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"but God Is Over All."

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Niglit eloses in with thrent'i ing eines, And honrsely moani the gale ; Without, the trees liko apeetre rieo, Encaeed in winter mail ; Frrin glowïng grates we turn to thir.k On whom these ripors fa!], And who their denthly cupshall drink- But God is ever nll I Huw fr they in the distant eamp- The father, bruiher, son ? Oh, raany brows with death aro damp, With many life íb Jone I Oh.niother, vives, distrnuglit -with fears Lest yotir beloved should fall, RemembiT, in this rain of tears, That God is over all ! No base ambitiong quickencd these ; They eaw but Freedom's neeá ; No drenms of flow'ry paths of ene, No briba hul lor' meed ; And ome hall win the hero's grave, The battle srnoke thtir pall ; Bot honor dwells where fall the brave, And God is over all ! How nobler these, than they -who fouglit, And feil, in anoiont time ! Forin thU strife ahall be outwruught A purpose void of erime ; Base men have 311ed and bid us drink, A cup o'erbrimmei1 wiih gn.ll , And forge nev fetters, link by link- But God U over all 1 Wbere lliiekest fa'.ls war's leaden rain, And on i's crinüson se, They closely prees, and fight agfún The bsttlis of the free ; And many are the deatha they dare, From huttling shell and buil. Whieb make the r awfal musie thereBut God is over all 1 Eemember, ye who wntch the night With dimwng eyes. and puin, Thai he who irires Ais lifcfor Right, lis doiih ahalt not be rain; Him shall men Know ft Fi'eedom's 3on, When they his deda reoall, Whfi had unfultering trust in One Whose care is over all. Jan. 1, 1862. M. H. Cobb.


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