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A Little Hero

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Graco Groenwood Wfftea the following little story - and a true one it s - for the Ltttle' Pitgrim, a chüd's paper. She feta the facte from an incident deBcnbe'l in the Hartford Daily Times, porre years ago, as having happened in Colt's Meadows : In the city of Hartford, Conn., lives the hero of the true history I am about to relate - but no looger "little," as the periloue adventure, which mude him for the time fumous in his native town, bnppened Heveral years ngo. Our hero was then a bright, active boy, of fourtcen years- tlie kou of a mechanic. In the severe winter ol 18 - , thefathor worked in a fuctory, about a mile and a half from his home, and every day the boy carried hirn liis dinner, across a wide piece of meadowlar.d. One keen, frosty daj he found the snow on this meadow nearly two ieet deep, aDd no traces oí the little footpatb renr.iining. Yet lic rnn on, as fust ae possible, plunging througta drift- keeping hi ra sel f warm by the most vigoróos execise, and brave, cheerful thoughts. When in the midat of the meadow, full half of a mile ftom any house, he suddonly feit h i me elf gOÏDg down, down, down ! He had fallen into a well ! He sunk dovii ulo the dark, icy water, but rose immediately to the siïrfuce. There hu grasped bold of i plank whioh had lallen into the well as he went down. üoe end of this rested on the bottom of the well, while the other rose about four feet obove the surfiice of the water. Tlio poor lud sbouted for help unti] he was hoaree and almost epeechless, , but all in vain, is it was impossibie to make himself heard from bucIi deptb, and at euch a diwtance from any house. So at luft he concl-ided th-it if he was to be saved at all, ho must save himself, and began at once, as he was getting extremely sold in tho water, tío he went to work. First, he drew bimself up the plank, and braced himself at the top of it and the wall oí the wel!, which wa built of brick md had becorne quite smooth. - Then he pulled oft his coat, and taking out bis pocket-kuife, cut off hid boots that 1ib might work to groatar ad van tage. Then, with his feet atiainBt one „;,-l,. r,f tl, o (.]! nnd hinsbouldur the other, ho worked his way up, by the most fuarful exertion, about half the distanco to the top. llera he was obüged to pause, tftke breath, and gather up his for tbe work yet before lim. Far harder was itthan all be had gons tbrough, for the nido of tbe well being trom that point completely covert d with ice, ho must out, wttb.bii knife, grasping places for lus fingers, slowly and carcfully, all tbe way up. It was alrr.oet abopeless attetnpt, but it was all that he could do. And herethe littlo bero liftod up his heart to God, and prsiyed fervently for belp, feariiig he could never get out alone. Doubtless the Lord heard bis voice cullmg from tlio deeps, aud pitied him. He wrought no miracle to save him, bat breatlud into his heart a yutlarger meaeure of oalmnpss and courage, gtrengthening biin to work out his own deliverance. After this, the little hero cut his way upwurd inch by inch. His wet stockings froze to the ice, and kept his feot froin slipping, but hi shirt was quite torn lrom his shoulders ere he reached the top. He did reach it at last - crawled out into the snow, and lay down a moment to rust, panting out his breath in little white clouds on the olear, frosty air. He had been two hours and a háff ir. the well ! lILs clothes soon iïo7,e to his body. but he no longor sufïered vvitb the coid, as full of joy and thaukfulncss, ho ran to the factory, wbere his good father was waiting and wondaiintr. The poor man was obliged to go without his dinner tliui day, but you may be suro he cared littla ibout that while listening with tears iu his eyes to the thrilling story bis sou had to relat to him. He must have been very proud of th bov that day, as he wrapped hitn iu hi ovvn warm overcoat, and took hin home to " mother." ADd how that mother raust have wept and smiled over the lad, and kjïsed him, and thanked God ior }iim.


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