wfell aa all feite vntioui Idndsoi 08 tiogs and machine work oaUedfor by farmers „and meohacioa inthi seetton ojf tiie ooun'ry. of all the vji.-ious patterae, up in i zes and prices,]l be ki-li-niistyntly mi hand, gut the most modern and improved styles. Thankful for farmer patronage to the old firma, we wouM Mlïcit a bontinwance frdni oldfriondafandaWal bv all vrishlnc foranythina In oor lineof basineu. 3 LOOMIti k TRIPP. AnnArbnr,May lth, 1860. BttTtf New Remedies for SPEBVIATORR H GE A nOWARIl ASSOCSATTON, 1'IHI. Al'KI.l'MIA. A He n, wtUnt Tnsri'ittion eMabiinlied bij Êptoteltvdcwmmt fnr the relitj f ilie Sicfcattd Diatrtfficed, afilirtetl toitli Viru'ml and Chronic Pilcases, and espmaUy for lite Cure of Dineasfs oftftc Sezual OrgjnH, MEDICA1 ADVTOE given gratis, by tho Acting Sur u.r.M'.i r REPORTO on Sperma) errhoea, and othor il Organs, and on i:V REMEDHÜS employed In Ihe Pi8pensáry,8en1 In ealedlettei envelope, lre of charge. Twoor thre stamp foi ble. Address, Dr.J. SKII.I.1N HOUOflÏÖK, Howard AssoolntloD, So 8. Ninth 8t., 1'hiUdelphia, Pa. ' ' " '■' General Land Agency PEIïSONï vantlni furm, o r reiidcncpM n ornear vlnn rbor , fun by ualllng on me eieclfruma list oiover 1OO ftras Kor Sl-! Olisrioui ilzc irom :, to 130i'ai!r)aeh ;(ome as 'iij't tt ui v ' 'i hi !mnty. MuretUau 5( Dwellng tlonscs nthls 'lty,fromtw. mndrec' to fourthovsanrlo;&rsjnol) ; and ovnr Z (III r.ÜIIiOING LOTS! Am.mirthofnrnn ure the HUücppinrm., tne l'i:itnr farm, in Oreer Onk, t'n . Plcc(rii-in , a 1 4.i)aore.thililiinli)nnn(l Ji-nksfarms, I n Wobuter; tb -i'ubYs, Ulchael (;iuiy, Noivtnn Beegan, and Pallahs fnrme. In Anti rbor: J. Kini.'slcy'4 lurrn, tnPltt8Ücd'thi llnti-.h tij Hielt Inrms in Lodl:the Pstrii-M'liiyul'arm In Frooiom; W. 8. Davlkon. B. O. Raker t and Buck's farms InSylran Moto(] thnp ïnd mauy otbors can bo IWidetUo sultj PUrOfc"eri K.WHOÏOAIf. AnnArooJ, Jan ijt.lPLS 13 GBEAT.fflttEAïER GüEAlE.-.T BARGA1KS EVEIi OFFERLD 1859. JLry1859' In tliÍ3 City, are iiowbemgoiTercf] at the CIIEAP.CLOCK, WATCH, & ITUKPnbPcribcr woultle.'ty to thccitizcnsof At n Ar bor.i ■ particular, nnrl thft ront of VVitbtenfivt Cnunlf in soñera], tfcal bohnajuit LMPOHI'KD f)]. RECTLY frona KUROpE.a Treinendous Stock of ! Ah of whieh h bindg liimndf tn toU CHKArEB tí an can lic bouphl went of New York City. Open Fnce CyKhder VVatohcs trom $f to SJO rfo do Lever d rio H to 21 Buntiog Cate ño do Wo 14 to :5 do do CyHnder do do 9 to 'Jf Gold Wntrheírom 20 tu lL,0 1 Lave alsu tno (3ELEÖRATED AMR' CAN WAT CUES, wliich I wlll een ttr $35. Every Vvateh wttrrarUtd ïo ! perforo] wel], or the monoy ref unded. Clockf, JpwpJry, Piated War, Fnnr.y Goatla. (oíd Pens, Musical Instruments and Stringi, Cutlery, ie, nd in fact n varirty of m'rry 'hiiur uaunlly kpt oy Jewvlr.m csn br boughtl'orthe next tiinety dnye ut V"jf OWN TRICES! IVrfloue buyinir nnythtnir at thia wrll lenown eetublisbmn ut cBii rHy upon srHting gotxN exact' y n? reprcsfnt"d, (irthpmnnry rHundnd. Oallenrly nd I cure the brst bHrgains eroroftered in City. One word in regard to Rcpairing1 : We aro prrparod to mnko nny repairs onfine or cnmmo:i Wh:'Ii.-h. i-vi n ío n ikinec er tbr entfre wtc' , lf nRCcesary. Kfpjiirli) of CJocks snd Jewefrj i8 nsuai. AIpo t'Mí nuiniifac;t uring oí RINGS, BROOTUS or anythiní liïsir'H, from Cnlifornin fiold on short bg' tice. Enírravimr in allits branchesexeontcd withnea.. DOda and dispatch, J C. WATTP. Anu Arbor, Jan. 28thIPC9. 7Mw IIORACE WATERS, AGENT 333 B r o a d w a y , Jf e w Y o r k Publlnher of Mnslc umi Muslt Dc-oli AXI DEilB IN' Pianos, Melodeons, Alexandre Orgnns Organ Accordeons, Martin's óelebrated and other Guitars, Violins, Tenor Viols, Violine.ellos, Accordeons, Flutinas, Flntes, Files, Triangles, 'Clari inetts, Taning Forfcs, Pipes andllammers, Violin Bows, best i ian Strings, Bass Instruments for Bands, Piano Stoolö, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Instruments. ES la. o o t XVX ti S i o, (■'urn 11 the publlében in the L'. S., IV'rlini's Quotln'8, ui'l Madera School, anl 11 kiiuU of Infttxnction Booka for the tbove instrument; Church Uattic BookjB: Uasic (!.v:a"lly Ixiuml; Music ia]ier, aml ai! kind! of Ululo Merclnd' At t heLowest P rices, New Planos, At $175, $200, $225, WW. and up to 0800. Second Hand PlftBoa froin $25 np to $1CO; New Melodeons, 45,' $60. $76, $100, ui-I up to $300; Becond Band Melodeoai from %'óO to $80; -Mexanrln Oróus, whh fivc stnps, $160, ülne atopn, $185 and $225: thírteen itopa, $230, S-J75 and $300; fifteoo 8tops,$y2ö al $375; A liberal discount to Glergymen, bhurchea. Sabbath Sehools, Semlnarlea .in. i Tiariu'is. The Traüo supitüed at the usual trade ditoouoti Testimoníala of the Iloracc Water Planos ;.iti HIc1olcon#. JohnHewctt, of Carthago, New York, who hu had one of the HoraceWfttér Planos, wrttnas followa: - " a frioiid of mint wiahoanM topurchasc a pluio fot hor. She likes roe oi jou sold me ! n December, 1850. My piano is becoming popular in this plaoa. and Í think I can Introduce one or Iwo more; thcy will be more popular than any other make." "We hare two (f Waters' Pianou in nse in crarSemfnary. one of whloh bas been severoly tested for three reara, and we can testify'to their pool qua'ttty and 'Iuil bUity."- Wood k Oregory, Mount Carrotl, Hl. "H, Water-:, Eaq. - 1kah Sir: Havin. amd oneof your ■ Piano Kortos for two years past. I have fosad Etarery superior Instrument, Aioireo Ghat, Principal Rrooktyn Hrijfhts Stnunary. "Tbe l'inno I received from you continúes to gtveatisfaction. 1 regard it as no ril' tbe beet instruints in tbe place.11 Jj3Ot Im GuRKK, Charlculon, Va. "í'íie ICelodeon has safely arrived. I fejl obli.e-1 1" yoa fory our liberal discount,'' Rev. J. ií. McC'ohmk k, YarqnenilUS. C "The was daly received. Iipam in excellent confïition, and la very much admired by my numerous f;imilv. Accefpi mv thfinka for your proraptueM."- ROBKKT OOOPBV, IVdrrntham, Jiraiijoed Co. Pa. "Vuur piano pleafles u well, It i-. tho be#1 one m onx COUÖty."-TH0Maa A. I.ateiam. CampheUton, Ca. ■lf nu' rv mucli obKged to you forhavinff sent sHch a line Instrument for $250." - BjUNK.Held & Co.( Brtffato Dentocrat. "The Hotace Waters Pianosare known asamnn tlie very best We are enableil tö 'peak of these instrumenta witli Qon&dence, from personal bnowledge of thefr excellent tone an4 durable qaality."- iV. Y. Evangelist, "We can ppeac f the merlts f fhe Horaoe ffatew pianos from personal fenotfledge, as boing tbe very fintst iliiali.y."- Christian Intelligenter. "Tbe Horace Waters pianos are oufltof ttiebeal an1 moSi thoroughly eaBOjwd material. Wc hnTe n doubt that boyera can do as weU,perhapa botter, it Lhistban ;t anv otberhouse in tin ruien." - Adróme oíd Journal. Waten' pianos and melodeons chalteuge compariaon wftfa the Snest mada anywhete in the country.'1 - Homt "Horace Waters' Piano Fortes aro of fulí, rich and even tone and powerful- 2t. Y. Musical Revine. "(tur friendswill fiml at Mr. Waters' BtOH the very ih-st laBortment of Únale nl of Pianos to be foond In the Dnited States, and we urge our sAuthern and vretrtern frenls to gire bim a cali whenever they goto New Vork." - Qrdimti Ma#azi7ie Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. SabbathSchool Bel], lOO.OOO IsscGd In ten Montlis. The onpreeede&tocl sale otthbboekhM inducedthe pubüsher ti) ii'lil soine 30 BOW tunwiand hymns t it ptaasi si, wlthoot fitm charge, exeep( ■" th ebeap Klion- Amogg themanj beautigil tunes and bymns i dded mav be foun.l:- "1 might to lore my mottiar;" "O m be "a goodchlld,InddIwiU." These and elght oteara the Bell, wan angal Wm Snnday School Anniver,;„, ,,f tbe M. K. l'hunli :it the Academj or HiMfe, th Rreát appliiuse The BbII eoutalu luviriy -JUii t.nics and livinns, ainl ís one. of thc bet collections 6Terl I. Prloe ':■'■■ llOpephuDdred.postaee loBegntly boond. emboswd gilt, -'5c, $-( per lou lt has bwn Introducid bitomanrof the PoblleSehoota. The e Is [lubli-heil i:i sm;ill nnmbers entltlcil AnnirrarTnd8ondy Sohoo] Music Konks, No. 1,2, 3, & ■i. ín onlwr tu accommodate the toiUioo; pnce fi í: ï-'i par htmdred Ño. í will soonbe Issued - comraencemeut of uiothor boolc. Also, Hevival Music Bnoks, No. 1 ít 2, price $1 k Í2 per 100, postago le. Moro tha'.i 300,000 copies of the above bóokn have been issued the past eighteen nrnnths, and the demaud isrupiüly increasing Published bv HORACK WATERS, Agent, 333 Uroadway, N. V. Musio, Publised by Horace Waters No. 333 Uroadway, New York. Vocal "Kind Wonls can neverdio;'' "The Angels tnlil in„ s,,;'1 "v:Ws of the West;'' "Thonghts of ml;" "fiivo me back my KountCIn Bon;" "On Dreun;" DandT ('nek Robín;" "l'ni witii tlice still; ■'IVtname;" "There'H no ilarilnfr liUe mine;" "Saiáb .l.nie Lee'Kver (jf thee;" "I'in leaTtDfftaee In Sórrow;" BirdoL Beauty;" "Home of our birlli;" ''ravci I K":ibel,; and 'Wake, lady, wake,.' prico 25c each. ' In'STRP.mkntai. - ' 'l'alace Garden, or Sincinj; Bird Tulka ' '(Swinging Schottiióho;" "Mlcaoel SchotUeoh;" 'Thomw BRker' BehotUMhe:" "Hecolomtai Polka 35 cents each. The aboiepieeenbaTObeaunral Vi-neltee '■ Weinier Polka ;" "Arablan Wal e.ry Mnrch the veryUít; "Vassovianna pnnicll Mazurka; "Rea I: in" Potta;" '"Crinoline Wilt," and "Lancera' Qua driile," 28o each. "tiie Empireof Reich-s QuaMHe; new il-niei' and "The Hibernlan Quadrille," 8seaeh. Hanr of theee pleoen are played by Baker'a oelebratad oroh'et re wlth ireat Uafled free. A largo lot of Kurtigu ilusic al half price. pianos, Mclodfons and Orgaiis. The Tïnnice Vaten Planos and Melodeons',' for dejith, purity of tone and ducablHty, are nnearpassod. Pnoaa v..i v ton deoond Hand Pianos and Melodeons froffl 26 to 1160 Muic and Bfosleal rntr!actlortn of all kimls,at(he lowest prices. HORACE WATEBS, Agent, V,,. :;.;:; Bin:i.lw:iv, V. Y. Tkstimomaií;- "Tlie Horaee Waters I'ianos are known asamong thevery beet' -Kvanxeü. "We can speak of tbeïr merits fro poi-sonal kuowledge."- Christian ntdligatccr. "Notblngat the Kair diplaycd greater excoilence -"- Clturrttman. Water' Pianos and ICetedeona ohallengeoonipariion il ij the linust made anywherein the coun.ry," - lome Journal. '1!)' Irving's "Works - National Edition ■iillis Fine K.iitii.n of h Works of Wasiiikctov Ib I visa (including the llfe ol Washiiïgtip willbeitubished for SUBSCRIBERS ONLY In Monttily Volumes Prioe $1.50 TujaUle on Drlivny. Beauttfulty Prlntod on heavj iupetttne paper, of th t onality, and ubstsntrtily bonnd In !n..; I tx,:ird. O"Ench Volume ilhutratd with Vignette; on Steel and WooJ. rj KnicliOiVnckor' New York. Sketoh Book, Cloth. Coïumbus, ' vnls. Braflobrldge Hall, Astoriu, Talesof a Traviler, Crayon Mïsoellany, Capt. Boimevillo, OUtot Gtoldimjt.h, Uahomet '-J volw. Grenada , Alhanbra, Woll'ert's Roost, Life of Washington, 5 vola. Salinagundl. Thi nilitlun vrill be sold KTnrKrvKl.T to Subscribe and wiil l.e ffreatiy superior to any ever before is-ued,A vny handtomeeet of khase onlveraallj popular work. in thus placed witliin the m ans of all. P 1'. PUTNAM, Agt.,Publisher, M5VMWU 8Weet,i(r York Sarsaparilla FOE PURIFYING THE BLOOD. And for the speed y turo of rho followlng compkdnoll Scrofiiln and ScrofaJotjtaj AilViiliMis.sitrh na 'l'tiiuoi-H, Clnis, Sores, Rruptlons PiwjjJes, l'u-iuJes, BlotuUe, iloils, Jilaiii,, umi all Bkln DUeases. End., Gtli .Juno, "150. J. C. Ayj:r & Co. Gentsl I !■■■■! it r.y liiiy to KCknowtedge wba your Sarsapatilla h:t-t done ttr me, Dar ing liitierlteda !&ro(u,loH8 infuotlotí, l have suffered ■ iroin jt in varloiia raya for jrear. Sometimos it buret out iti Ulcera on my hamt and arau; sonietiuiee ie tUnwd 11) ff 1(1 ;ui.i i!istn-Mf uil ut Hu; sluinach. ïwo yeawagoll brokO out uu my heail and eovered m.v scrip and eara wltli ■ iic bot, whioli was imlufnl and lontliwitie beyond üeeci iptlun. I tritil many medicine and seTraJ phyalcfan, bul wJÜiool Miuch rolleffrmn auy tblng. In fji'-t. Uil tlburder grevi wonte. Al lengt li I was u-jolccd toread lutliu Uospel Momengvr tlmt you had preparad ft aUeiulive (Saraimrilla. I r I kuew froui your ruputatlon thal anj? tli u .- you biad ■ roml bo g wJ. I Ctiiciiinatlftodgut It, and used it uil it eured me. l bqok it, as yon hiIvím', In Buiall dones of a teaspooufüil overa montii, and uwd nlutoicf tliree bottleft. New and healtb hkin N-K-ii bagan t formtindoc ii-M-;iii. whlcti aflora whfle fi'll off. My küi is uow cIpot, and 1 know bj my rMlingn tliat tbc üteeaae baa gou froiu my nyetem. You eau well believa tbat l foei wbat l ein aylng when 1 tt:tl you, thit I hold you tu bo one of i ti apoetlea of üio uge, auü iciuaiii eter gratefully. ï w . ALll!i;i Iï. ÏALLKY. St. AtiihonyN Ftre. Rose or Brylpln Tetter am1 SnltHlunm, Sémld ilnui, itiugwoiiM, Sore Ëyi-, Drojoy. Dr. Robert II. Prebio wrltos from Balom, N. V.. ISUi 1 Sept., 1869] ili.ti. i" kas cured uu Invetérate oan of Drops;, wind. tlireatened t tenutiiate fataJlT, iy tlio DorseTeriog nse of oor Sarsaparllla, aud alm i uiiguiuuB Malignan t Ertsij ütu by laige dosea if the sanie; Btiys ho cores tlie common Bntpttrm by It coaetantly. Broncliocelc, Goltrc or $ivellel Zleolc Zebnlon Bfoan of l'n nwt '. Telas, ivrftefl : Tliree i"ttlt'B of your SaraapM lila eured me from ft Goitre - u ltidI eons Bwelling on tho neck, whlcli I hsü eulTeredi from over two years." Lfuconlicrn or AVhH es. Ornrlnn Tumor, l l Ui in t ion, Petaalf Dlseascs. Dr. .1. H. S. Cliannlug, -r Now Vi.ik City, wrltw ; u ï most eheerftilly comply ii!i (he reqneBfof yow agent In , davina 1 Imve Ibuiid your 8arnkiarllbi n most excellent nlttMHtive itt tlu mini'Tf us complalntN fir vlilth we employ tucli a remed.v, especlally In ffnnalt Distases of toe .Sfjiofu lons ]iaiii'-is. 1 dato cnred niftny invetérate eaitu r IjBucorrbOBo by it, and eorne wfaai e il ie t plalot was caiiRed by vUUratitm of t lie vierta, 'i'lu; ulceration iiat-ir waasoon ourad. ZloUilug witlihi my kuuwledito eqiialu it for theee tómale derangemenle." Edward S. MarroWf f Newbtiryj Ala., wrlteé, "A dangeroba otarían tumor on one of llio females In my fnmilv, wblcb bad dOed nll th remedios wo con Id cniploy, has at lengtli been completely cured ly yonr Kxtrnct of ■ aaiiarilln. Our pliyalolan thougbt Dothlhg bnt : tion couM affbrd rfl;f. but lie advlaed the trial of your : Sarciipi'.nllH qb tlio !at irsort beforo cutiiuvr. mul it proved cfluclual. At"tr taking yosr remeily elgbt weeks no Kymj.t'Mii of tlio dlsetvte remama? Syphllla nmi Hlercurlal Dlirnne. New OftUAWS, 36ÚJ August, 1859. Dr. J. 0. Atee: Sj I cboarfully coinply wiih tho queal ofyour agent, nii'l rpport to yon somo of tlie afleota 1 bnTü realizrd wïtli Toar Sarrapartila. X ïinvi' onrod Wltil it. in my pTatin. memt tf1ho oomplaiiitw for whlcli it is recommended, and baTe (bund irs effect traly vonderfnl In tli eUre of Venermlcmd Jifcrcuriul OiseaA. Oiip uf my patten t had Sypliilitic ulcere Ín hit) tlnont, wliich were cousumfng lus Hílate aurl the top of blo DteaUi. Your Sartaparilto, ateitdlly takt-n, cured blm in live week. Anotln-r vas attaekeu by neo ondavy Byiüptoiüs in lui tutte, and tli; uleeratkni luid eatett away oonaldenble part -t it, su tbal Í belfeve t ho dieorder irould nooti raaob hi braln apd kfll hlm. lïut it ySelded to my adminístraUon of yuur Saresparllla ; the ulcérs lipaltsiJ, anti bo is wel! agaln, nut of eourae wiibout ■ome dfafigiiratlon ( his race. A woman wbo luid bicn treatt'd for the aaine dltordei by nterciiry iras vöfleriog froni this [wlson in bur buuea. Tliey Imd become bo HenBltlve t'i tlm wtlivr tfant un a damp dny whc Htilferetl exeruclatlDM pain in berjolnuiaud boueo. Mu-, (■ o. wis cured entlrely by your baraaHirllla in afev wvkn. I know froui iin iininiila, wbicli your ageqt gave mr. ihat tliiH l'i(tiiii!tinti fiuni yoitr Ijilii-i-jitin-y iuu.i lc ;i greal remedy: couequeatly, Uieso tjuly remarkable reaulta with it luwe Doft aurprtoed me. Vraternallj yours, O. V. LAHIMKIï, í. D. Klit iï runt Km, Gout, Liver Complnint. INHXPEHDKNOK, Preabm CO., Va., tilli July, 180U. Dr. J. C. Aviit: .ir, J huvo bevD afOlcted wllb a palnfnl Dbrnulo RAcumatim fora long lliue.wbleb baffled the ■Uil of pbyelclanBV and ntuck to me in spiie of al) the remedies 1 eóuld Oud, utitil l trled your SaraapurlluL Ono botlle citu'd mu in twii weeks, nuil restored Diy genera) bealth ho m ml i tlmt I mu far IwUef Uiau belbra I was attacked. 1 think It a onderñil incükliie. J. FBJftAH. Jules Y. OctclK-ll. of st. Louis, wrltesl t; ï have been añücted for yeara wttfa an o (fret ion of the. Lirtr, whlcli destroyed my liealth. I trled every tlting, and every tblng fhiled to relieve me ; and J bare been n brokea-down map f r aorne years from no olher cause thnn derattgement of Uut l.iwr. Hy belored pii-stor, the ïtev. Mr. Kspy, advjsed me totry your 8arsaparlHa, liot-ause be said bekcew yon, and nu v thlju you made was worth tiying. l!y tbe bleesing of Ó 0(1 it luis cured me, and lias so purlrled my blood as to make a new man of me. I feel youhg agsln. The beat tbat can bo said, of you is nol nalfgood enongjL1 Sfhiiriii.CniHt r TnittOrt} Knliumunt, Ulcerntloii) Cui'ics nud Kxfoliutiou of the lío ii es. A great vmú-ty of casps havelnen reportod to na whero cures of Uiese formidable oomplainbi have resulted frofli the ustiofthi.i remeily, 1 itt our space lu-tv wili nol ulmit them. 8ome of Üiem may be round in our American Alnmnuc, whicli Uie agenta below Danied arepleased to furnisii giatia to al! bo cali for tliviti. Dyspepsln, Ilenrt Disense, FifR, Kpilcph y , ,11 1 In nt ii oí y. Neuralgia Bfany remaYkable come !" Ibese affectlom have lcen mndc by tlie aïtemtlve pover of thla medicine, it atlmolates the vital funciiuns into vhrnrotia nction, and t!ms overcomes dlsprderfl vblcb wtfnlu be BUpposed beyond i(s rearh. Sucli a remedy ban long been requlred by tlio necefitiitieH of iIm pcftpif, and we ars coBfident that this wiïl do for Uien .-til tliat luedfcloe cao do. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, FOIt THE KAB1D CUltE OF CoiirÏis, ('olds. Inflneuia, Ilonrsfiicss, Cronp, HroiK Uitls, liu iph nl Cou sim 1 ion. iiikI for tite Hlicf of ('onsuntptivc Pn tieut in nl vniic-od Stages Of tl te Disease. Tliis Is a rettioily go unvcrsalls bnovn to Mirjwss any otlier for the cure of tïirORt und lnng compialntt, tliat it is uBok'Fs lu-ie tu publlab tbe Bvidanoe of is vlrtuVe, Tts unrlválied excellence tor rougbe and coUïs, and it? tinly wondarAi] cures, ot' puJotonary dlfiease, Imve mmle it known tlirougliout Mie clvlUsed nationfl of the eaith. Few are tbe cpmniuiiUieSt or even famillea, amona them vho have noi eoinc personal experleneeof Iteèfncts - Bome llvliig tropby in thelr midst of lts victory oxer the Buhtle and daugerons dlfiordem of the throal and luiigs. A all know the dieiulful fatality (f these disordentand as they know, too, (lie eflecU of utfa remedy, we nced not do . l i ■ tlüin to aamre thana that it has &ow all the virtues that 1 'li'l have when making the cures which bave won ao Btrongly Qpun the oonfldence of mankinü. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. UTaynard, Stebbtns & Wilson, FARKAND, P1ÍKLEY & CO.', IVtroit. 809yl J H. lïlRKII.L, Travelling Agent. Rifl e F a c t o r y! A. J. SUTHIÍRJLAIVD HApromovetfliUGmi.ShoiitotheNim Block "nïlutonatraatikeotli tv i'nin '■ uc.ontuesecond floor, when ho is preparcd to furnish Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pou:hcs Game Bags, and Ever} otlier artille in bis Line. On the mostrensonftble terme.nnd to do all kincU o HBIAIIlI3SrGr the ahortest notioc.and in f hc best mannei f uil la-urtmïnt atwaya kopt on hand.ond made t o order. City Cheap Lumber Sash, Doors Blinde, Piaster Paris, Grand River Piaster, Water Lime, Nails of all sizes, Glass, Paint and Putty, c6c, i&c. , D. DeForest, HAV1NG I ncrpssiMl hU facllltle for dolig bui n,.rs anti onlrged his Yard and Stock, is prepaiod tbeprevml sensor, witli ttr bos largesi and choai esl Síí:tHO'M',) .tdc1; cvrrin thjp mirttt to atisty the raaaonabli oxoectation oí all. üui motto ia not to (e undorsdld lor cash on delivery 1 wii 1 not iiudtrtaAeto f rlgblentbe public hy 'i ing thnt ihwill jctshnvcdil tltey buyolsowherc, for wo presume that utlier HIllalow asthcy can nttbrd 10. All kinds of Timfoer, Joists, nd Seantlin?, l'inc, Whitcwood , limswood , Ilcm lock. Planod and Matched Pine, "WTiitewood Aíhl'looiinír.Plnnndtiiflrouah Plnnnnd Whitewond siding.Feic l'osts, ünkand Cedar Posts and l'ickets ot all kinds. pne f atl), anti ll)Ueuooï 1. A Ptne, Ashnni Whitcwood Shlnglee, Barn Boards and Bnrn Floot Plank, BlaekVa.jUt,(ind(;hprry aed tuin stuff, Wagon and BUGGY AXLES and TONGUES, Bnsnnd liody !.urabor,Mnple I,og Timbcr, Hickory, Oak, Ash, Elm, Beech, Of ill-.hicknesci,widtlia Bdlengtbi,&0.. &c, Piaster Paris, and Piaster ofalllcindB. ISTa-ilW of alUizoo, 4c, Sic. SASTL DOORS. & BL1JVDS, mnde bvHanrt to ordet a low na ÍHCtiry pricoe. on tbe Bhortestnotice bythe bestol workmen, and Best Seasoned Luraber. Billf ofnl' rlcs.riptlon in tho tibovc building lint tumUliedoiithehortiof noties. fo We have Milh Cutting Reguiarly. A Pol' nd a palfesi assortinci!) nflhcabove anc othcr kiutïi wf Huilding Materials Constantlv onhandalth. lowestpossiblcratei . Cali and be Convinced. A few rods south from R. R. Depot or. Detro Street. Ann Arbor, Mich. ROOFTNG. „ B _I aai now operating Extensivelj In tbe Patent Cement Marfgage Sale. DEFAUI.T ïi.-uiijL' bppa made in the comlition of Murtgage. executed by ÜftTtd Smith to Lathn .lam (Jctober 25th, A D., lPMt, aod recordad the aame' ilay t liülf pat twolve o'olock, rit n n, In Lib r NV ■.".;.; Hoi t gages, at page 93, in the Kegiriter'n office, iñ Waabtenav, b whicb ttpfauH the pover "i tmletberein contafoea beeame operatlre, :ml no uit or proa edinga bai Ing been Instituí ed at Law t rocovei ' BOCUfdd tlu'ieby Cir my part tbereftfj -iDti the Hum ei li-c liiindred aod fiftv nine duUua being now claimed to bc daatberooo: Notice la tborefoie bereby uivn, tbatdaid lóortgage -il be foreeluaod lv aealeof tho murig.igeJ jircn-.i-ííN, :k rit: All ttiof certata Incto or puree. ■ i.r laad knowa and described. aa theeat tmif mili éárft quftftw, and Uie soiitU haV of the sou tb e:i.t quarter ï the nortb cast qiurfer 4if rfection Stt. eighten; and the Dortb eaai quattei] of the oorfh Aét quarter of section No. niucteen; ttfld tlif norUi v-t quarter of tbe mtrth wet quarter r.i seetion No. ■..■..■!,, n townshJLp No. onO souili of range Kc; foureosl in Cmmtv of Wnshtenaw and fcJWte of Michigan, or tome irt thereof, tt renlue, ttthft Court Uouse, In Iho City of Aon - 1 ï- r , iti said Cuuuty on the Jtt day ï M;i'rcU next at i.'.'iin. LUTHEtt JAMES, #ortfim. E.W. Wokqa, Ativ. Dátod, Xov.l-üth, A. D. 1861. 828td Kstate of Patriok Iloban. QTATE OP MPCHrOAN, COOKTT op Washtenatt, rh At a st'fiüion of the Probate Court for the Cuunty of Waahtenaw, holden M Probate (iftice, in the City of Aun .rbor, on Kinlav, the twent iniitli daj dÏ Noveml' i', n the ydar ooe thousand cight hundred and aixty one Prw&nt, Tliomas NJnde, of Probate. In the maner of tbe estáte Af Pat riek Rotan. late of the Ciiy of Aon Arborj io ald Countj, daceae4 On readfog and filing tlie petrtlon, dulj rerified, of Ellen EJoban, prftytng dbal a certin intiiiineut now on' i.l ■ in tlii-. court, purport f ng 1 1, bo b ifci Ias1 w'ill nJ Testament-of tbia said de0ue4( majr be admittcd to' landLotten Tostamentairy gñnted therufi te' Patríele Wall, ii'Wimiin dai Sxecutor Uxerein ' Thcrcupun it iê Ordered, lint Monday, the thirtieth1 daj of December next, :it ten olook .n tbe Corenq mt So asdtgned for tbe hearing of iñl petitïon, and that tho' derlaees, lagotera aod hetrí tA tem ol :iM deceased, and: a!l otber per&oifl interesteo in .liil t ; l t :iro roquired' toappear atafteanfoQ of aeidOovrt, thaii t be holden' at the Probate Ofllce, in tito Cit f Ann Arbor, in niií O u;it_v, ii'l sliow oauM, if any tbere (h?, wliy the praytf tj the petltioDer should nol bo.graoted . And it i furth r Ordered, tliat nüd Petltioner rívc notice to the persodh interested in aaideatate, of the pendenoj of said petitïon, and thehartag thereófj b cauhinj;a copy o( order t" be pbblished In the Michigan Argus, n n"ew. paper pTlnted aud circulating in sail Coonty oí iXaahte naw, three aucccMlve ireeju prerioiu t" uM d.iy of hearing. fA true copy ) THOMAS MN'I'K Sl9td .i'i.l-.w,f.'v„m#; Estáte of Tlioinas Agin. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Ci ni v Of WtóUTEfAw, as :- At seBWon of tlio lrobate Courl for ihe County of Wa-btc.iüw, hoUlun ;it the Probate Office, in th# Ciiy of Ann Arbor, on FMAay.the twentr-ëeooad ay nf Xovcmber, in the year one thousand oiht hundred a ml me. Present Thomas Xinde, Judge of Probate. l:i -.'-.■■ Matter of the Estáte of Tlmmas Agln, deeeued, James Sage, Bxeeoior of lald eutate, comes inte Coart and roprcents that he is noiv preparcnl to rende r htB final account a? iiucb Bxeéèt i,;uul a-ks that a tima and plhcemay be assigued for thi: examining and atlowtng of stich account, nd that notice thereof may begiveo-lp ;ilt persona niereated in said éstate, ínsuch manoer as aïd Coart shail direct Tliexeupon it i Ordered, That Friday the twent ir th dftj óf December next at ten o'cloêb in theforenoon, be : for the hearing of said account, and that the he ,i! l:iw of taid tleceasöd, anï all other persona tntereated in sakleftato, ai e required to appearata - -i' n "f said Court, then to be bolden at the Probate fïice, in the City of Ann Arbor, in wiid County, and show cause, if nny tliure be, wby tlio said account honld not be allowed. And It is further Ordered, that said Kxceuior ít# notloe to the persona Lnteréated in said estáte, of tho pendenoy f aald acoum t and thi.1 hcurin therejf, by raufDg a copy 'f thi-j order to be pubuabed in tlie Argun, a n-wspaptr prmte I and c:rculating n said Coontjj of Washtemai, tbree successive weeks, previo uu to Bald tlay of hearinv. ( i truecopj.) TilJMASNIN'DE. Jndge of Probate. CiTTr OF MICHIGAX- The Circuit Court for thi O County of Washtenaw, in Chancery - Ira Parker, CompIainant,T8. HtDry Bauslaogb, Maria C. Bamlaugh, Charlea Kitcben, and Jamea F. Avtry, Detendants.- Before tho Bon. Edwin Lawrenee, Circuit Judge at Uhamben. It sytiafacjtorily appearing to this Court that the dcfendants, Hnry B u-laugh, Maria C. Bauslaugh nnd Chañes Kitchen, are non residents of this State, but are rerilentnof the Provface of Cpper Canada: On mutionof (. Hawklni, of Counsel for coro pla taant, it t ordered tbesaid dvfendanta, Ilenry lïauslaugh, Maria (' Banalangb, and Charles Kitcheu, caua tbi ii a] peoraooe in this cause to be entered within four months rrom the date of lhlancde, and that in cas of tbeir appearance. they cause ttieir answer to th complaloanfa bilí to be filed, and a copy tnereof to be serrad in the complainant's aollcitor, within twenty days after service of f copy of cald bill aDd notice of thia order: and in deiaolt thereof, that the aid bilt ba taken a ennfessed by the said deft-n-lant Heñry BausUiugb, Maria C Bauslaagh, nnd Charles Kitchen. And H Isforthei ordered, that witliin twenty days the said complainani iaoM a notfoe of t ;Is order to be publisbed t;i the Micbijian Argus ■ newspaper prmted at the City of Ann Arb:r, aml tlut thesuiM publicatiou be cor.tinaedln said paper at least once in eaeh week for six saccearive weeks, or that he cause a jcopy of this order to be personally Berveflon the sa!d delendants, Heury (i.uislau-h. Maria C. Bavrolaugb, and Charlei Kitchen, al least twentyday before tle time above prescribed for their appearatïce Ann Arbor, Ocber 14th, 1861. ' K. LAWKENCK, Circuit Judge, Attest, Rohebt .T. Barhy, Register. 0. 1ÍAWMX8, SolicitorforComplainant. Ann Arbor Marble Works. I_ ZBtoliOlcaLOr AS u hand a fiue jissurcmeat of American and ITAL1AN MA R B Li whichhois prepared to manufacture ioto in allthcir varietie, nnd n a W0KKMANI.1KE matinfr Hiivir.i; had cMinsidcrable experionce in the busini li" Bsttara hin.Mll Uut he nül l ablc to ple .ill wlm may favor ine with their ori"er. His prieel LÖW AS THE LOWE8T. SStTsr any thiDgin%.aeBATOtrSSUj Ann Arhor. May 20, 1SH. 801t D. L. WOOD & CO., HAVE JUST 0PENF.D A LARGE & WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Seasonable Goods, For the SPRING St SUMMER Trde of 1861 Having purcha9cd their stock at much les than tlie usual priees, they are prepared to offer GREAT INDUCEMENTS To Cash & Ready Pay Buyers. Thank ful for past favors they tnll be ever ready to shor their Goods and by fair" and liberal dealing hope to reccive their full sh&r of the public patronage. West si de of public square. Ann Arbor April 1861. 1861. 1861. FALL & WINTER GOOD$ NOW RECETYING AT O H. MïtLEN v. Co; HAVING to pny CASH for. ner,r]y all kinds, of Gouds. piirchn;d io Nvw York we are nccfssnrily obHged torostrict our credit System here. Conscqucntly we shall offer our Fall Goods for Cash, at a very small advanco on the cost. C. H MILLEN fe 00. Ann Arbor. Sept. 24, 1H61. 819m3 SEWIWG MACHINE FOR SALE. FOR íU.i: C11KA1" n iiow first class Family Sewioj Machine. Warranted no better in market. Termr casy" e. b. roxn. Ann Arbor, Jnly lth,18M. Ayer's Cathartic Pilis.


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