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Cabinet Change

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Simón Cambrón - one of tlio most i talked about men connccted with the Govcrumcut - luis, by requcst of Presi dunt Lincoln, reaigned his position as Secretary of War, in wliich place lio h;ul oideqtly lost tho eonfideneo of the President, as he did long ago tliat of the peo ; plc, and Ilon. Edwin M. StaNTON, late of Pennsylvania, now ot' Washington, has been commissioned as his successor. As a mark of personal catecm on the part of tbc President, Mr. Cambrón bas been appointed Minister to Itussia - vico Ci.av recallcd by bis own requcst - a position in which bis radical notions ean not do so raucb injury to the country. Thore are many surmises as to the causes of this rupture, ar.d loading Itepublioan journals freely assert that Mr. C. bas not been of late in sympathy with the President in ' the course he has fully determined to pursue. Wc apiircheud that the differenee between the President and late Secretary is just this: Tbo President is determinad to put down the rebellion, savo tbo Uuion, and let slavory tako caro of itself, while Mr. Camhron preferred to put down slavery and let the Union take care of itself. Hut, be this as it may, we congratúlate the country on being well rid of a dangerous radical and not a scrupulously honest official. Mr. Stantox, who sueeeeds to the War Department, is callcd tho ablcst lawyer in Americaa. He was ahvays a Demoerat but never an office seeker or partisan. Our readers will recolleet that when Gen. Cass resigned the Premiership of Buchanan's Cabinet, and Black was transferrod thoreto, Mr. StanTon was called to tbs vacant Attorney Geueralship, and assumed tbe dutieB of that bureau just in time to aid Dix acd Holt in savÏDg tbe Government and theCapitol from going into tbe hands of the seces sionist conspirators around the late Presidont. He is a consistant, firm, unfliuching Union man, and will bend all his energies to crui-hing out the rebellion aud saving the Union. His appoiutment is a tribute of respect to the Union loving Democracy who have so nobly rallied around the President, and especially gives satisfaction to Holt, Johnson, aud all that class of men upon wbom tbe Government bas been compelled to rely to keep alive the Uuiou foeüng of the Border States. - Other Cabinet changes are talked of; for instance the resignation of Smith audBLAiii; tbe fürmer to go into the Süpretne Oourt, and the latter into retiracy.


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