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John Bull Gored

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Mr. Thortou Hunt (says thp "■ oun , gcr," ia Harper), nn Englishroan, son of , Leigh Hunt, caine to seo ua last spring. lie wns unknown, but bis fatbor was ( inous and beloved among U8, and for bis ■ake tbe sou wag kincfly reocived. Qmo day be wag diniog at a tabje with a well known American author, nnd Mr. Hunt indulged in the customary flippast pluti nudesofJobn Bull wben be discoursi-s of aforcigu couctry to its natives After a series oi' remarks vbicb sbowed that a man 80 ill-informed was totally unjuatified in holding any opinión upon the subjeeta diaoussed, ho remarked : il And can you tsll me why t is tbat all the gentlemen in this country ara at ! the South ? Really it is extraordinary ; : and I wisb you bad not kicked up aU this row, so that I can not get down among tbein." " Well," slowly replied the Americsn, ii I guppose tbe roaaon must bs akin to that wbicb makos all Englisb pentlomen 8tay ;t hemp iu liufrlund. We beï that thev?, are goiitminuu ai England, but thcy neyer'come to tliia c'oüiliry." John'liuH is a pichydermatouR animal and it is stül a question wbetbcr he feltj l the arrow. '


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