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Officeis ptepiired t print or „aaction from „„test posible stylo " f "a„ f„rmon of all former pricesynclurt.ns ; Bi .,,„, Visitir.S :t,=S.aêtrfCaU "- - V-' '-S "J S" how H is d'-'De , „ 1 wTiiTsTBONG NALL, DUKCKLEE & Co .Vd :;SÜen of Furnia Good., Corner of Larne.lst., ■ " " „ . .Orders soliciteJ anj promytly acd to i RAYMOND'S Photogrnpliic and 1 'Ine Art GALLERY Nos 205 4S07 Jeuken Avenue, DETROIT, and. , .. - I. O. O. F. -TT.SHTFN-V 1.O11CF. No. 9, of the Independent 8"G SÜTHÉKLÁJStÜ & SOK, ' TWÏTCÏIELL & CLABK. . mum and Counsellor riUw Gera Uf D. S. TUITCUELL, I '""I ""jTmTcottT" kMo,.rePfect wtlrfaetlon gMW" ' WÍÑES &"KÑIGHT. HUMO. FancrDr üoci,, Boots ana Shoo, 1J .te. &c, MainSU-fft Ann Arbor. "MAKTIN & THOMPSON. pcRKHCRK WiB-EoosJBerin alivio! Fnrmture, C ic. New BlocU. Muin Street. ' ËÏSDÖN"&HËNDËRSÖN7" U Tin Ware te. to.,Ne Bloek.Main btreet. fcrhotS , - BEAKES & ABEL, s. fvi. Rfiní stnrp. Ann Vrbor . , _ 5 IOS JMJn. C'i ■. , -■■■ -- - __, - " 1 KIKGSLEY & tfORGAN, ttobxeys, Counsellor, Solicito., and Notarles Pub f (_ lic, have Bonks and Plata showmg tilles of all tand tothe Lounty, andattond to co_ya_ci-g anicoltectog ( _._dS, and to paytag taxe and school ■■'" 7 ] rt of the State. Office east sWe of the bquaro. Ann Aii Kr. - i JAMES R. COOK, Trsnci OF THE l'EACE. Office near the Depot, Ypsilanti, J Michipan. - , 1 WÜTTËWITT, M. D., rirrsiaAV & Sl_n, Office at bis residence, Nortk P 7de oT nuion Street , and ti Uonse West of D.vis.on itrcet, Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER, .r_xr!MnTTOIan.tdea;-r in Boot aml Phocs I.xk Wiliün's Store, Anu Avbor, Mich. liciÖR_r& LOOMIS."" an.l Jealer in Boot, im.l Shoes M Phoenix Block, Main Street, one door North of Washington. . "liiTGlnTERMAN & CO-, t XTholesai e and Eetail dealers and manufi-cturers of W Ready Made Clotliing, Importers of Cloths, Cassioere, Ooeskins, &c. No. 6, New Block, Ann Arbor. O. B. PORTÉP-T" .. Svrgkox Dentist. Office corner of ttaln jfiE fe and Harón stroets, over 1'. Baoh's Btore, Jf3(_J(Sl Ann Arbor, ifcehigau. ' ' Wm. WAGNER, DKAI.EK in Rcidy Made Clothing Cioths, Cassiraeros and Vesting, Hats, C_ps,Trunks, CarpetBags, &c. Main lt.t Ann Arbor. BACH & PIBKSON. in Dry Goods, Groeeries, Hardware, Boots & Shoes, &c, Maiu street, AnnArbor. MAYNARD, STEBBINS & CO., {UUSBS in Dry Goods, Groceries, Drugs & Medicines, 'JCUoots&Shoe;, &c.,ooinerof Mainand Ann streetB, ,lt bel 8 w the L:xchange, nnn Arbor. SLAWSON & GEER, '"Irocers Tkovision & Commifsion Mercbnts,ftnddeaJT lersin WiTKliLlMK, Land 1'i.ameb, and 1'ustek ok aBIS, on door East of Cook ' s Hotel. C. BLISS, D1UI.KR inClocks, Watchea, Jowelry. and Fancy Goods, at the sign of the Big Watch, No. 27, rhoenix Block. J. C. WATTS. DKii.EBin Clocks, Watches. Jewelry andSilver Ware No 22, New Block, Ann Arbor. T. B. FEEBMAN. BAR1JKR and Fashionaljlo Hall Dresser, Main Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ilair Fronts and Curls kept onstantly on fiand. SCHOFF & MILLER. DKJI.ERS inlliscellaneous, School, and lilank Bookf BU tionery, l'aper Hangings. 4c, Main Street Anu Arbor. MISS JENNIE E. LINES, TTlEACHEROi' Piano Forte, Guitnr,ai!d inging, boing l desirou of enlarging lier class, will receive pupils at )v residence of Prof. WINCIIE1.L, wliicll boing near JlB Union School, will be verf eimveniont fu. 8SCB ohoi rsattending thirewlio n!iy wisli to .urue the stuily Mmusiciii oonnection with otUüV branches. ' TermsSlO, half to be pud at the middle and the balance at the close fp the tcrint D. DkFOREST. Wnor.ESAT.K and Retail Dealerin Lamber, Lath, : gle3, Sash, Dquc, Blinde, Water Lime, Cira pil River piaster, l'laster Paris, and Nails of all sizes. A f uil nó perfect Maortment of the above, and all other Í;inlg of buiMing rnatenals eonstantly on h&nd nX tlio owcRt possible ratett', on Detroit Street, a few c -U Pr.ora _ho Railroad Depot. Also operatiüg exteufiivuly iu the 3tent Cement Roufing. H. O. HAKVEY. TJ EaPKCTFÜLLY offprs lii sorvici-s to the citizen f of Ann Albor as aTeacbeioí Vocal and iuHtruuieuta Mulo. f3T PIANOS TUNED AND REPA1RED ka RErjtBF.NCKs- ReT. Mr. Bladc?, Rev. Mr. Chapín, Rev Mr. 'ComeUiu, nol I'rof. Ffieje Fot Iihiihi purticulars nquire of Mr. Harvcy at Mrs. Kastini.n'8, Jmhington Kt., betwoeu División aud Univeriiti freets. 821tf. WASHTENAWC0UXTYB1BLE SOCIETY. DiPOSiTOKT of nible and Testamenta at the Societj pricea atW. C. Voorheis'. CHAPÍN, WOOD & CO., SUCCESSOSS TO JUTTISraD, CHAPINd! Co MANUFACT?'H.ERS OF Print, Sools., AND - COLOREO MEDIUMS, ANN AltUOIt MKU,


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