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GMAÏBAliGAIftë AT Maynard, Stebbins & Wilscn's. TTF. II.iVK A;.W RKVLKNI8HED OCUSTOIIE WITIi ir tl: ujoíI Bplandids'took of ESr O O 3OS ihat WAS evtT ofTered in any one DfttebtidinMltt u tbc State, all of wiiici: we offer ror OOm [ i? k @ im O i .islow as ciii be fouud in tbo Unïon We want IVToney I iml wiil ranke Grcal Sacrifices on Anylhing to obliiïn it, not cxcppting OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNTS We cordially invitP ALL CASH CU STOMERS tocalland oxaraine ovbc Oooils and Trices. We al.-( Lavite uur Prompt Paying Gustomers to como and bny their gapplïes fr tbe Winter. Tt thom Bashiul üiiesthiit ure al'raid to cali, we say to tlium, tak. COUTAftQ SELIj 1VS7X233a.lr3? itlioutlonger waitii:gfor blglut pricc, ornne in, old scores, ant] then nt such prioos as will nuke p all lossefl It it bftnll neccessary to enuuiurale our Üoods, for We have Everythingl A iftTgQ assortment of CARPETING, CHOtKERY DEY GOODS, MEDIIKES, GROEPJES, PAlTS, O1LS, LIATS, CAPS, BOOTS, SIIOES YANKEE NOTIOXS &c, &c,; &c. (715tf) KATNABD, STEI3BINS i: WILSO SCHOFF & MIL LEK A RESTILLONllANDat tUeirold Staud, L A No. 2, Franklin Block, witli themost complete assortment of Books and Stationery, PERFUMERIES, FANOY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SHADES, ROLLERS, CORDS, TASSELS, i GILT CORNICES, CURTAINS, IIOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever offered in this Market 1 and they wouldsuggcst tothosi.' in pur.suitcfanytbiDgin SANTA OLA US' LINE that they can secure a Doublé Christmas Present ! bypnrcliasing from thia stock, aa each purchaser getf in addilional present of Jewctry, &c., Eanging invalue iroin 50 ctB. to $50. y Theytruit that thdrlong experienco in selecting oinis fnriiii. market, and strict atteatioD to tha wanta f Ciutome, may imtitle tbem to a.liberalahare o Aii. i Albor, Dec. 5. 1800. '7'tf Hangsterfer's Block. DEA N CO-, TNVITF. attention to tlipir new stock comprisiug ail 1 kiu.'.s .if Crockery, Glassware, Lamps, Gas Fixtures inillou.-rumi.shinggoods,all uf wkicli tlicy arcotfci ng At the Lowest Possible .Rates. French Cliirm Ten set Brom %S 00 to 20 00 Fi-ench ('liina 'linner ela Trom ■") 0 to 70 00 china Toa seta from 3 50 to 5 00 Stoma china diunei si iïom 8 50 to 20 t.o Kerosene rmpa complete rrim 37 .- to fiS,1 Marble Kerosene Iimp complete ftom 80 toiooo Fluid Lamps from 18 to 62 jG5" Lampa of aU kindsaltered and repaired. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMP'NY. AccuraulatGd Jan, 1S60, $1,707,133,24 MORRIS FRANKLIN, President, J C. KENDALL, Vice President, PUNY FREEMAN, Actuary $100,000 DEPOSITED with the C'Hnptrollfrof the ptato of Xew Yurk. Diidends average 40 per ceut. anuually. AS9ETS. C, ,1, in Bank, 31,555,49 Itivostc! ín aecuritlOTi c?atod andei the lawsof the Stata w Y..rU and oXtlio U. S., 258,870,79 late and. Fixtures, Ho. llJundlH ,:uy 132,4S0 0! Bondj and Mortgageadrawlngïperct. Intercai 588,998.89 Notes reoöived lor 4ipercent.ofpreniiuooon lift' policl .. bearing interest, 075,315.85 Quarterly aivlsrmi.iuiniial premiums, úw ' ,, ent to Jftnuary 1, 1880 0,550.38 Interesl aocraedup to Jan. 1, 1860, OO.-IS8.77 Renta aeerued apto Jan. 1, ïsfi'j, J, 708.34 PrèmlunwoD poiidoaln hands of Agent, 26,445.1'J $1,767, 13a .24 T)rs WmisanJ Utwrrt, Medlcnl Examrnera. 7 j;)tf .1. (II.IJKr.T SMITH, Agent Conway Flre Insurance Co., Of Coinvay, Mass. Capital paid Dp, - $150.000 00 Assets (Cash), - - 269,96:512 Liabilities. - - - 16,440 03 D. C. Rogors, Jas. S Whitney, Secretary. President. DIRETTORS. j s.winTNRY, i,. aontfAK, w. f.lliott, ASAHOLAND,D C. MrlJII.VKA Y, Vf f). MORGAN WAIT BEMENT, JOSIAII AI.LrS. A.II. ni'M.KN' W.H. D1CKINSON, W.T. CI.APP, D.C.ttOGERS, Ann Arlor Heferences: T)r E. WELLS, L. JAMES. 1,. DOTX5E, ENOCHJAMES. CAPT. C S. OOODIUCH J. W. KNIGI1T, Agent. Aun Arbor, Michigan. 2STEW OOCXDS, (Teasonable Goods, CIIEAP GOODS, For Cash, BAGH ík PIERSOU Have jus; oponed a choicc stock of Winter Gouds, Bought for Cash AND TO BE SOLD f OR GASIJ nt snel] prices na iriVI miiVc the buyera !nugh ut t'.io dea of Hard Times. Tlie Btock iiieluílos o ehoicelot of LADIES' DRESS GOOÜS, GENTLEMAN'S CLOTH3, CLOAKS, SHAWLS, ÜROCERIES, fec, Ac. Nov is tho time to buy j'our Winter'3 8iilies. BACH & riER""OIT. Ann Arbor, Nov. 15, lfGl. ISTE3X7V GO O X m . WINES & KNIGIÏT havo jast receivoda full stock of FALUWI1ERG00DS! ■wbich they OFFER f OR CASH! Prices very Low, WINES &KJN1GHT. November, 1801. PATENTED November lst, 1859. -r THE HEASURE3 Sm j. A, the disüince ff SZ B to B the Yukc. ai ' f JÈÈlito to c thc SIccveF """ li!H E D. Atanco ;3 around the Body UH m w 4V a the Arm-pits. JTl f ■ Tiiil EtoE.the Vjl lcngthof tho BALLOU'S Patented Improved French Yoke SHIRTS. FATENTEDNOV. lst, 1859. A New Style of Shirt, warranted to Fit By scnding the above measnres pez malí we canguar antee a perfect fltofmir new style of Shirt, ind return )y expresa to any part of the United status, :tt sitï, &15,$18, $24, &c, &c, per dozen. Xo onler forwarded 'or les tfaan haif-a-do n ShirU. Also.Importeraand JValers in MF.X'S FURNISUIXG (OODS. %. Wholesale trade BuppUecl on ilio asnal terms. ballot; brothees, SGGtf 40} lJroafUvay, Xow York. LOOMIS & TRIPP, ; Succtrfsorsto i Chapín LoomisandChapin, Tripp A Loomn ! THKabove firm of Loomts & Tripp haring purcliaset j the cntii'O intcrost of the former com pañíes tvïIj ] contiene the lmsiuos. ut old stunJs, wlierc tlu-y wil! . b reacly, on the shortcst uotice, to fill all orders iu tlic j ine of i Castingsand MacMnery, n thr most workmanlike manner, and on as libera orms as any other shop ín the St&t6Amongtho vari üus Hrticlesnianufactured bv ufljWewould enumcrato STEAM ÊNGINES : if ;tll kinds; Mili GearÍBg ftnd Fixtures, wrousrhtantl casi; all thc va nous cadtiugsfor makiug and repairing IlorscPowers &Threshing Machines mich as are at present, or have foime.rly been in use in thifi part of tho State, as well as all tlie various kinds oí OMtingfl and machine work callei for by farmers 'and tioa is section oí" the country. , of all the varions patterns, up in sizesand pnces, wil] be kejitconstantly on hand, got thc most modern and improved styltíS. Thankful for former patronage to the old firtns, wo ' wonlil toHott a continuance f rom oM Crlondtuuid atrial by all wirihiug for anything in our lino Of business. LUOMIS k TRIPP. i AnnArbor,May 18 tü, 1559. 697tf : New Remedies for SPERMATOBRHOBA HOMARO ASPOC1ATIOX, PHILADELPHIA. A fíe I neontrnt Tnstiitttion cslablishui by spvcial c ndmement for tkf. relief of ihe S lek and Distresseed, afllicttflicith ; K'rwVjit tma Chronie Diseascs, and espcciaUy for the Cure of Dineasts of the Sexual Orgun, MKDICAL AUVICK given gratis, by tho Acting SurV.!.TTA(ii.K REPORTS on Sponnaiorrhoe, and other ;■ ! S.i:ii OrLans,and on tht NKW KKM }-:; tIES in the Diapoiúary, sent in sealed letter euvelopea. Tree of charge. Two or thret stamps for oooptablo. Addresa, Dr.J.SKILUN BO(7OSi'nN.' iiov.;inl ABioclatlon, d '2 S. Ninth St., PhiladelnhIa,Pft. Iyu5General Land AgencyPKRSONS wanting f arme, o rroairiouceiiiiorDOdï AnnArbor,can by callingonmeseJoclfromaiifit ofuver 1OO Farms For Salcl OfvftrioueBiueBírom :i, to 1300 acre soach (somo ai goodHianyinthisíonnty.) M o re t han 5 O Dwdlug líotiscM nhlBCity.frointwn hundred to lüurthousnn ('Joïarasach; and over 2OO BUILDING LOTS! Amonf thcfarms are t he Hishcpetarm , ÏSOOacrcs, the I'ottur iarm, in f? re en Oak, the Placefnrm , rh ) 4rfJ acres, thcHhmdou niid Jnnks furme , in Webster; tin Stubbs, Michnel Clanxy, Newton Beogan, and Pallahoi farms, in Ann Arbor; J.KingsIcy'tnrin, inl'ittstieid'tho Ilatoh and Hick fnrmg in Ladi;Ute PatrÍíkJlayut'nrtn in Frnfidom; W. S. Daviton, B. G. lïaker s and lïuck'a farms inSylvan. Mostot thoso ind man y otbei-s can be dlvldedto suit purobaeere H. MOÍGAN. AnnArboj, Jan lat . 1856 L3 ISTOTICB. 11HK ANNUÁL meftttng 6i ÜW Gorman Farmers Fire liwiriuioe V inj!iny ui Wrtshleiiaw County, wiil be hold at the veiling house of Jacob, April, in Scio, on MondayDeo. lat. 1S61. at 10 o'olock A. M. J.Q. Koon.Secj. JACOB JKDKLK, Ben., i'it.vjident. lXitcd,NoT.Qtli. 1861.


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