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'i he Latest Special Dispatch o tüe citizens cf Ann Arbor and Vicinity ! ! INTENSE EXCITEMENT! Hundíais wafclúng the progress rf Daily Evenie ! ! The Federal Áiroy ogain Vietoriotel 'The Union must and shall be Preserved !" " There was a mnnin our ioirn, líe was -so -wondrous wise" í ' But irith all bil wisdom, he wi noí so wiso as thut " man" wlio when lie wanted lo buy tlic Tlte clmaped and lest CLOTHSIG! in (his markét always jumpedinto G U I TER MAN' S ÍIEAD QUARTEBS! Ti r thcre he kncw lie nlwrtys gol liis ruonfy's Seeing i bélieving hiiiI y .m tbat wisli Lo íee come in and beliere. ThuM ilmt oan't gflee GAM i-i.i:l, :inil íis ve nlwavs nmkí wr i'uM orno" tVel ;r'i(! over LCuod l:irr:iiio, they are espéeially invited to.oar anxiouo íPdt.thst tlioy too ni:iy renUze hmv "gooil ii is i.rthciii to be witli us," and tiow mach ure can be obtaiaed in the eojoyment cl BPLEISDID BASGAIN3 ! " me íill ye tlin' r.rc Wetry und híary laden" - willi ]io' K5 :ml #e will do out lus! lo relièTeVou - gfiting yon in re'nrn the Jintst líind of Guods ai the lowcsifyurcs. il báttJes re hourly tftting place id t,io Cloí hing line - win. ie regimentsof Jassimeres, Vestinn, Ao., are being ilaughtfred by Gen, SoMDHEIM - to fit the tjreat rush of reoroitl t ha!, are pouring in frum -vury direction, all nrixious to have their iiaiu.s enrollad for a NEAT AND TASTY SUIT ! - Hich as can only be had at the Quarters f GulLrman cfi Co. Onoufthc firm.Mr. M Gpjtlkman-, hnring yxt returned frum Enroñe wiili a large nasiirtment of Cloths, Ca.isimeres nnd n nice lot of fine Vestings, alad i few pieces of fine Beaver for overcoata wlii. h we will make up . to order in the Int est style, vvu fee] coufiJcnt tliat we ciui atisfy 11. STTJXDEKT'X'S 1 We are happy to greet yon ngivn in our City, lifter pending your vaeation Vfith the " ilt-Mr okl fulUs' ut home. Be assured we wUh yon i pleaaant term, mid sKaü (Ter be glaj to me?t yuu at the Old Hcad-Quartu's, Ko. 5. dZ?" Our furmer customors, we feol assuredi will cal' On v.s ng;iin To you wlio ennie aa ■trangers uc vojild Bay iv few words, we v.isli you to cnll nnd look :t our fine Coatí, Tunta, and Vests we cmi do better by you tli:in aoy other h .use in the City, and f you cali and examine our joods, and try their fita, you will pui-chase nowhci'e clse. DON 'T F ALL, TO Oa-XjiXj -..T1 C3-. 'JEI. C?. DB. ÏÏOüFLAKD'S BALSAMIC CORDIAL, Fór th Rpeedy cure of Covghs, CoUs, Influenza, Croup, lioarseness, iironchitis. Pneumonía, Viseases of the Botoels, arisirtg jrorn Cold, Incïpient Coa sumption, and for the relief and Kif at ailposxible) cure of l'otients in advanced stages of tfis latter diseaae. rpHEBalsamie Cordtn] is eiitin-ly a Vegetable prortucX Uoii, oombiniagthe healing propertiefl ( tbe Balsaín, with the invigOrating qualities of a Cordial, productuga combinat-on so welladapted to the imrM- atended, íli&t lliere are but t'ew c;is of diw sa whicb wii! aot, at an eurly penod, succumb tu ita bealiugand lile gtving propcj , -■-, lias tlio treiitment of pulmooary ál reater pörtïon of tbe attent ion of tlic Bcieniific of tbe medical world, but m ne acquired more : itm1 of these diréaes, thaii the cfiltóbrate1Pruealan, l'r. Uoofland, the p'iguatot oí t4ie üaUüiiiic i cr1l:il. Hislife'waa Aeroted to tlio }■■ Hon of remedies that woaW Btaad o aHvaUdd. Huw welt toe ha ■■■ . ■■ ■ e able to judge: and we posiiivelj assert, Lhat oö prepfl thn1 have ever beeo píaoed Öefore thera, tlieaine aniouut ol btjneöta on lutfering Inninuií y, or .. . ■ ;. !■ immendationa frora 11 i 01 society, as the remedies trt' iïr. Heofland, prepared by Dr. C. M.JaritKOD & C&., of Philadeljihia. Tiw i'ov'u il i1' ilosigned for a clasa uf dlueasefl moro and more fatal than any other to whicb the of this country ate subject - those spiinglng lian a ílslight cold." TLiat t'ininpnt authority, Dr. Bril, says; "J wÜl ootsay that Colda are i o uur ïuhab itants what the PlagM and Ycllow Fever art to lhoe 1 (■u;iurii( b', bixi i éÁn aver ■ I bat thj uslier in dise&86 of gre&tOX Jcumplicity acd niortali'.y j than bhoae latter." Eniirely Yegetcihle. Ko Alcolióllc jrreparotion. DR. HOOFLAHDS C ELEBRATED GEEMAN BÏTTÜRS Pre] t - DR. C M. JACKSO k Co., FhfUdelphi, Pa. Ctuallyeuro I.lVKIi COMPU&INT, DflTSPEPaA, ; [f 'EjChfonfc or ííeiyoua Debillty, Oïseasea "" Ui e t and all dis ■ óg from a disordered ],i er ot títnmach. p ;r ('ohm i ition, Inward Pilea, Fulnesa or Blooá ■ 3t mach, S ■ l -m . Heart burn, Uwgusi for ii ■ in tbe btum ach, í-íi i. r EractatwncjíMakiHg or Fluiter ion " lt ''' U, Pwimming of the Hettd, Hurríed a.nd binathiug, Huttering ii the i Lt-:i vt , Choktng or Sutfbcatiug Bensationa when in a lylng postare, Dim ■ ■ i h ii-i-nc y ol Per pira tura, Yel-., s ,■,. . ■ ■ ! blye , ! ftín in thi ' , ■ ■ ■ '. lu'st , i, ihi').., c. ; .i'['!r'. FÍushespf i U;i t, Bai i i . imogtrmig cif ovil, mil gi prweiura pL HpirKs, aud wül positively proveí,! LOW ' ■ ru ropribíi ia ealliag LUe ftttiüBtiqn "f the to tfeia prepMfalion, doea su Witli A fewlmg cf the conflfltíncí ■ adptatiüp tu tlie diaeasea lor ffhich it ia recommcñded. It is nu no w m.í ü'.t'J article, bui 6n tlit haa Btood ilw tortol a Lwelve jerti Lrial before Oie Ümercan i ople.findits reputAtion and ?aft are aari li' auy similar pre i ■ it'tiis !;ivorgivcn by ti] tient and weU-kmvn ■ ■ i i vniry is e, afld r car ful perurAl ot Ahnau.i,-, puü . ■ met but watiafy ■■■ . i hM til s reiuedy is rtally Qoaerving the grcaí celebrity it hagobtuiaed ii(tl ih E vid en r ?rüm X yewíon Brmtm V. . , Editor qftkc Encijdopedia igiOJí Knot;-Ií:gc. Althoií i faver nr recoBuaei'i ■ i : ■ i'hTal, tfewvugh diátrusi üf iii'.-r iagretiieBtn aud eflVt r-. 1 3 eí ku&w oí no aufficient rejai a il ao ra benefit he beüei as ' to have ■ - simple preparatioñj in the hope ihat lie muy thus coatribute u the b ■ ■ I ilo tliis the moro readily in regurd to cíHooílanfl'g Germán Bitters," prepared byiír. '. M . Jacfcson, i tíüs cause I was prpjuñicd against thpm for yern, under ■ ■ ilcohoiV ic mixture. 1 ■ ' Robert Bboemaker j Enq ..?ot the remordí -r thls pwíjiwMw by proper tests, an ierawntto try them, wha suiícrlbility. il e oi ■ ■ -, Ht the beffinotng oi Lhe ■ . by evidwit relie!, h nd 1 eate tu a dííree f bodlly and mental rigor' whichlhail uot folt forsix montha before, and hdafinott d inlnc. t!i irefore 1 bank Gi i and my 1 i ■ dlnctlngmeto ■■"■ J. KEVTTON BROWN. Rea 1 wlint tl eminent GtaJs Mannfáetnrpr, .1OÏIN II Wini'Ai.I., mys of the BALSAMIC foKblAl, I")r. C. SI. Jacrson- " riend: Havínfl; Fk h lnní time beou acqftintccl vríth the virtties of ilvy Bal ■ ■ rdlftl ni Coa . ba, ( !old, íoflan . -.-. i tÜUI fn ■■';,- !■■ .;r ■'■ -t-mniiy to irs - ■ For fKveralyraw I ha mi without it. in inv family It also -s'.:- nv pli 1 ! '■ Uul I have ivithentire anecesa in the treatment of Bowel ('(iiiiLil.iini i. 1 iiv Crien l truly A K. WBITAU., l'ifth Mo. .7, 1859, Kai ■ ■ ■ ■ ' re 4th, Pliüa, Druir■ ■ . uti I ■'.! ■.;"■ ' ■ in meiüelncs ín bhfl Pnifccl Btaleo, Ilril ■ h Pi n Incí .-, and V. 1 ] 5 centn per Be usa: and jet f he gíntiíne, witli tbe üigiwture oí C M, bottfe; all o!b(rs are. ram;!. 1 'eit. Principal Office and Manufactofyt418 Arcli I ÉítreEt, PWladolt-bJ, Pa. 8á0y1 J Great ïteduction in the Price of SINGEÜ & CO.'S Standard Machines . IVell 1 ' r:nwn In Ie 1hr Hrat frr Manufact uring Purpwe. X,i. 1, Standard Shuttle Machin, for merly sold at S'.io, reduced to S70. No. '2 nf game kind of Mnchiïie, for merly sotd at 8100, reduced t $75. STNGKirs LETTER A MACHINE U 11ip bost M-ichin' ki-tba wojriá f r PumiJj P Cing :unl l,i -iit ■: ■ ■■ ■ ; ■'■■ ■■ ' '■- ■ apd ;. oi ffamentfd $A0. ïbe Noii. 1 anti ii AIkc bines are of ;rpst capflcityjuidl [tottew. Uur No. '■ Machí nw ure p?peciaUy n r i : u- to all Ui mis of lighi and heav.i Leither -Vortc, n iSHrrlag Trínimíng, Bot aiwi Sboe MaWog. Hrn I etc, etc. They are of ex ro si, and ith t.D arm loi i r it and Btitch the largesi iae dusbes, 'l In re is scii"c-iv ü ii y j;irt f a Trf niniBr' xtitchi tha1 ■ , '. thfW üi;ii. ; ; and . : ", too. I he üt time BiWi ln'jnr is (-"y greit. Tbe1 these mach mes & Bï hh-Ium ton nml thesbsi hold six time the usual qui ■ maéhinfl worl s as fastas nmall ones. We would ak for our lettr A Machinen, tfae spe. n of Vest Maken rad - Makers, nd a tí IIkisc who wanf Ma chinea foi á'-'í man-ttfaeturiiig mirposeê. Thf,v ciiibi'iiy tb pridcipiea o) the si machii ■ i ■ eli, and to be ;is celebrated for Famiiy SïWisa ard Utla maunfactaring piirposea au loar standard chïned X re fof manuíad uring ■ ■ -nei al. f hftva alwaya on band, iikhmim; o m aci .ík tvist ptD CCTTTO TIIIÍ1ÍA]), OH SP0OIJI, JÏE.VI M.U11INK OILÍU . etc., etc. We manufacture our own Xflodles,!!!! ffould wmi all ■ ng mr míu-liines oottobuy any others. We know tbat i bw íi i " t miles boW ƒ i c irok inferior aualify at higlttr iirif-os than wechiirge fot tlm 6f. The peétllp sold byus re ihíiitiI. ■ i Inés. A badnttdU-.vtíty rendar thr ue-ii machine tless. Oiir customem may real M8QTclthata11&ur Hrancb ■ efurniabed with the gen ut De aciiclt; " Id áase of small puiehafiea, tha mujMj muy bu mmí la postase stumps, or bank notes. i v , wmw? writ thfttr Bagaes distinctlv. [i. ie all Inpnrtani that we sn'ould, íneacücaee, know ti1.'' i '"-i lifflce, Connty, and ! A. 1 jirsons reqniring information prícea, workin eapaeítiert, i ■ . ■ . c;i ii obtaío it by M'! uí , ■ - .- i I - " i Bnin .. i ■- tr m cupy of I. M. Singar & Co '. Gazotte. Wliicfc tu a beautíful Picíorial rap eötirely dowtedto the subject- It wilt besmt srratia. 4-1 jgf-Wekave ■ ' ■ REDUCTÏON ÏN.PRICE i h ,, !nM vin public :in!](jurelveË. rhe public have o Birinéled 6) svm mu j;íchinas urn dn in imita Umi ol . ' e metal in thtm, , , . ol pa (■[tioiitv. Tbeir makers have Dot the mean to do tlieir irork weil. The; Rrehidawain - ■ I ■ here il w nu ld be impossfbl? to tiave at their eommand the proper medianil' ui appliances. It U only by doing :i prreal ixtenniremannfactaniig estabfish■ . ''hincs cua bc made at mi priem, ] ■ BAD1 V MAl alwaj'H li ■■..■ :■:■ 'ir.1 iu (■')(■ ■ mblo ami níofloy tj i repaht ! ior ui ;i Macliine nee : ■ r tl rates ot Bp?ed . simp icity of !-. r. ■■■■,■ : . . _':'( durabiïUy, and rapidity o1 tperation . u-itli the le;:st labor. Ma :1 nM to ctmbinp tln-sf eiweitial gnalitieB, Jinuf! be madeof ttebeatme ui and ÖDiHfa. .1 topcrfiction. We have Vlifwuy and uut ;i gl :in 1 BCHte, tO do thï)". CBe pufcha ere f m ichlnes, wliosó laily bread it knhy c'M'C'm'ïi , iïl umi' th1 Ebou havii i [ualitiea ao1 onl] irffri ■,-,-■ u i f r.'ifi'l an we!l na rinw Tftte .1 ■ i I:t( longer in ! bs I g order. Our machinas, as ma B '.'. p t M'ill Parn tnci with k-sfs labor than whethér m ihiïtattoó o! oure or imt. Infact, they are chea ter thim nny other iiiachinfsasagift. " I. M.-ÍNÍKH íc CO., 458 Br ■ idttaj N m ork. Dulruit Office, 5S Woodward Tenue, (Mer. 11 BIo&O 811tf M. II. OOODRICIT, Agent, Ann Arbor. = o LD F KI EN DS jg} J. .Ll -i. A i-i XV X VJI q A P JL J J - L V- I J , Ilerrick's Sugar Coated Pilis V. tliarlii: in the R ' tí íí Vl' Dttíllionfi of ju iritis uually : ahvays i vi ; li -faíítion , contíun ;. i '" nothing inj uriotia : . onized i'v the prin1 .. pgi cipal pliyaiciaas nd - ■ . . ''y ti.':;inlly coated witli ■'.: HUgU ! . , , . . ' . ■ ■ , By fivf Ins..-. f.,r 1 ilí.linr. BêÊ ïull direct kmü i ; : TAI.AIÍAPÍRK, IíEOS COVNTY. "} FIorM, July 17,1800. ƒ ToPn. ÏÏKp.RirK, Aihanv. N. Y - Mj [e;ir DtKOl :- 1 wrile thifi toiuioimyou of the wond rful faffeci of youi ,' I i'iii - tn D' v eMer il;uiirliti.T. F r thn e ■ lias been WBHcted sritli b jLuioutt iierangement of th.' system. padïy imparlng her health, whicli haa been iteadly fniliug durinj? thftt period. Wben n N w 'í'nrk iu April laat, a frienii adrised me to tesl Ha Ving the fulK-st coníideure in thv judgmeDt o( ni) friefid, I óbhflfled a -Mj.plv f Messrs, Barues A Park, ts, Park Row, New York. Oareturnïnff home. trefaceaeed all other treatntent, nd administered yo ir Pilfc, ona rach figbt. 'Fbe ímprovementin her feelinge, :i. vc, surpnsed us il. Aiapid nml'j.iTi.:' ■ LMiton to heaítb lias bcen Uv resalí . We used lesa than Bve boxead áñd cdUSSidirlrervaVrely wA. 1 eonsider tlie above ;i juat tribute to you as a l'hyMcrn, and trust thatltwillbö the meana nf Inducing many to ai'op' yout Pilis as their í'ainily mediciiMft. I rematn, üuar Birj wítli mañy iha'ik, Your oted efft ■' rwiT, 8. G. Moríiisox. Henick's Kid Streugtheníng Piasters cure ía (ive liour-j, pains and weakncss of tbebren1 side ftöd badk,an'Rheunitic ( 'ompluintsin m ; - n iM-n.; of time. Sprea 5 on qpnutifuj bite lamb akin, usí Bubjeets flie wefcrer to do incoo tml eacb oae will we..r from one week td thrce nionths. Frjce IS !{ ceñís. Herríck'a Sugar Coated Pilis an-1 Kid Plasier" are wM nv rrnggiatfl and Morchauts in all part of th Stafes, i 'ana 'la and Pouth A menea . ;nnl m.iy be obtBJXWd bv callinsf for by tUcirfuH narop, 'ly805 I'R. L. B. llKRlïIfK, k Co. Albany, . Y. aiSDOlí & HENDE]ÍSONVS 'Vza TfIE CrENUlSE ife STEWáET'S STOVE. IV wÍaIi tn nnll f.liA íiHpnlinn nf tilo Dlkblic ,0 this oelebrated COOKilQ STOVEï Wlihh is" he only perfect slovo mftde. It wil] do more tusiiiese with one finpd léss rael tban any other STOVB made. From tfstiniony tri ven I-v 1 In1 persons reU-rred tQ below, on account of its uuiability and Fuel Saving Qualities, it lias proved ft saving frjra Twelve To Twenty Doliars jier year. AVe vonld rofcr you to the füUowing list of FERSOSS WHO HA VE THEM IN USE: Prof . Tappan, Abo Albor, i JobnF, Millèr, adc Arbor Prof. Wou i. ■■ ■'■ Kilberi -mitli " " J.T. Au !:, " " 't', " Alpbena i - l.-Li , " T. Wtlktnson, " Wm. R. Martin, " 8. 1 t, " Huoper. " O Hawkina, " Hoa.B !■' yradg," ( '':'■ f, " OlmrWTlmyar, F. L. Stebbins. " Martín Ciark, ' U.B.Wllnon, " S. Botsford, A A.Town t-. o Wi.ifli, 'L Thomas Wood, fittsfleld. ll-k pr.V.illi!ims," Druty, " ii. " ' i'nC. H.Wood, " N.C i lale, Joseph W. NV 1, " , Mr. I-Vik-rs, Slu.rim. We liavo on h:ind n lfiraje nssortnierit of th best kinds of Gookmg, Parlor and PLAT E STOVES and a general assortmeni of HARDWARE AND TINWAUE and Bont" stuff for CairlBgö vn!;. I'.irty-iiln ntteution paid to filtinit up Knvetrnu.u-li.-iu. Cou.liiftors, .and nll kinds of Job work don at thu Bhorfce&l ot iou. i: is DON & HENDERSON. Ann Arbor. 1861. FBESH OYSÏERS. Wo nre receiving i iMrpTtör nrticle of FRES8-S. OYSTERS, from Ili-OYSTKÜ, BED3 CANFl'l!N!!I !N ANY (IFANTlTY Bfififi Aml warrant them tiice and !Ve.-'n. ix FOR SALE C LU: M'A gSflwtl T H O J I P S O N & SOX. Ayer's Ague'Cure. Mr?. WINSLQW, Anexgjplen ■■] N'une and bVmale Hhyn'eNm, prr.-v1o altrat ion of ni' thirs. Imt SOOTHING SYRüH FOK CHILiMIEN TEETHIKG, #hicli groa ti y racllilates Üi8 prncen ni t' tlrn. 1t n tij; thfi puin-i, reucln all ntlíimination - w albiy A1.L PAlN :■ ji! - nvt n, nd M SURE to REGÚLATE üie BOWELS I'fp"iid apon t, mtitVem, it wi'.l glve rst to ouraílvcrt, Ec:li(íf and Itealtll to yonr Inftint1 Wc] ;. ;.iil and Hnlil jiriii-'t; fitr iíir t.i . CAN XX, IV ((IMIHKMK AN Hutlt, wlial e !-- ñéHt Ihhi alj'e fi aj ITKAUVUl JÏ I 1IIHT A II Sí, HhM , itstíi. Nevcv-diü we ktio n ii.i imc of da■ ni' who i:sf.f ir. Uji c'intrftTy, i irs rijn r. ti' i]-, an'l hjh'íiIí ín ti-ruwi of it-; íi-at'irnl edectfi aii'i bm4ícI tpoak in thii mi. tt' r 'WIIAÏ WK lf KNOW,"aíter te v:ns' cs.i riwicc AKD 1I.EI ofl IR THK I I I III.]. MI NT nf wi ' ' !■ . i n hu n üvnj intnc vf.iv r ■ t h' iniins n Billrer pg tn ;; n anu xi&uiK'iir relief wil! be tound in tifieeB r _v n OutM aflwe the syruji i ndmlnintewd. tlufthie prepara tí on j !fco nfenrii-tioiiof i most EXPERIENCEÍ) nl MCfLI.KUL KVBSM in N'e-.v I'pi'i.iTi ' nrt'l has been iiscii with KhVhHÍ FAI14NG SUC( in TiiorsAxn ÓF CJtfcF., tsot otly-reliflTeH tfeechifdfrom p;'n, buf inviTufe tlipst'-niacli apd boMrl, c rrc t aci1 ty. nní g l f flffl epergy to le wholesystti,! it sv.ll a nuit in-iaml relieve GRIFtrifÖ ÍN T1TK BOrn,s, AND WIND COIifl ; ii i, vhich if n( t K-eedW re ir tbe niCST k4 ST'RÉST REME! IN THE W R1J, in !1 cm f VYAÊ NTI ■ : : W CHÏI-J Rl N, wheib-.r rom teething or fïtm any otbï áqn. 9ï+ ■■■v tn$n-t win. h s n cliiltl iifiot1 (Ttn :■.:■- ■ tlï" frr ii ing oouapla ut - I '' WO'I 1 lt-v VorB 'pliF-TffTTR, NOIÏ TUK HRFJrMfm f# OTMt] I ■ i !■)■■ 11 i'ii-i Tour muIIi r nv chil-1, ati ' elie r tht will b t;:k_vks. ,b i T LTÏ I.T - t' Co]!(mv t'i" ii-f of t!ii; m4ic'B. if tiiflv uiatl. 1'ull diner fr usmg wtill ftcc nipnuv eacfa bottU, XniHig ■ ■ . n tlio fne aiinlle i.f rüfïTia S ?KR, .'v-'-n-l, . is "ii the fMltRMfe wrpp'T, S,.M i,v Drugteial Uir iugont tha f rld. Principa ( fllpe 13 ffl r fnvrt, W. V. FRÏOK OJfhY 2&CEWTÖ PÏR BuTTM For tkc Speed' and Pcrmavevt ('ure of Seminal WeaJ&iesSf Nocturnal and Diurna! Kmt.ssiona9 IscroouH and General Xtebility, fmpotencet and all Dl ■■ frm Snl'dary Habits or Excessive Indulgenct, riMIERF are tlioupiimis of Yocm; Mkn, as freli as Middl X AED and Old Mkn, who are gafferioj tu wnn xtnfc fr'ora the libere dtteaíM, Mftny, pcrïtftjM, ure ot awara of their true coadition, or whan lusintance is reallv iiL-edel. For the beiieüt of sucli, we herewfth gfVfl a fcw uf the mot eommoQ symptoow, ; ffaiateM Uu Back and Lunb, Puin in the f"".' :ml Nm , Dïrti .- -' ■"' Kiffht, Oob and IÍV6 befo re che ye, Pají.íio " íAr eorí, f;r f ■'!'■■ '" "f . i1.,;, f'iís-íí-., .il' . ris, O y'v.Mi,! r.' SjííVti, .riWtUm , S,'tf'JlL-!ntxt, i'inii'li:,,, rfr. l'iif i-ath and lll oí th aboT BvmptojM these remedie will be fuuud a "Sovereign Biihn.'1 . _ These remedies embrace three prescriphona : A h or rastel, a box of Werooua Ztonrc Piü, uw ft box .f t irits 7„,r Pub, all of wbieh hve important oAcea w prform, and shonld he nsed together in every case. Tholr ■mpcnontf ove." other modes ui' treftfemeat m:iy hu brietly ttaiM iu tvllov&, vil : fiÖ 'I'li'-v ■iimini-ili the violence of pcnifil axdtemuL fy Thuv Immedjately arrcai uooturo! auJ diarn&l emtf Thíív rümnvc loeal va1ue. cansíns: tlie orirao 4T assnme their natural t"iis rihI vigor. jy They itrengthen the constttation hv ovcruommg nofv. ouadebüity ná gsneral weftkiw. j$5Tliey e-iliven the spirit, vhlch are nnnallj (Jopreiwo. by expelling all exeitiniï sansea from vytmm. their invieoratiiig propertUa tiiey reatur Ui patdedt to tiía oatnral Real Ui nd vigor of nuinliond. They ure whwa all otlmr mewi hv faild. j(3"They con ta d na Mtrettr, no Opium, HM anvtluug tbat oan in any e vent proT injnriwwi jg Tliey aru eaey arn.1 pleasunt to ue, rd wul iot ïnleefcre witU the patienTa usual Iniñaesftcnr plMWir. 4y ïliej eau Ijo uaed witliout Buspuiuu, ur kuowlad( f ven a roirn-!ii:ití. 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