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An 1812 War Story

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The fullowing we believe bas nover een print. Hoftman usod to Lel] the story. He was íd the grotit ïght between the Constitution and the Guerriere and said that as tho British ship came suiling down on them, as ihoy heard the harp orders, when the guns were run out and the men could be eeen roady with their match locks, an offioer carne in haste to Oapt. Isaac Huil and asked for orders to fire.- " Not vet," was tho qniet responso. - As thoy came still nearer, and the British vessel poured in hor lire, the first lieutenant of the Gonstittttion oame on the poop and begejed permis sion to roturn the broudside, wying that the raon could not be restrained mnch lunger. " Not yet," was the indifferent reply. Siill nearer the British ship came, and the Amorioan prisoners, who were in the cock-pit of the Guorriere, afterwardi said that they began to bf.lieve that their own countrymen were afraid to measure their strength with thut of the eneniy, and this tbought gave them more pain than thö wonnds which some of thero were Blill sufteriiiü; irom. In a moment after the Guevriere rodo gallantlj forward, showing hur burnishtid sities; and as the swcll carried tier close to the very muzzte of Old. Ironsiden." ünpt. Huil, who wua then quite fat and droesed in full tights, bont uimsolf tvvico to the deck, and with every musele and vein throbbing with exoitement, stiouted out sh he made another gyration, " Nw, boys, pour it into thom." That broadside settlod their opponent, and when tlie wmoke clearod away, the Commodore's tights wero eeen split from waistband Uheel. Truly the Comipodoro hnd a soul " too big lor hia breeches " Hoftmiin used to"add that Huil, nothing ciisconcorted, gave his orders Avith perfect coolness, and only changad his tights when the British comraander's sword was given hirn. JJ33T Famous literary disVes-r-Bnoon.Tamb and Hogg; also, Herring, Crabbe and Chaw-sir. YP3T " Death loves a shining mark.'Gent lemen with braudiednoses will Uk o warning. JL" It is very well for little chüdren to bo lumbs, but a very bad tbiog to grow up sheep. Pair Play. - A son oí Erin havinfj hired his services to cut some ioe, was :sked if he oould use the cross-eut saw. He roplied thnt he could curoly. He was sent aucordingly, in compuny v. ith Biime of his coluborers, to cut somo ice, BnH on reaching tho center of the pond tbe saw was produced witb both handleH still in their place. The verdant son, looking at the saw, very ooolly put his hand in his pocket and drawing from it ft cent, eaid : " Now Jatnic, fair ptey: heador tail.who goes ' below


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