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The Departure Of Mason Ana Slidell

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The departure of olidell and Masoo írom Fort Witrren, y estarcí ay, as conducted ae quietly aa possible. The garrison, with the exception of the guards on duty, were kept fïom the uide of the fort wbere the prisoners' quarters are, und thore wera but few persons upon the wharf when thoy embarked. ïhe otber politieal prisono:s, as they bade thtm good-by, congratulatod" them on thoir release, Mr. Mason went off }q good. humor. Indeed he has reoently boen n good pirita, and has borne his imprisonment with the air of a philosophor. Mr. Slidell was somew!at sulky, and not at all pltased at going in such un unostentatious marmer, and in such. n vessel. He evidently expeeted that a steamer wonld come here espooially i forthetn. Part oí his ill-nature may be OWIIlg Hl [IIS UOülUI, wmoii uia (--.. oöen good for sorae weelcs, keeping iim pretty closg to hÍ8 poom, although 10 has not called for raedicul bid. Tiie tug Starlight, witli the four rebels, reached Provineetown n little eiore 5 P. M., and imniediately pro ceaded to the English sloop-of-wa Rinaldo,and tranffered hor passengers Oom. Hudson, who -vas in charge o he arrangement, went with thein o board for Vpout fiteen (nioptgs, vhe he rotum'ed to th) tug. At aboutsix P. M. tho Rinaldo gat un der way, and proceeded on her voyage In about tpo hours nfterward a violen gale comtnenced and blew all night a Provincetown with almost the violanc of a hurricane, but as the wind waa ofi nhore, probably the safety of the vesel was not eiidansered. During the stayof the Rinaldo at Provincotown no comrnunicaüon was allowed with the shore, nor waa any boat allowed to come alonsrside.


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