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Defireli rnother.let me go: I am tired of this pwulng. yet tlio ivhizzing vhvi-l goeg round, Till my brin is clull and dizzy witB ïls eeaselese, humming sound, loan liara liltlc blue bird, cliirpiüg swectly in TOB tree; And ha would aot stay there, mother, ïf ha ■were not callinj we. Oli! in pily, let mego : I have tpOD tlie ftoxea tlireiid, until my aohing fingci-B drop; And my welry feet will Wtw, Ihough the wliizzing -wheel shonld stop. I mi seo the Biinny meadow where the gayest floweis grow ; And I long lo wuave a giirland ;- dearest mother, let m go. Nay, be patient, cagor ehild ; Summer smiles beyond the dooiway, but stern poverty ia here ; We must givc her f.vithful service, ïf her frown we would not fear Spiu en shserly, little daughter, Uil your needful tasK s dono, Tlicn go forth wilh bird and blossom, at the setting of the sun. ■Vait thou, aleo, troubled soul : Thou may'st look beyond the river, where the wfiite robed angela stand ; Hear the faint, celestial music, waftod from the summor land ; But thou canst hot leave thy labor ,- whom tliy tliread is dulyspun Thou ehnlt üce on flashing piniont, t the setting of the sim.


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