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■ ..,,:.:: prepaid hy unyadyer. kKeot. on loceipt "f the money. Bold by Druggistsin Ann Arlx.r. '.I. BRYAN, Koehester, X. Y.. General Agent. II Í; 1 SIMONEAU, Detroit, Wholesale Agent fo ICohignn. 800tt MOTHBRS READ THIS. Thefollowrag ifl a.n extraet trnm a lotirr vrltten by thepastotof a Baptist Churcli to the "Journal and iti, OUio, uricl ;■■■."!.-,mos in tbttt wortd ■ ■-"-lus. Wins. , r ïob i mG: i:Wese semeKt in yonr eolumii 01 t. w:.,.ln, pup. Now we uwer gaidaword ihfaTor of e p I i ;'; befoie in ooi Ufe, but ■ompeUedto sny to yourreaders, that this is no bumbug w iiavk nino it, a küow iitobkaixit niiMS. It probably, ooe of the mort s i lof t ilnv, b'ecauKO it is one of tlm De8t. A n rl 1 1 1 i lio have babies can't do it betUTthimt" 1-y 'n aupply." BavadTerJisemeot iaanoihprcouran A CAHD TO THE SUFPEEiNG. The Bfv. Wiuijm Cosqkoi e, hilo laboring a tonal in Japan, vas cured of Consumption, wben all otbermeanshadfailed. by a recipa obtained ftom a pbyjicianresiding in th great City of JWo. This recipe has rared great Bunberi whoweM from CoBBumption, Broachitis.SoreThroat. Congbsand Colda, and th debiltóyand.BerTOusdreisiO!ieauaeaDy -'usot'boneflttmsothoi-sl will seml tliis recipe, wnier 1 have brought heme witli me, to illwho ncedit, freo of charge. Address Eiv. Wil. COSGROTE. 823yl 4;;9 Fultiia Avenue, Brooklyn N. Y. ' JMPÖRTAMTtoFEMALES 'PIJAS! THE HEALTH AND LIFE OFWOMAIT Is continu ally in peril if she is enough to neglect or nmltreM tl.osc srsm! Ircegulariiies to which twothinls of hcr scx aro more or lesB subject. DE. CBEESKMAN'SPUIfl, preparel from the same formal which the Inventor, roilXKLil'S L. CHEESEBIAH II. I.,of Ne-.v-ror!. luis fur twcnty yearsusert siicciisfuHjlnancxtcnilca prívate praclie; - mmediately reltave without piin, all rtisturtances of Ihe periodical !,wht&erenSÍBg from relaxation ür suppression. They act like a charm ín reraoving the pams that aceempany liflioilt or immoderate mrstruatton, ann reliable remerty for Fhmbea, Bldl Headache, PaKia in Ihe Loins, Baekand Sides, Palpitatiojl of tho Ileart Nerveus Tremors, Hysterics, Bpnmr, Broken Slcíp and other unpleasaní an.d dangeroB efEecta i.f an unnatnral condition of tlie sexual functions. In the ivorst cases of Fluor álbus or VVhites, thcy effect a speetly cure. To VVXV'BS and MATROTTSDK.CHEiBEMAN'S PILIiJ are offeradaa the only safe means of rcnewinjinterrnpted mer.stvuntion, bul. LAD1BS MUST BRAK. IS MISD There is one condilion of thcfemalc system in which the Pillt ennnot be taieu irrlmiit prodxotng n PECULIAR TIESULT. Thccnniilion rejerred 10 is PREONANCY- ihe reeult, M1SCABRIAGE. Sur.h is the irresistible tmdenry nf the mcdicivr. 'o restors the. sei Mal f:m ctions to a normal rondüion, that even the reproductive power of nature canñot resisl il. Explidt directions stating wlien, andwhen tliey ould nat be used, with earii Kux,- Uic Trice Out Dollar each Box, r-.bntainhtg 50 Pilis. A ralu&ble P nphlet, to be had free of tlie Agenta. Pilis tent hij Htott promptly, bj enoloíing pnce to anj20 Cedar-St., Xcm York. For" Palé by MATNARD BTfiBBINS & WIION , and GBENVILLB . fUIXER. TWO DWELLINGS FOR SALE OR ENT. fTriljA QTTtTATEr, ooa on Main fM iiSSwi O miei tli" iif.icfini Dotnnt lltHnt SivÊSÊ ' ■ .1 given iMlMBI SBhWÏ immodiately Eithcr or ■■ l)th of tlic bove .Uvelliugs wil! bc boM for a íml] lul down, and tb baUace ou time to suit pureher, For f a, ther particular, mqulre at miOFFICE TÖBËNT. A TWO STORY Brick dwelüng in a ïik-iiscnt part of ;he Cily. Apply to Ann Arbor Doe. 24, 1801, 83Üv4 Cincrpool axiit Lont)ou FIRE AND UFE IMIMCE CO, No. 1 Dale Street, Uverpool. 56 Wall ;ir.a Cl l'íne S1iívts,N'w York. -0 audÏÏl Poultry, Loq ■■!!. Püfl up Capital, Bht ■ Investefl ín th ■ trer , Yeurly Rl-vuiuo, over 8,500 000 S! ; ■ ! RefponBible ■:5& FORKXCA'. I : XHE CoaPANY. fi" All Directora must be g . %& Direetora and Sbareholdeñ InWew Touh. JAMK9 BROWN, Ésq., FKAWCÏS COTTETÍET, Esri , Chairman. 1 vputy ( hairmai E. M. Arehiteld, II. if. Coñnnl Josepb Gaillar i ■ ü . il-iMiry Grinn E BÜntlerson , Esq. Aiexandér Hatnilton, .Ir., Bw Alijen 1'ki-i., Pöq . Ati.x, Hamiltoït. .ir.. Resic'ent 9ecretry, öounsd of tile Boaï J. H. BURLE30N, Agent. S32,v3 t 1). Meiuiyri;',: Basfewg Ullim-, Ana Arto trn Tirirmw tt mav omanxra th J. J VT .UUÍ.U XX 1UX11 VVAl ViJXbil OlMClsriBTTS FïtE, Tiil. CJNDEB&IfiNED, Hotel Pfojirietöre In thii city oí Ann Arbor, respectfuiiy ftnnounce to the public, thftt on ud after the tirst dy of Janimry, 1-: 2, TEN GENTS FAKE. -A ül b rliarol to rn h ind cvwy ) ■. 1 tn or ■ íve i 1 ■ [ .- . liy Lliü ()jiiii:Ipus II lïARSTQW. Fraaklin House. Ann Arbor. D x, 2-ítli, 18Ö1 . 832tf ■ Ann Arbor Soldiers Aid Society. rPHE MEMBKRrt of thU Society are nottfted tii&t the 1 bihb ■ ■ ot ol ten cents on eaefa mewber il due. ín ns inch dfl the treasory of Mi tfocietj ■ diat ji ni.'iit of thé above . tn ut la t }:r-]'i 1 1. e ui ;f-ntii re] ue tcd. I MARIANNBC.'J.GUU EN, TrojiMW. Ann Arbor, Dec. 17, lííM. [


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