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Indiana State Democratic Convention

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Inciiumipoii, Jan 8. The conveiition re-nssembled nt 2 P. M. A motion to itüjourn till tkv Fourth of July wns lost. Diiring the absence of tho coinmittee on reliitions, the convention wan uddrensed tiy thü lion. John G. l)avi--, in un ultra poQosiiion sptiscli. The platform and rosolution& vvtre thun rfpoited, hiuli ma vory lono-, and wöi-q passed fctnduf tiia opcrution of tlie iitnl.jua q.ietiins. - The fullowing is au ubtitraot ui the rasolutiona : Fost - Thnt tho rtstoratioa to p.iioi" of the deniooraoy ciin nUma pfenenw i Union and Ü19 eiOMtitutiofl Stcond, - Eniloreas the principli-fv buiïtuvoro put Soilli by tím i!uli"ii.i convention of tha party. Thnd- That the existenoe of tho Union dopmids on tho inithfnl ubnervancoof ihfl principliia of tt non Fourt?i-rTechTea tho present civil rar to hve mainly rctRulted ('rom sluvory agitation and a conji'qutnt orgamzation oí a geograptúca) party at thj North, produciagjit oountwpart 'm, th South, ol secessiun, diaunion and uysnect rtíniatanco to tho goneral gDerq-. toont oausing ti calainity which welüwo noiv tp meet as loyul uitizens, ttriving. to gecura the bast, 111 de of Buttlemunt, caluulatud1 tQ restore uuion nud hurmuny. .y_Condemns the couro of ilio republicana in the iaat OmigreM, in rojecling all proposition.i. Sixth - Ttmt paaco and harmony would now roign had the party imw it power shown the same desire to. sottlo. internal discussiims tbat it recently ■ tiibited to .avoitl war wilh EngltUtCV Seventk - Ttin; tho rstoration of t1 o. Union eau onlv be Bcotimplwtwíd by thu. nscendtiucy of :. Union party in ttnj South, which uhall, by emmer revolaDon, displaoo th.(3f who a.mtrol nd. direct the uouthui n rob .1 ia ', h id to t nuruge tilia 'Utiiiti; e, tleiiH'nt hy Uio dd tiotiid conslitutioMMÍ guumn'ees of ho questions :it i-s 10 b.JtWOOB Üii Uw eclions, vrhich oro denumded. Eighth- The répuJ)lieHJUi havo Í n'I v demiMisiraUd thcir inuliiüty t i-.und'i ■ t the g-ivainnioiit through the piv-cnt liff.cuHies. Nintk - Tiio twiö liareft8 are north.em sectiui)!iiis:n ui) 1 soulhern sccussiuil both inirnioiil to thu unnMtitatiniti Tenh- ObjiöOti to ïrnging the war in thü s':ape of' conrj'iust r ■ tion, andfortha pu'p se of ovurthrowing or ntörfe:i:ig with Min rihts and institntions ui the St ilesEh-Qcnth - A w;ir the miiintunar,ci oj tV,.e aupramacy fl tlie'itution and the iiitegi-,ty of the Lnon wn will sustain with all nr ervurgvaSi fWW- Dwainnoe all viol tüow nL the constitLitiqu as usurpat'ou of power. Tiirteenth-zFn propos tion to 1 barate and arm the nogro slaves unaistitutionul, insulli ig to loyal e.tin:, a di.igraoo to the uge, and ca'culuted t' retard the suppreasion of llie ivbellion. Fourt?"nih--Ti} di-rnj; r i of ihi wriiof hahens rorpis, azd the MTviriaonmeit of of l.'vul S tes, nr vi latinnn ol tha con ttüioi. Fiflceftth-T:, lbjiiy f .p-h and prflss are neatimable ligh's to citizon, and forüiidablu to lyraftta on!y. Six'ee ti - The 8. i ur of S i !el and M.ison was ettber legal, or il e_i il ; f tb ■ f ■): tn r. tbs anti n h8 leen hiuuii:,led by thoir suri'sMidu" ande? m t'.írea'; if the lat e-, thuy cho :'d lia e b e i düvored up befora inpri n:rifn Sevmleentk - T!ie no p r v ciy fit kn ripublicnns is hyp e Uio il, i viow of the j,artis;ui of apiiointnunu and party caucus.'s n. W.gliin'.o, ) Eigh'renth - Tlie dit 1 surd oí ( mons iraud iitiplicatmif haadn ot %tt V;r and Navy De, .ai tmer.t i, dtmi.-.nii tfooroug nvtíügaii n into al Siate nd naiional axptndr.i va:, and aspiody nd marked exuinplü u .ojld bj madj of 11 snch birds of prey. Ntnelee-ii'i- C ■rnp1imen'i ig Üiebr itu nndaot of the In Ji n i ir.iop on ovory iattïe-tiel 1 wliere victory ha.s tere' e 1 q:i t'.e DAtinnal bomer, and se-n!8 t!is jreeing of everv dirn icrat fnr their uture ücbievem -n 8 on c ni ng ;iit) contctt At five o'elook P. M. p?B lina: a mnion to nominata candiëtfli f5 i?t it offioeru, the conven'.io i a !j u qf f-V 8 A. M., to morrow. Ex-GovtTiior Jqit'ph A. W _;ht (1tvt-rid an tqloay on tl a l'fo a id o'mracter of i-tppben A l?o ig'as tthe Hall of the House of lie jioenUitivta lonigbt. First Michhjan Füsilkrks - a correspondent, we laurn tbat 0 ilonal Innes' RéRimsrttof Miuliigin MooIkui1C9 and Engineera are ni wpnfc reptriring tha bridge in Keniuélcy. - Three compnni.! boing nt MirafmUville, on the Green Riwan 45 mileq frotn Buckner at J-iowVmg Greun. Th balance o the Regiment ii t Springfield, Hentucky, nndtr Colonel limiten, forrnerly of Marshall, nnd eiifiéeer of. muidla división of M C R U. Hrora two tn Êve regiment! arrive d:ii!v, una aro qnietly nsigned tlieir powJtüin. It is estiinattd that 6i),000. mai are alrend}' in position nndr Gen. B]iel - The rebels claim 7O.00Ü. Tho pio'(:et?; rf botlï :irmies ;ire thrown firwiinltr. within a few miles of wwái other. Tha. boys are in high spirits, and look for a. brush with tho onumy within ten day.s. - Tribune. IÏELiGiaus MovnMENT ín' Camp. - The [blïowing 's '.;r,Tated of the vury iie, [ivo tmè efficiënt Ookmel oí tho - reiriment, in camp on the Potomac : - .. The Oolonel waa vpry profane, wetting. wieked examples for bis men ewry day.'and 'weating-Bi ütilo oxóitement among ilie brigiide convoctitidb of, Ohaplairra, One ofrthësa piona, mon nndertook to s.ivo tho Colonel nnd 'i% regiwient, and aarly ene .Vionda' rnxr ning, afier :. Rablmth ovenlffg consuHu. tion"vilh itie bretbren, he pntered tl., nccursed eneumpment. itul e illud upon the unraore!-a!e Oo] mei. IIü vvaspolitely receivjcl m(J, beikoneri to a ssíU on il clitvst. '-(lolonel'süid lie, olevnting his eyebrows, " yo havo ono cjf thjB nnrt regiroonta in tha mr.y.'1 " I thinc 8," replied the Colonel. " Do you think pay snflic'usit itttention to tiie reiirill!f O8triictin of your men f' ' We!l, I don't kn.nv," repljod the Colonel. " A livly iotukest h been awakenod in the - - - regiment, the L-rd tías blsed the feUprs of iiitj ■ervapU, pd ten men have been re. cently bap ized.1' [PMá was u riv 1 re 'imetit ] " I" t'lat 'Pon l")nnr askorï the C --'"nel. YvB, r. "Sergeant." Mid tho Colonel louh dkltendin Ordor'lv, "hava fifteen men det iled iinmerliately to be b .iptizod. KI be d- dif Ilïbe o.ili'.iJiie in nny re.-peet ! ' The Clinplain took note of the interview and withdrew. ,r They have ot n pip; in Hnmpsliire io thoVouirlilv qdttmted tint lio has taken to munK Tfiey repnlt hi tune by twi-ünflf.hift tail- tbe greater. [{he"tw(, thiWgher the nnja


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