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British Speculation On The American Navy

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The íjoodon Tanri devotcs n long 'nrticli'. io nu iintiyris of the American i!v::l f,.rrc, oonteodi ig ihat :ir novy ■a'i in nu ca'se be n nrn'ch for llie U:ïiili, :itid jiil'üny : '■ ]{■"■■ onr navn] architects wonUl ptur.í ni Ik.-ídít re (jiicstcf! tO ut fifly irü inti. n nhip "I 1,000 t f :;-, ui'.icli, nilowiiii' fnr Iho iliftt-rcn ■■ "f Aniftinnn ton ia ge, represen tn liltlè nver 1,300 tcr:s of (lOftH In fitcl, ii. "t of the American s.-::i war vmwjla me always ppoken ('f bv theiMiionn in our service os hrtiijj " ñ Iws uf KBti!." Thns, ihe8t. ].".s, VmikIiiÜ:!. tl,iii)it(iwi, :uiil Flyjncuih,.thoufrh soiiu! afe nol more tliun 7119 American toiiw, and nono over ].0()i), n!l (utv rrnaments aa oumeron :k! nbnmt as l.cavy na our irigntea nf ncailv four timen tlieir pize. Tlm resullis tli at 'the qnnrtere1 in actinn aro so (TuuiIimI v. i li nn?n, :uid confiiied in spnot) tliat the gima cnnnoC be handled wliile every enemv'fl shot coming on board tcli.s witli uppnlHhg efiect among tin f-iñtw grpujp( cf seuihén. It wai the knonlodgo nf the ffital 1 Ujíc" ander hi. h tli'ey labored in this reepeet, as cmpured wilh the frigntea of oihtT nntione, that led tlio United Stutcs ofiii-e'-.o to preas apoa their governrnBiit ior the cotistrucijoti ui frigntea of the fargest elas, tapublo ui currying heavy gnns, and at the samo time, llowing the crewe fi ampie eptice t wrik th'ëtn in." In n Bubseqient nrjicle, howover, ttis 1 Time$ warns tfi Ad.miralty that it is no(nufe ' to deepise Ihu power o( tho j ArnericanB nt ?en;" nnd continúes in th followins stniin : " We háve done tliis oncebefore, and w paiil ( fitst of ovrlhovghlhssness. ThjB Aniericuoa aro enterpfisiog, 1 tifpii!, and sifiguluiiy qiiíck ín diseernmg unexpected uhancês of advantage Thi'V know exncily wheroto utriite vvith the grcatest effect, and how to rrmke every stroke go as fttr as possible. It wns never their syatein to muintain great fieets ol (hreo-deckura r to meet an enomy'ti in line oí battle. Tlieir na-vy Kist contnins do sueli uflicer ns Admiial. They forget, perhaps, tl) at a 90-gun ship of the preseut day ifl as limb'c ns :i friynte, b t wo have no doubt, ;í Lhay deleruúuu on guiog to war wit!; w, tiiey wijl giva our heavy squadrons a wide berlh, nul i cerneen trate t b . i r effrts upon miiljIo I ■hips, to whiüh they will ive tho gieutest speed and mpt powierïul armamént auaiiüibie. These véasela tbey will ! ioih1 out to cruise for prey, anl thlia it iiuiy poRsibly happen thiit, vihi'c wo ;:ro intiditoly moie poweriul in the aggregnte lorcB and are riiuiotaiiuog appareutiy a ecmplete Bupremacy n the sea, ouf ships iuay be cap tu red n isolated C'inibnts, simply been use our enemy, wnaker on the whole, is elevar enough to bastronger ;t the points f oontiiet. "This is pr'jcisely the éytCem which the Americana prac'.iced so sucressftil)y tifty yeara ago, Wo were then, as now, f;ir stronger than they. Tho fleeta of the two nalions, as niaritime powers, couhl not be compared witli ach Otber, but, as we had another and muiih more important war upon our hands at the same time, and had beun lrd to unciervalue our traaaatlaatio enomiep, we thought their business could be setlled by a few of the sloops and {pigataa whiob had done us good service in tiie twunly yearslaet past.- Tba Anierieaiif, however, wero far nhead oí u iti fucíi niattera. They had een that sloops and frigatea ccuW ba built upon modela far more formidable than those in use, and they providad thein.selves ascordingly. These now vesseis were sent put to engnge our old one.s, and the results fully justiried the speculation. When the Urtf ish 'frigate' lilacodonian niet the American ' frigate ' United State, it was found that tha match bctween the two vcssela w:is only in name. In tonnage, crew. and woigtat ol broadside, the American was more than half as strong sgiiin as we were, and so, of course, our slup was taken. " Wilh smaller vessels it is just the ame, The IJritish ' sloop ' iieindeer feil in with and attaeked the American ' loop ' Wasp. It proved that the Wasp, a vessel of fivo hundred and Ihirty-nine toCB, carned ono hundred DiJ sèVcnty-three men and threw three huudred and thirtyeight pounds of nhot at a broadcide. The Keindeer, noininally just a match for lier, was of threo hundred and eighty-tivo tons, with n nrava , ( ninntv aiffht and a broadside of one hundred and niuetyeight pounde, so thut she, too, bájame prizo to the eneiny nt n time wheD o fancied wu were ruling tho waves without a rival. "The Amerieans, we miy be suri', will endeaVor to play ■ gain tho gamo wnioh nnswered so welj before. They vvill avoid collision with u-j wuere we are rrong, and seok it whtíiü vo may postibly bu weak. - AU tfie ingenu'ty of a most ingenióos peopla will bu tali'jn to discover sorae pwint & jvhkh we may bo foartd unuxpectedly vsjliitjrable, or to devise sorne aewinvfintion whiuh roey revolatiooize the exisüi'g systüin of naval waríare. " It is to bu tinped, theretore, that onr Admiralty wiil sol be blind to the peculiar cnulitions by wbich thw combit, if it.shoutd be feroed üpóú us, i.i likcly tobe cbaracterized. II we have, unhiippily, to ftht the Ai.nei'icans, we must tíüíit them O their owu way, íor they ccrtaiiily R'ill not adapt tlwii' pro eeciliiiL,' to onr cóiwebienoe. üur great object musí be to see that every #hip sent to sea is perfect in hor way, nd complete Cor bw cía, in ever; point uf herarinaiiient and eqiiipment. W murt not agaiti assnme tbut a ' sloop4 is i 'sloop,' tboDgh iho líiieinyV 'íloop may bo twice as itl'Ofig as ouii. Wb ühall not find our two-deckera uieU8, but ít ís highly probable that tl e brant of the demand will fall upon hoavy frigttte and pouoiiul corvétte?. Even in the irilli;r oraft we must ook more carëlally U our work, r wo raay cuido across an American iiñ-boiit'1 Ibrowing far heavier metal Han one of the oíd faahioned brigs. The Americana, in sliort, will do little, hut t'ietj totü d that Itlle wdl. They will pare do puine to equipa veseel in tho bost pQfsil)le iiüinnor, and thuy will trust to chanco in picking up a few prima ín the veiy tueth of n foo with wrhom they cannot copo ut largo. - Buch a polioy vill show tlieir wisdom. Jjet u show oirrs by meeting them wilh thüir Own weapoos, and neglect ing no precaution, howeyar, apparently Kuperfluou?, which may savo us trom beingenught at a disaavantnRe." Tuk Hkiiki.s Armim; TUBIR Slavks. Three deceftera whoarrived at l'adiicah troin Camp Beauregard, Ky., on Ohristmas morning, state is now genrally eredited, that the rebela lírearmiog Iheir elavea at Oolumbus, Ky (Ji.oihim: Foit Prisonbés: - Mr. EJy reporta clothing froni tho North I al rei-ohej the prisonera Richinond bt.O.'u he leít.


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