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France Cannot Aid England To Crush Down The United States

France Cannot Aid England To Crush Down The United States image
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Frora the París Conslitutlonnel, Pee. 8. lhat whiob Balishes the ijonuon Tunes and inspires the Lnndon Post with gratitude appeara in?ul!k:iunt for 8ome Fcench jöurnals, and th:it neutrality, advocated by public opinión, and recommonded by the political traditions of Franco as well as by her commercial and financia! interesta, must bo deliberately departe'd from, and tho imperia] govurnment will not satisfy that portioö of tho press unless il i)in.s its squadrons to those of England in order to crush thu United Statep. Thoso unjustifiable suggeBtiona aro happiïy without da,nger. The árraed interfefenee of Franco would bc without utiliiy as woll as wiihout pretest; Franco reserves her bloed and treasure for her ,-own juarrels and for tho defenso of her own inlcrests; England s poweiful cnough to avengo siuglehanded iho o u trage committed on her flag. That the luw of qationa hl s been et at pought hy the offioers of tho Federal Navy ivo admit; bnt in suuh matters tho resulta aro persona], nul lfVance, thaok Godjhas no reparation to deinand on htr own account The part of redresjer of grievancea máy be eoduclipe from the romance attached toit, buta grt:xt country like Franco doea not run adventure ; it is in hutbanding her power and in reserving l. fur iJic precise inonu nt ichcn her own interesls ca'l for its Icing brought into plat, tliat she n;oro t.TiieuciU!-]y ox(;reises lier nfluenco over tlm rest of the world. What Frencli interest is composoil or in any way involred in llie Angio-Air.erii-m conilict? We know of none; bat what we do know is tbat on ono sido England s o'nr'ally,.and thaton tlio othf.r tic American Vnin.i ia united ta Frunce by loitth tehich will nnt hc easily Lroken. It is the Aoglogaxon bloo'il uliic-h runs n the veins of the American of the Sorlh, lui it i.s Fr -wee wliich girc h m Ais pul i tica exiitence, his iudtpeiidencg and is naUonaiily. llow, theri, c;;n she do otherwise th'm reranin óeüt'ral in sucli n írtnfl!í'f ?


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