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Rebel Soldiers Returning Southward

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öpvernmeut dus dvicea that large nitinbers of South Carolina and Georgia troops have lately been transferred f rom the rebel urmy "f the Fotomacto their own States. Tho whole number of South Curoüna troops in Virginia has not exceeded thirteen thousand, and ot thone abont nine thousand have returned to the Palmotto State eince theadvanooof Gen. Öhermnn at Port Ruyul. Thaoporatione of our troops on 'the Carolina eoast nd the operations of Oíd Bóreas in Virginia, are acting powerfully on their coistitutions. In fací, they were o demoralized in VirgÍBÍa, ttmt it was impossible to hold them together Bëtidei the time of a hirge Qumborof those who enüsted in South Carolina as ono ynar State troops is now about expiring, and they poKitivoly refimed to fight any longer lor the detoBtod Virginiana. Of those who have gono buck, four regiment and two batteries were from Charleston, tvvo rogiinents fiom Colombia, about tweBty-four lower parish oompanies, and some from thu upcountry. Of the up-conntrymei), however, a good DUtnbêr vet remain in Virginia; thoy endure the eold better, and their homes are in no mmediate dangor of Yankee invasión. Ncarly all thoso who have returned Southwafd are now stationed in the immodiute vioinity of Oharleatoo, The small and groat bodies oí rebel ' troops whom ottr soldiers ofton get scontoi in their reoonnoitering '■ tions are the militiu companios of the ' lower oountry, who have navpr yot been out of their own State Among tho high rebel officers who I have lately gone buck to South ! ünn, aro Brig. -General Maxcy Qregg, ' from Columnia, and the Confedérate " General " Evans. Gregg has always boen considered one of thp ohiof ' " gaine-üocks " and aristocratie bullies oi South Carolina, and Evans is one of the most solid-headed añidiera. Besi'lo these and the inferior officers attached to the returned rogiments, a large numher of Carolina officer serving in the regimenis from other States, have procured their transfer to their na'.ive soil. Si uth Carolina has furnished more oflieers to the rebel iirmv than any other two States of the so-called Southern Confoderacy. She has had three State Military Academies in operation for many year, tui ing trainod oíficers for thts omergency. Tho South Carolina soldiers on the Potomac vvere the best drilled, best equipped, bost ofïicored, and not the least daritjg rebeli in JefF. Davia' service; and he himself saya that thuir loaving Virginia now groatly depressed his spirits. Others of the rebel troops from Gaoria and the Gulf States are boginning to insist thut they too be r,llowed to return home to deiend their beleagured States ; and an advnnce to Savánnah in (Georgia, to Pocotaligo in South Carolina, to Missiamppi City, to Galveston, or on to the Baliüe, would mske Beauregard tremble for his army, which has now bogun to crurrjble to pieces.


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