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1800. Dec, 14.- Lo wis Gas, Pecretary of State, r. sign? bccause the President refu se to re enforco Soutborn forts aud ar senals. Dec 1"). - Attnrney General Black appointed Secretury of State, and Kdwurd II. Stunt. n At ti n;rv (iciH'i-al. Dec. '20 - Scccssioii nf South Carolina. Dec. 24. - Withdrawnl of the South Carolina dclcjrntion fröin Congres.?. Dec 2G.--Kvaouatioü of Fort Moultrie by Major Anderson. Pee '27. - The Palmetto flng raised in Charleston - Forls Pinckney and Moultrie occupied hy Stato tioops. Dee. 29. - Mr. Floyd tenders liïs resignation as Secretary of War - President j Buehanan aeeeptx it. Dec. 30. - Arsenftla iu South Carolina seized by State troops. Dec. ül - Exeiting session of the ' Sonare - Mr Benjamin of Louisiaua, , delivers n violent seecssion speech. ISG1. Jan 1. - The fiigiiie Brcoklyn and, anothcv war vessel ordered to Charleston. , Jan 2 - Fcrt Pulashi, at Savannah, takeu by order of tha Governor of ! gia. Jan 3. - The President baviitg sent back the last eomniunication of the South Carolina CommissionerS unopoued, they return to Charleston, Jan. 4. - National Kast- The United States arsenal at Mobile takeu by the local troops Jan. 5. - South Caroiiua Convention adjourr.od - The Ster of tho West leaves New York with reinforcements for Fort Sumptcr Jan. G. - Gov. Elicks refuses to convetie the Maryland Legislature. Jan. 7 - Tooiuba delivers a violent seces-sion speech in the Sonate - Maj An derson' coursc in evaooating Fort Moultrie sustoined by tho House of Representativos. Jan. 8 - Resignntion of Secretary Thompson - North Carolina forts seized by the State govenimont. Jnn 9 - The Star of tho West endoavoring fo enter Charleston harbor, was fired upou from Morris Island and Fort Mouliric, and eompclled to return - The President sends a special message to Congress. Jan. 10. - Arsenals a; d forts of Louisiana seized hy the State (overnment - Seces.sion of Mississippi - Secssion of Florida. Jan. II. - Seeession of Alabama - Re signation of Secretary Thomas - Appointmcut of Gen. Dix as Secretary of the Treasury. Jan 12. - Mr. Seward speaks in the Senate on the National troubles. Jau. 13. - Pensacola Navy Yard s;ized by secessionists. Jan. 15. - Secession meeting in New York. Jan. 17 - Mr. Holt nominated for Secretary of War. Jan. 18. - Close of t!;p debato on the crisis in the House of llcprcscntutivcs. Jan. 19. - Seoession of Georgia. Jan. '21. - Withdrawal of the Alabaran, Mississippi and Florida Delegations from Washington. Jan. 'i'l - Artns destinad for Alabaiaa seiztód in New York Jan. 23. - Second scizuro of artns in New York. Jan. 25. - Ex Seeretary Floyd preBonted by the Grand Jury lor malfeasance in office - Secession of Louisiana. Jan. 28. - Withdrawal of the Georgia Dclegation from Congress - The Legislature of South Carolina resolved to demand the surrender of Sumpter. Feb. 1 - Warlike proparatioua at Charleston - Secession of Texas. Feb. '2 - Tlie cultor Lewis Cass sur rendered to the State of Alabama. Feb. 4 - Assembling of the Peace Courention at Washington - Organiza tion of the Southern Convention of Mootgoaiery. Feb., 5 - Withdrawal of the Louisiana Delcgation from Congrega. Feb G - Important speech in the Sonate of Senator Johnson, of Tonnesse. Feb. 8 - Tho Montgomcry Convcntiou adopt the Constitution of the United States for tho Provisional Government of the ''Confedérate States of America." Feb 9 - Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, clcctiid President, and A. H. Ste pher.s, of Georgia, Vice President of the Southern Confederacy by u unanimous vote - Arkansas arscuals seized by the State Govenmieut. Feb. Il-Mr. Lii:coln, President elect, leaves Springtield, 111., and cominences Lis journey to Washington. Fub. -The Confedérate States Gov ernment takes charge of all questious pending between the Southcru States and tho United States Government. Feb. 17 - First speech of Jefierson Davis after bis election. Feb. 18 - Lnauguration of the President of the Confedérate States at Montgoinery - Defeat of secessiou in Missouri. Feb 19 - Tho President lect in New York. Feb. 21- The President elect iu Phil adelpliia - He learns of a plot-to tako his iife. Feb. 23 - The President elect passes through lialtiiuorc .secictly, and arrivés at WashingtoD. Feb. 2f - Information received of tho troason of Gen. Twiggs in Tesas, of the surrender of ibrts in Tixas to the Stalt GoYernraent, and also of a large body of United States troops - The Peacc Conference agree upon Frankliu's Territorial Proposition for a división of Ter ritory on tiie line of oG min. Feb 28 - President Davis vetoes the bill legajiing the Afriean Slave Trade Marcli 2 - iitóvenue outtcr Djdge eized by the Te&u KOtboxiUM March 4 - Iuaugufatiou of Presideut Ltnooln. Mareh 16- Adjourunient of theScutheru Cougress. Marcli 18 - Importaut Diplomatie appoiutmeuts by President Lincoln. Marcli 20- Secession of Arkansas. Marcli 21 - A vessol with supplies for the Unitud States fleet seised by rebjlB off Pensucola April 3- Great prepnrations comluenccd in tbu Nortiiern JS:avy Yard. April 4 - Eïcitciiieut ut Cliarlcston. April 5 - Preparatious of Jieauregard to boinbard Suinjiter. April 9- Jeff. iiavia inakea a requiaition for troops. April 11 - Deinaud made by Beauregard for tho uucouditioual surreudcr of ForlSumpter. April 12 - The Charleston batteries open on Smupter. April 13--S.urrüiidur of Sumptor, April 15 - The President issues bis proclainatiou fur 75,000 voiunteers. - Tremeudous exoiteuieut in the Nortli. April 1G - The Conladerate Governmaut cali for 32,000 more trwops. Fort I'tckens reiuforoed by Col. ürouru's comUiind. April 17- Governor LctcLer, of Va., issues a proclamatiou hostile to the Nu tional Governineöt. April 18 - Arrival in New l'ork of the 6th Álassachusetts Kegiuieut en route to Washington - Pean bögi.u to premi] for the nafetv ol tle OnpitaL April tí) - The Mussichusetts 6th regiment attacked in Baltimore by a mob aml Beveral of its mcmbcrs killed. Tlie 7th New York regiment leaves for Washington. April 20 - Immense Uuion demonstration in New York. Burniug of tlie Gosport N;vy Yard, including three-shipsof-the-line, throo frigates, two sloops and a brig - ' ing 400 gun. April 25 - Virginia joius the Confedérate States. April 27 - Twenty one thousand National troops in Washington, May 3- I'resideüt issues a proclamation calling for more troops to serve for three years, and direeting tho inercaso of the Regular army, and tkc enlifs'mcut i of additional seamen. May 13. liesumpt:on of tlie iuterrupt ' ed commuuicatiou with Washington via Baltimoro. Bultiuiore occupied by Federal troops. Anti-secession Couvention iu Western Virginia, May 17. Union triumph in Kentucky. Th tí Confedérate Congress aulhorize the issue of 50,000.000 in bouds, payable 1 iu twenty ye.irs. May 21. Seizure of telegrama by tUe ï Government. j May 22. The seat of the rebel Government transfori-ed to Richmond. May 24. Advance of the Union Army ÍDto Virginia - Assassination of Colonel i Ellsworth. Mrfy 27. Occupation of Nowport News by Gen. Butler. May 28. Banks and Fremont appointed Major-Generals. May 31. Cavalry skirmish at Fairfax Court House. June 2. Union vietory at Phillippi, Western Virginia. Juno 3. Boaurcgnrd arrive at Manassas Juuctiou and takes conr.nand of the Confedérate army. Border State Conventiou meet at Frankfort, Ky. June 10. Aflfttïr at Uig Bethel. June 11. Skirmish at Roinney, Western Virginia. June 13. Evacuation of Ilarpcr's Ferry by the rebels. June 17. Suceessful engagement with tho rebels at Booneville, Mo. June 2S. Arrest of Marshal Kane in Baltimore. July 1. Arrest of tbc Baltimore Board of Pólice Commissioners. July 2. Suceessful engagement of Gen Patterson'8 column ncar Martinsburgh. July 4. Meeting of Congress. July 5. Sueeessful engagement at Brier Forks, Mo., betweeu the troops uuder Sigel and the rebels under Gov. JaekBOD and Rains. July 11. -Defeat of Pëgram by Gen. McClcllan at Itich Mountain, Va. Surronder of the entire rebel force. July 13. Engagement at Carriek's Ford. Defeat and death of the rebel Gen. Garuet. Julv 16. Advance of the army of the Potomae. July 21. Battle of Buil Run. July 25. Arrival of Gen. McClellan in Washington, to tako command of the army of the Potomae. Gov. Morgan of New York, calis for 25,000 more troops from that State. July 27. Return of the Sixty-ninth and otlmr New York regimcuts from Washington. July 28. Tho comraand ucder Gen. Banks at Harper's Ferry, is withdrawn to the Maryland side of tho Potomae. Aug. (). Arljournment of Congress. Aug. 7. Hampton burned by the rebels. Aug. 10. Battle of Wilson's Creek, near Springüuld. Death of General Lyon. Aug. 12. Arrest of Hon. C. J. Faulk Der, late United States Minister to France. Aug. IC. Proclamation of the President declaring the States of Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessoe, and Arkansas in insurrection. Aug. 24. The transmission of Secession journals through the mails prohibí ed. Aug. 2G. Skirmish at Saminersvvllle. Aug. 28. Capture of the Hatteras Ini.:t t'orts b}' the expedion uuder Commodore Stringham aud General Benj. F. Butler. Aug. 30. Goneral Fremont issues a )roclamation coufiscatiug the slaves of rebels. Sept. 4. Falso report of the circulaJefferson Davis gaiu circulatiou and credit. Sept G The Confedérales advance in,o Kentucky. Gen Graat, with national rroops, takes possessioQ of Paducah, Kenucky. Sept. 10. Defeat of Floyd near Gauley iivcr. Sept. 11. Tho Keutucky Legislature ass a resolution ordering rebel troops to eave the State. The President, iu a leter to GeD. Fremont, direets him to modfy the eouüseation of Aug. 30. Sept. 15. Wholesale arrest of the mem jtirs of the Maryland Legislature. Sept. 20. Surrender of Col. Mulligan, at Lesington. Sept. 25. Occupationof Itomney, Western Virginia. Sept. 28. Occupation of Munson'a Hill, by National troopa. Oct. 5. Unsuccessf'ul atterupt of rebels to take the Hatteras Inlet Forts. Oct. 7. Geueral Fremout audhis army leave Jeiferson City in pursuit of Pricc. Oct. 8. Attack of rebels on Santa Kosa Island, and repulsed by Regulars and WilsonV Zouaves. Oct 11. Naval colusión between rebel guu-bouts and national vcssels at the head of the Mississippi Passes. Unsuccessful attempt of the steain ram " ïurtle " to siuk one of the National ships. Oct. 16. Succcssful skirmish near Harp'ji's Ferry. Capture of a rebel caunon by troops under Col. Geary. Oet.20. Partial blockade of the Potomac by rebol batteries. Oct. 21. Part of Gen. Stone's División cross the Potomae at Ball's Bluff, and, after severe iightiug, are driven back, with great loss, by the euemy. Ou thigoecaeion Gen. Baker falL Engagement uear Fredericksfown, Mo., and defeat of the rebels undur Jefl Thompson. Oct. 25. Gallant charge of the Fremont Guard under Major Zagonyi, against a superior body of rebels at Springüeld. Uct. 30. Brilliant suecesa of national troops under Gen. Kelly, at liomncy. Oct. 31. Rotirement of Gen. fcscott. Gen. MoClollan appointed Comiuaudtirio-Chief. Nov. 2, Eeiuoval of Gen. Fremon from command of the West. Nov. 7, Engagement at Belmont, Mis souri. Bonibardment and capture of the fort at Port lloyal Eatrance by United Statesquadron. Nov. 8. Capture of the rebel Commis sioners Slidell and Mason, on the Britis mail 8teamer Trent, by the U. S. wa sloop San Jaciuto. Nov. 18 Message of Jeff. Davis to th rebel Congress. Noy. 20. Disbanding of rebel troop in Accöicae and Northamptou couutie Virginia. Return ui' ihc popuiaiion lo their alle gianco. Nov. 28 Butiibardinent of the rebel battoricw by Port P'ekö.ss aid the sliipsof-v-.i',- Niágara ttud Ricbmimd. Doe '1. ftleetiog of Congrega lic i. Oocupatioii of S!ii[i lslaud by .i ■ i! itiosiul troops. I i'-c. t). Uccupatiun of Beaufort, S. C. bv ili ujttional tronps. Dec. 11. Greatfiro ut Cbaileato:i - 'uss estimated at $7,000,000. De. 12. Üccupatiun of Tybou I?Iand bj natiopal ti'oops. l!;; o. Engagement at Allcghany Camp, Pocuhontaa eountj, Va. Doe. 10. Tbreatooéd war betweeu the Uuited States and Orent BritaLo. Deo 18. Large bodics i 1' rebels disperstíd by Geuerjl Pope in Missouri - capture of the rebïl camp wiih 1,300 prisoners Gallaut afl'.iir ut Drainsvillc - retreut of the eneiuy. Dec. 20. Sisteeu old whalers sunk by tbc .National torces at tbc moutb of Charleston barbor. Dec. 22. Skirmisb ncar Fortress Mon roe. Dec. 25. Uetreat of tbc Rebel General Price to Arkansas. Dec 28. Adjustmcut of tbo MasonSlidell diffieulty. Suspeiision of specie payments in New York. Dec. 31. Dolivery of tbc rebel ComniissioQers Mason aud Slidull to tbc Britb.


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