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Too Courteous, By Half."

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Wlien ;i Washington correspondent knnounced some clays 6iiico, that Secretary Skvvard had "courteously grantod permiesion ftr British troops to pass thropgh Maino into Canada," al most the wholo country sceuted the nformalion as preposteroue. iiut, hero wo havo confirinaliun of it : Portland, Me., Jan 11. The steamer Hibernian will como ore first and land her maild and passenger, and thoD go to St. Johns, N. F. Mr. Suward haa telegrapbed permission for the Biilish troops to be landed herc aad oonvuyed to Canada or elsowhere. Wo can but tbiok that thu wholo people of tho jountry, wifch searce an exception, will eondemn this " permission." The British Government ocatipiea a threateoing posture töwards iho United States; t not oniy iails to preserva a etriot neutrality between our Government and " tho rebela," not only synipatliiscs with therebellion, but is sending armed véasela to our coast, and troops into Canada, for nothing else save to awo us into submission to its claims. And yet, while a portion of the British Press gloats in the prospect of immediate hostilites, and another portion urges tho Government to postpone them, il' possiblo, until tho St. Lawrenc.e break its icy bonds, in order that Cauada may bo the more accessiblo to British troops, Secretary Sevvaud graciously telogruphs permisbion for British troops to be landed at Portland, and convoyed through Jilaine to Cauada or dsewhcre. We do not wish a war with England, we wnu'd not have our Government return insult for insult, wo would forbeartothe utmost verge of forbearance, but we would seo the British transports all sunk in tho mouth of the Ht. Lawrence, or the " 15ritish troops conveyed to Canada or ehewhere," via Hudson'a Bay or Bhering Straits, beioro in the face of the recent, record of the British Government, the British Press, or the Briüsh people, we would have ponnitted Britwb troops to pass through one of our States into Canada, It isa stretch of "courtesy " for whioh we can concoive DO neceesity, nor even aoy apology ; and an act whioh we Ibink will not give satisfaction to tho Lake States vvliich those British troops aio sent to menace, perhaps invade; unless that " elsewhere" inay be considered " permission:' to hold a part of Muino and recstnblish the boundary line. Wo hope that the tetugrapa bas told u lie. X5F Senators Johnson nnJ Polk, of Mo,, have been et]pellod.


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