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SPECIAL NOTICES' M. C. 2R.. R PasMagex tr-iins dow leave Detroit aa-1 the ■ severa] :i thi' riiu!Hy,íis followtí. do nol stop at stations where figures are oraitted in the table. oon'c west. M-ii', Ex. .Uek.Ac. SfiehtK Detroit. 10.0) a.m. 4,:,0 r. si. 9.48 P. M S'pilnti, 11.85 " 6.20 '■ 11.10 '■ AnnArbor, 11.:") " 6.60 " il 35 ■' 12.18 P. H. '..-.O " 12.00 A I. CheUwt, 12.E3 " 7.ÍÍ " 12.20 " ieago, 11. CO " 10.45 " 9 O I N G E AST. NightEx. .1: ': . i, Mail Et. Shel, o.lOi. i. 3.32. K. e : :, " 3 .r,i " '.nn ir1r, 4.36 A.M, 7.10 " 4.15 " :,ti, 4.r,5 " 7.:o ': 4.40 " Ir. at Uotrolt, ,c.ri " 8.55 " B-00 " # SHght Colli, Lauq.ÍL,JíLca-scrLL&8. or gfate Jkf-aai, which might ke checked ivith a simple remedy, if niglected, often terminates seno'jsly. Few are aware of the importanoe of a aurt-tí or HéfLiq-h-t jïaLcL in ís fiTst stage ; that wkiah in the beijinning would yield ío a mild remedy, if not attended to, eoon attachs the wngz. $. tLauj.n!& $_ tatLciLa.!. were ftrt introdvjaed. eleven years ago. It has been provei that ihey are ihe hezt article before the public for auahs, ffëalds., S$.iian.cLhLtL&, is.thm.CL, cLtcLf-ih., ihe Haoláng Coagh in CLtLSumfitLcn., and n-imerous affections of the Jhtcai, givincr immediale relief. Public Speakers & Singcrs wi'd Jind thern, ejfeotual for clearing and strengihemng the voice. tlold by all Qruggislr. and (Dealers in Jfcdicine, at SS cents per box.


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