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M apoda, wliea they suddeuly mot MMir go...

M apoda, wliea they suddeuly mot MMir go... image
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M apoda, wliea they suddeuly mot MMir govemens, Miss II d, who stoppcd tliem, and asked thcm what thcy were doing in that particular passage at that bour ? " We are going to the solioolroom " answered the little princessos. "Very good ; but where aro you coming from ?" At tbis awkward question, the cliildren, looking uncomfortably conscious, held down tbeir beads, but said nothing. At tbis moment who sbould appear at the same doorway but Her Majesty, who happoned to be going to Priuce Alberl's study, eupposing the Prinee to be there, and wishing to speak to him. "Wby, what are be children doing liere ?" inquircd the Queen, stopping at eight of the group. " Tbat, your jffajeaty," replied Miss H d, "is just wbat I aai trying to find out, but have not yct been able to discover." "Where have you been?" asked the Quecn of the childrep, much surpriscd at their evident embarrassmeut, aud lookiug more closely, "and what are those little black specks on your frocks and on your hands?" she oontinued, pursuing her


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