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i ríe present wnr limes nnvt! givun new valué to Raddie horses. are wanted for militiiry service, nml theii tlie prevailing mart ml spirit has cauned our yonnrj; nveo and rnaidem at homo to Itüirn and nictice tlió noble and 10bust acr.oinplishiTient of vidins: ou horsebnck. Loxurioatly cushioned and olosely curlainod cprri;ies may di for the feeble and the cflemimite ; but to tbs youog aod strong, give tbe die ana tno Doiinaing Bieea. Ayo, and more than that: the saddle is just the placo lor the feeble who wis!) to become strong, and who havo the courage and perfrvranc tn tuke thii daily régimen. We Kju;;,k what we have triod and do know, tint for a pulmonary complaint, QOthing u better than dai'y exuroise on bornebaok. If tho weiithcr is cold, put ou more c.lo'.hfis: if wet. then thiow on a bar overcoíit; but sally íorth oncea diiy, and Dobbin will bring you heme in better heullh aud pirita thun when yon went away. Tliere isa great difiorence in hcrsea. '. Borae were bcrn lor tbe aaddle, and ure easily trained to it. Sotne are nattiurally awkward, long-paced, high stepping, making it a pen snee to ïide tbem. Othere ngain can be breken to tlio Baddie only by carefnl training. With llio lililí;!, mu wijik buuuiu uj in;yuii caí i y ■ Care should bo taken that a young horse get no fright by tbrowins; on tho saddle ruilely, or b the rider'fl mode of' mounting and dismounting. Vex him not by nnnecessary roughness in putting tbo bits into hia mouth. Ltt bim not gct tbe habit of starting snddenly at pokerish objocts by the roadside; íbi i saddle horse, this is one of the worst of faulta. And vvhen he doos get írighlened, do not try to whip him out of hia alarm ; he will be all tho more terrified nuxt timo Sorne horges have a good deul of st.yle and carriage by nature ; with others, it must come chiefly from train, ing. Kuep your horse from throwing hia head very high, or dropping it very low. A Hete curve of the neck is very graceful. An ordinary snaffle-bit wilh a martingal enables onc to manago the head Bucoessfnlly. Ín certnin capes, ít will not; and then thecurb biidle must be resorted to. An occaeional use oí thisnvill bring down a lofty hoad and an outetretching rióse. And thus, contradlctory as t may seem, ttie bridle sklllfúlly u-cd, will bring up a doggislily low head. Eut such a bit sbould not bo usod constaotly, or it wili lose its valuó. Tlie gait of á snddle horse is sornewhat a question cf taste, but a 6low, easy gallop is, on the wholp, the most popular, The natural gait ot a horse (trot, pace, or gallop,) will bo easiest to him and his rider, A little management, such as tiglitening or loosenngf the rein, a motion of the legs or ot the person, a slight whistle or chirrup, will soon bo undorstooH by tho horse, and causa him to take the gait or speod rtesired, Eqüestrian.


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