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Tho incroase of duty upon toa Will cauae " the cup whieh cheers bat not inubrintes" to reuch the lipa of tho coDsumerat a eoroewhat ootlier_ rate tban hitherto, but it will hardly dimini-h tho ccmsumption 1 tbe palatable bevernge. The ladies, young and old, will have their teo- and forthat matter se witl the other sex, unleM they worshipat the shrine ol Biicchus. Ioformiiuun ooDcefning an artiole which is an iiHimie of every household, cannot but prove acceptable to the least curious. We ancordingly quote frora Tiiere i very graat choice in ihe tens, concoisseuts being much more particular in their taste than even the most iusíklious wine drinkers. Pur chnsers inquiro the position of the aardene from which the sampies were taken- teae frorn the summit oí a hill, Irom the middlo, and from the base, hearing different values. S me of the individual shrubs are grently prized: one of these, called the " egg plant," growa in a deep yully bttween two billa and is nourished by water which trickles from the precipioe. Another is appnipriated exclusive! to tho penal use, and an óffioer n appointed overy year to superiutend the gatbering ttDd'ouring, The prodnoe of such plante 'w nver tent to Guatón, b?in; reserved eotirely.for the Enaperor and tbe mandarina of the eourt. It cornmanda enormoui prices, thpwmst valuable beingsaid to he wortb about thiriv ponnds per poundwcight, and '.hu cheapíst not loss than fivo pouode. There is eaid to be a very fine kind, oalled "monkey tea," irotu tho faot that, it grows upon heights inaocessiblb to men, and that monkeys are tUerefore traincd to gathcr it !! Tlio l)i;king of the loaí is frequently performed by a different c;ass of laborera f rom those who cultívate it, but tho customs vary in diilerent places. There aro four pickings in tho cotirso of the year, the kst one, houever, being considered a roere gleaning. The first is rcade s early as tho loth oi' April, and Bomet'mes, when the dölioate buds appoar, and tho fohage, just opening, is coverod wnh a -vhitish down. From Ihis pickuig, the finiwt kinds of tea aro mude, but the quantity is sraall. The noxt pthering is tcchnicully oalled l eocond spring," and takes place in the oarly part of June, whon tlie brunches are woll covered, and produce the greatesl quantity of leaven. The third gtttheriiiir or " third spring," lollows in about one monih, wlien lbo branches are azain pearclied the most ootnmon kinds of tea beiof the result. The fourth gleaningii Btjled the ''aiitumn duw; " bat tbis is not universally . observed, as the leavea aro now old, and of very inferior q-iality. Many persons have unagined that the peculmr eöects of green tea upon the ncrves after drinkiog it, ns wi'll as tí color, are owir.g to ita having b ;en diiod in copper pan. Tbis is not the case, as no copper instrumenta are used in ita prepuration ; bilt these effecta are probably due to me panmi quring of the leaf, and its consequent retention of mnny of the peculiar propertiea of the growing plant. The bloora opon the ubeapér kinds, of grepn ten is produced by gypunioi' Prussian blue, and porhaps even the eflects alluded to mn} in soms degree be causea by these minerais. Suöh toas ure jrepared entiivly lor ssportatioo, the Obinese thümselves nuvor" drinjfing mem. Each foreign houso eroploya an inspector nr taster, whose business it is to examine samples of all the teas snbmitted to the firra for purchafie.- When a taster has a lot of teas to examine, i-overal samples, seleeted from varimis abesto, boitig placed before him, ha first ot all takos up a largi'jbandfull and ernells it reeatedly, then chews some oí it, and records hia opinión in a huge folio, wheroin are chronided the mJrits of every lot examined by him ; and, lastly, he' puts small portions of (he various kinds into a great many ittle ctips, into wliich boiüng water i; )oured, and w.bem tlie toa is 'drawo'j' letakesat-ip ol tho infusión. With all duo deforencc to bis art, lometime, when the taster does not knovv exaetly whul to ay of a sample, the book will bear witnëes tliat the parcel has " a decidud toa flavor." But the accuracy of good tasters is really wonderful. - They will tñtmmtj and fis tho true valué of a chopol teas beyond disputo, and the Ewrt India Company'a teBteri wero occasionally ol eminent service in deteeting frauds" A first-rate teatuster may make a fortuno in a fow years ; but from '.onstantly inhaling minute partióles of the herb the health is frequenlly rninn(l . milieu. Mach of the green tea nhipped from China arrivés in England olored - tinted with Prussian blue. The inviting appearance produced by this artificial means is erroneously tuipposed to be a proof of good quaüty, whereas its chiüf recoramendation ia to the dealer, in liiding all doi'ects of the leaf. Large quantkies of pure green tea are sent trom Lnudon to Hamburg!) and Jersey - whers thore are no excise penaltiaa for the praetice- to be painted, and are aiterwards reihipped for homo ooBumption. 3I;my substitutes for tea are in yogne among the Chinese, bilt in general orily the very lowest of the population are deliarred the uso oí the germine article. Being the universal driuk, it is faund at all times in every house. Few are so poor that a siminering tea pot does not stand over filled for ihe visitor. Tt c iovariably offarod to strangers, and anv otnission to do so is coneidered, and is usually intendod, ns an insult. - It nppears to be preferred by the people to any othor beyerage, even in the hottest weather; and wiiile Boglishinon in tho beata oí July woiild gladly reaort to iced water or lemonade, the Cliinaman will quench his thirst wilh üopious draughts of boilingtea. fST " Well, Jeeraes," said Zöb, "I k'resed Julia for the first time laai DÍght, and I declare it electrified me." " No wonder," ftid Jeetnes, " it was a aZvanic hattery." - - ... ar " Ma, did the women go privateering in Soripture times?" Aslonished Mother - " No, Georpfe' wbat ooiild poBHüss you to think bo?" Ch'rfd - "Why, ma, I heard you road, in the Bible last Sunday about the widow't crtt'ze." '


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